Matty on Facebook: Wave 11 Slightly Delayed, MOTUC & DCUC News in ToyFare #150

Yesterday on Facebook, Matty brought us up to speed on DCUC Wave 11

Hey toy fans,

So big news! We will indeed be selling our first wave box set of DCUC 6″ figures on This great program will kick off with Wave 11. The box set will include standard carded versions of:

John Stewart – with constructs
Katma Tui – with constructs
The Question – Fan’s choice
Deadman (standard version)
Cyborg Superman (Sinestro Corps uniform)
Steppenwolf Green
Steppenwolf Red

Plus with all of these figs you’ll get all the parts needed to make the collect and connect Kilowog (truly one of the coolest Collect and Connect figures we’ve done to date!). While the set will include both variants of Steppenwolf, the variant of Deadman (clear legs and arms, glow in the dark eyes and logo) will be a retail exclusive, so you’ll still need to hunt for this one!

The set will break down to about $15.00 per figure (plus shipping). So for those who asked for better distribution at retail prices – your wish has been answered!

The set goes on sale Dec 23nd, only on! (and for those asking why we can’t sell this on Dec 15th with the other Dec product – the answer is simple; this is the soonest the set will arrive at our distribution center. If we pre-sold it on the 15th, it would hold up shipments of any other items you might order and that is the last thing we want!).

The set goes on sale at a special sale December 23rd, only on! Stay tuned for more details…


ToyFare #150 On-Sale Tomorrow 12/9

The newest issue of ToyFare ships tomorrow, and as promised features the first image of April’s MOTUC – Evil Lyn, a world premiere of new Blackest Night figures, and news on some new DC Classics 2pks from Mattel. You’ll have to pick up the magazine to see pics, but here’s what we’ve heard so far from the subscribers who received the magazine today:

  • Evil Lyn is yellow and as expected is mostly a straight repaint of Teela (with a new head). Early reports say that her deco follows the classic look very closely and that she will sport her knife and staff as accessories.
  • ActionFigurePics.Com has a brief article about the new DC Classics 2pks featured in the ToyFare: Batman & Robin and Aquaman & Black Manta.
  • No word yet on what new Blackest Night figures are featured in the magazine or if they are different than the Necron, BL Hawkman, & BL Deadman spoiled by the DC Direct wallpaper.

22 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: Wave 11 Slightly Delayed, MOTUC & DCUC News in ToyFare #150

  1. i dont think i like the fact that they are selling wave 11 as a set. i am missing only 4 characters and would like to have the choices of only buying those four

    1. They have some pretty cool ones. I like the DCD one, but the hidden Wonder Woman makes it bit of a farce. The largest one has her removed, but then there’s a big hole there. LOL

  2. My local stores still have Cyborgs and whatnot. I haven’t seen wave 11 yet and while it is nice for to have it I don’t think I’ll drop that much money on them so close to the holiday. With tough choices I haven’t picked up either the Color of Fear two-pack and probably won’t pick up the Jungle one so I’m not too moved by repaint two-packs at Walmart.

    I do want pictures of the 12″ Zod before they go on sale next week.

    1. Two days before Xmas is a bit much. I’m planning on just getting Randor and Goddess right away I think. If wave 11 sells out, I still have my pre-order anyway.

  3. Sweet! The black and gray Batman with black symbol and pouch belt!

    Robin? Eh.

    Evil-Lyn sounds cool, but I won’t be going after her unless I can get grab a Skeletor next week.

    1. Oh crap. I don’t know if it’s been pointed out before, but is that BLACK LANTERN WONDER WOMAN in that wallpaper?

    2. I’m in for the Robin since I hate that flash-in-the-pan red costume, but this is fourth on my wants lists. I’d rather have a Damian Robin, a classic DG Robin, and a Stephanie Brown Robin before they do a Tim repaint.

  4. BTW, i’m assuming from the cover that this ish also unleashes the mattel wrestlers to the general public?

    you know, as a huge jakks fans, i’m not w/out my gripes about jakks product, but that said, mattel is NOT convincing me into dumping hundreds MORE on WWE product that, for the most part, i’m pretty happy w/. (especially since one of the hallmakrs of jakks toys is durability, a weakness for mattel of late)


    for custom fodder? these figs, provided they are decently durable, should become the marvel legends of 2010/2011 i suspect. they have great porportions, and despite the lack of accessories, the price tag alone i think makes these the default “pick it up to chop it up” fig of the future.

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