Ask Matty
February 1st Edition

Ask Matty – February 1st Edition

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MOTUClassics.Com: In the MOTU Classics cannon, is there a given origin for Wun-Dar’s armor? Will any future bios reveal how the Goddess accumulated her stash of weapons for the various He-Men?

The characters name is Wun-Dar. That is what his parents named him! As for more info on the Goddess, just keep reading the bios!

Editor’s Note: You gotta admit, it could’ve been a very clever answer…

MOTUClassics.Com: How many of the various MOTU factions will have a representative at Toy Fair? We know the characters must remain a secret, but can you give us a hint as to what factions will be represented?

Sorry, our lips are sealed! You’ll need to wait for Toy Fair!

MOTUClassics.Com: How far has the Faceless One fallen back on the MOTU Classics schedule? Will we see him sooner rather than later?

Not that far. That’s all we are saying for now with NYTF around the corner!

DCClassics.Com: In a recent Ask Mattel @ ActionFigureInsider, Mattel indicated that a Joker & Harley 2pk would is planned for late 2011. Is the whiter face the only planned deco change for the Harley figure? Since the Tuxedo Joker is Ross inspired, Harley would look sharp in metallic paints.

We have not announced who the figure is that will be paired with Joker. You’ll just need to wait for NYTF in February!

Editor’s Note: You know it’s bad when you have to have two Editor’s Notes in one Q&A. If you follow that link over to AFI, you will see an answer where it’s clearly indicated that Harley will be the other half of the Tux Joker 2pk. I suppose that could be called an unofficial announcement much like what happened with the cancelled Hawks 2pk.

DCClassics.Com: We’ve got the corrected Sinestro in our hands and it’s much appreciated. Starfire is another figure in dire need of a redo. Any chance of getting a new version of her on one of the new female bucks?

Honestly, we have not really considered another Starfire, but if there is enough demand you know we are always listening!

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18 thoughts on “Ask Matty
February 1st Edition

  1. Heh heh heh… Oh, Mattel…
    Have you noticed how the relevancy of answers is inversely proportional to the amount of exclamation points used?

  2. I bought another Starfire during the “clearance sale” to make Kom/Blackfire.
    and does it hurt that I have an extra Barda with my Titans as “Little Barda”? it’s almost like they planned that!

    I didn’t/don’t expect news from this or mid-Feb answers with ToyFair, but still….the Joker/HQ 2pk has been known for a few weeks, now?

  3. They didn’t think of fixing Starfire, but there always sure as hell to toss us another Hal Jordan to fill up any waves…

    1. Hal doesn’t have a monoboob issue…and besides, they refuse to let him have a fist construct. That’s not right. Just you wait, there’s going to be a SDCC exclusive Hal this year and the fist will be a special gimmie, like the Starro spores. Just you wait and see.

      Actually, looking at that pic of Starfire, it’s not THAT bad, there’s some separation, just that they’re very smushed together, or there’s a skin-colored leotard that the actual costume is sewn onto. Could it be better? Oh hells yeah. I recall from the comic they always drew her with a shockingly massive rack. Always figured she had that big hair to balance her…

      1. Hal has the Wolverine Syndrome… Which is worse than a monoboob… i want a Fixed Starfire and NO MORE HAL JORDANS… (aside the excess of Ryan Reynolds that we’ll get)

          1. Two more. Kingdom Come Hal. Luthor armor with a Hal head, molded in translucent green with metallic green painted on the inside. And a jousting lance construct.

            Yes I am insane. 🙂

            1. um….that was Alan Scott in KC.
              and they’ll probably re-use Kyle’s sword for that lance. :/

  4. you know, i’m amazed how few of the other Q&A sites have Q&A answers up this time… did they mass-forget to send in their questions? or are they snowed in so thoroughly that they can’t upload new content?

    either way, infinite hollywood has a rad review of the new NECA alcatraz fig that makes all mattel product look like crap, horsemen or no. the horsemen right now are trying to do the best they can w/ minimal work allowed for mattel, and it shows. NECA and the horsemen’s self-released product are the future of figures, it’s up to us whether we help the industry grow or we shoot it and hump it’s corpse. mattel is it’s giant, disease ridden corpse, for those wondering.

    1. He looks cool for what he is, but Mattel has a firm grip on the trump card in this fight: the DC license. I’d love for all of my toys to have ML-esque articulation, but if that’s all I want, I have plenty of them already. Nothing from Crysis appeals to me, so I won’t consider buying any figures regardless of quality.

      The other problem is, as the review points out, the Player Select line has wildly inconsistent articulation. I like my Ryu Hyabusa, but he and Alcatraz are rarities. I’d have loved to buy the Army of Two figures if they were capable of action. Fun games with superficially cool characters; perfect toy fodder. An Alice would’ve been nice, too, and a Clyde to shoot at.

      Mattel’s stuff usually isn’t as poseable as I’d like, but it’s rarely so limited that I’d throw “statue” at it like a stone.

      1. well, you don’t blind anything blindly, you’re right, buy the stuff you like and pass on what you don’t. but w/ that fig, NECA is obviously trying harder than mattel is, and i’ll support that over character any day. i can invent my own characters.

  5. They clearly aren’t listening if they haven’t considered Restarfire, one of the most demanded redos since the original came out. Must’ve misheard all those requests as “Bane” and “Darkseid” and “Sinestro costume no one cares about anymore.”

  6. Bless ’em, they’re not even pretending to answer questions any more. It’s like a never-ending third date…

    FANDOM: “Is this going where I hope it’s going?”
    MATTEL: “Oooh, that would be telling! *bats eyelashes coquettishly*”

  7. Maybe they should think about cancelling the Q&As before Toy Fair instead of just ones during Toy Fair.

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