Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in Package!

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the April Club Eternia figure, Evil Lyn:

Skeletor’s mistess of magic! Coming your way in April, only on! Evil-Lyn comes complete with staff, wand (with removbale swapable headpiece), Skreeech, bird armor and bird perch! Continue your collection this April!

From the back of his box, here is Evil Lyn’s bio:

Real Name: Evelyn Morgan Powers

Raised by her father in the ruins of Zalesia, Evelyn left her home in a fit of teenage rebellion. Taking the name Evil Lyn, she traveled Eternia learning from many of its great masters the ways of magic and dark arts. While searching for new ways to increase her power, she met and fell in love with an ambitious alchemist named Keldor and agreed to join his cause. After Keldor was transformed into Skeletor, he lost all emotional attachements to Evil Lyn and she began to scheme against him. In a series of miscalculations, she helped release both King Hssss and Hordak from their inter-dimensional prisons. Evil Lyn uses her crystal ball to foresee the evil future.

31 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in Package!

  1. Before we get too up-in-arms on her name, this is an old one, from the original series bible (at least the first and last name, I’m not sure about the middle name – which makes her sound even more like she belongs on Dynasty & Falcon Crest).

    Personally, since they stuck with T.E. Scope and Evelyn Powers, they may as well have gone for the trifecta and usid Biff Beastman too. πŸ˜€

    1. i think she looks awesome. theres nothing wrong with her face she looks like the ORiGINAL 80’s figure. I wish some of you would stop complaining. would you rather they stop making them because the so called ‘die hard’ fans always bitch?

  2. That’s a terrible bio. Really. it sounds like that awful show “The Secret Life of an American Teenager”… The only thing worse than her name is Biff Beastman. Though, I guess it sparks for originality on Skeletor’s part.

  3. I don’t care about the bio, and I’m going to buy this figure, but I’m really looking forward to getting a 200x version of her. The pale skin and more intricate design is better and that one had better have two heads!

  4. I can’t wait for April!

    Do we know if there are any other releases that month?

  5. So Evil-Lyn’s real name was Evelyn all along? Man, that’s not lame at all. Maybe Webstor’s name actually IS Webster and all my jokes are on me.

    You really showed me this time Mattel… TouchΓ©.

  6. Evelyn ran away from and changed her name to Evil Lyn? That’s um… is emo the word I’m looking for.

  7. Emo-Lyn?
    I agree on the poor sentence structure. Seems that Mattel isn’t afraid to hire junior high kids to write bios.
    Who in the hell foresees the “evil future” and ADMITS to such?.

    Scott Evil: I was thinking I like animals. Maybe I’d be a vet.
    Dr. Evil: An evil vet?
    Scott Evil: No! Maybe like work in a petting zoo.
    Dr. Evil: An evil petting zoo?
    Scott Evil: You always do that!

  8. Yeah, I guess Beastius Manimanus didn’t have the same ring to it. Hahaha! Hey, if that is Evil Lyn’s real name, then she could make up a bunch of other nicknames: Mor-Evil, Evel Powers, or the best, Mor Evil Powers! No wonder Skeletor lost “all emotional attachment” with her.

  9. Evil-Lyn’s DVD collection, thanks to her trusty Sharpie marker, has such classics as Evil Morning,Vietnam, The Evil, the Bad and the Ugly, Evil Burger and Evil Luck Chuck.
    She has a box of Evil ‘n Plenty when she watches them.
    Does anyone else see a prank phone call in this?

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