MOTU Classics End of Wars
Weapons Pak Review

No, brilliant readers, you did not miss the review for the Great Unrest Weapons Pak. That poor set arrived right about the time my wife and I were moving and… I still haven’t exactly figured out where it ended up. I’m thinking I may just break down and buy a new one with my order later this month. Oops.

But, the newest Weapons Pak, End of Wars, arrived late last week and rather than lose it too, I figured I’d better get it open and reviewed quickly as the final review for MOTU Classics Week! (Well, technically, now that I think about it there is a Bonus Saturday Review coming tomorrow!)

This newest Weapons Pak is a mixture of awesome and aggravating. It should’ve been the most awesome. Clocking in at $20, it is the most expensive set of the four, but the price seemed worth it at the outset. The piece count is about the same, but as the Great Unrest set upgraded these packs with original (pre-tooled, but unreleased) weapons, the End of Wars set stepped things up another notch by including Kowl. Putting the little pack-in figures in a set like this is an inspired idea, particularly for Kowl, who could feasibly be done in multiple color schemes… hold on, let’s save Kowl for a little later.

As you can see, the set has some really fun colorway choices – more attachments for Trap-Jaw & Roboto are always welcome, I love the neon green He-Man weapons, the gold Palace Guard gear, a blue sword for the accessory-challenged Netossa, and even Laser Lot’s gear in standard (or powered down?) grey. Some previously unreleased pieces are included too like the much-needed Rattlor Armor and Strobo’s rifle. Actually, I think I just listed the entire contents of the Weapon’s Pak!

See, on paper, nothing here is a miss. I love all of it. I might even go as far as to say that these are some of the best choices yet with Kowl being the icing on the Weapons Pak. But things fell apart in execution. Mattel cheaped out on the paint. Big time.

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30 thoughts on “MOTU Classics End of Wars
Weapons Pak Review

    1. I think they had whatever limited options, the budget left them and made certain calls. If I had to choose between the three, I might’ve picked the sword blade first, but the shield isn’t a bad choice.

  1. At least Kowl didn’t end up being cast in a single color, kinda like those old PVC figurines we’d get inside them clear plastic egg dispensers of long ago. I doubt that Mattel would blow their entire paint app budget on Kowl alone, though. I would have gladly paid a couple extra bucks more for greater paint app detailing on the weapons, myself.

    Love the way you combined reviewing the accessories while delivering a solid dio story. Rattlor is so nice and polite, too! And the ending is cute to boot. I don’t remember watching POP very much back in the day, but that was a nice touch.

    1. I remember when Playmates did Nog & Alexander as mostly one-color pack-ins. I was so mad.

      But yeah, just go up to $22 or $25 and keep the quality level on par with what came before. Why not try that instead of less-than-awesome product.

      And thanks!

    1. Thanks!

      There is nothing to spill. I didn’t name her and I don’t know anything about her other than she’s a black market counterpart to my Shopkeeper. She may be part of the horde or maybe she just likes how it looks on her… who knows? 😉

  2. Ah, My Weapons Pack seems to be MIA… I needs Kowl! While lacking paints is normally a bad thing, Ruben’s choices in recolorings haven’t been the best choices… I can paint the weapons myself!!
    Then again I MAY be partially guilty for the existence of the Green unpainted Power Sword and the Golden PG stuff, since I suggested them to Scott a long time ago. The sword was meant to be a suggestion as a CG item to avoid scraping off any paint from the actual swords and use THAT as a Master Key. (I did not expect it to come in a WP with an Axe and Shield)
    The Golden stuff I suggested as a Repaint of the Weapons Rack to be reissued at the time of Castle Grayskull. For those who did not get the original one, they could get a new one. Those who did could have an expanded dio piece for Granamyr… Then again I did suggest Spector’s whip to be included in a Weapons pack…

    1. The Green Power Set is actually an awesome choice! I love completing those and getting it in one swoop was great. I’m still cranky about not having the shield in purple or the rest of Prince Adam’s gear. The gold is great too – totally right about Granamyr, I should’ve thrown that in the review.

  3. wow… the lack of paint on these is really atrocious. they look beyond cheap. did the ladies actually get anything this go ’round? it doesn’t look like it, except for that toilet paper spokeskowl up there… man i hate that thing. i wanted the rattlor armor too, but on principal refused to pull the trigger on the set because of kowl. there’s just no excuse for that kind of thing. pack him in with a girl, don’t waste a slot in the “last weapons pack” on a character that could easily have cost out somewhere else.

    1. Beyond cheap is those dollar store figures where the faces are painted on the chests. These aren’t that bad!

      I’d be surprised if we don’t see Kowl again somewhere in the more recognizable colors and this was just a way to get to of him out. And I think he’s more of a headliner than a wasted slot. The last Weapons Pak had highly requested MO2K items and it ended up getting pulled instead of hitting the 5% “Sold Out” remainder (heck, it’s still available). Kowl and his complement hiw the 5% in about a week. That’s an improvement, I figure.

  4. I really wanted that piece for Rattlor, but the rest is a big pass for me so i did not want to shell out the extra money. Great storytelling by the way…

  5. cute/great story and a break from the usual “sales day” strip!

    Did we ever decide on an actual name for the clerk? Ka-Shir(a)? Cha-Ching?
    and now we need one for her nemesis, (Black) Mar-Katira? (where’s her head from? Catra with Teela’s ponytail?)
    and the orangutang-Stratos returns! shweet! I’m thinking Tangu(-Tang)?

    I passed on this set as they seemed to promote it as Kowl (who I’ve already seen repainted into cartoon colors), with snake armor and TJ attachments, but now I see there were a few items I could have used. ah well. I do agree that getting a secondary color on some of them might have worked, as these just seem too plain.

    1. Thanks, it was having to work in Kowl that confounded me.

      And, no, no actual names for any customs other than Zadoc (I named him twenty-five years ago).

      A little more paint would make me happy. I’m going to have to take the brushes to those blades and maybe do a follow up.

  6. Kowl was high on want list but had no means to order at the time. Ibdobagree that wr may see him in toon colors. Rattlor’s armor just nice looking though the question rises and comparison needed of the 200x and this one to see on a pondering I have.

    Story was really good and a nice review. Wish luck on the 3rd one.

    1. The Rattlor armors are not the same, if that’s what you might be thinking. I don’t have one to compare, but other reviews have.

      And thanks! I think I may just snag another set of the third one if they’re available next month when I try out the stackable stands.

  7. I always look forward to the WP reviews. They’re always so much fun. You have the chops to do a recurring comic type thing, man!

    I gave my Laser Lot shield a wash with dark silver and wiped it off. It gave it a more 3d effect. Haven’t painted anything else yet.

  8. My Weapons Paks arrived today. Funny, I seem to be getting these in reverse order. The subscription package is the one to arrive last (still ain’t here yet), this crate (from Early Access) arrived in the middle, and my day-of-sale arrived almost two weeks ago. Weird.

    Mostly happy with the pack, but the warped soft weapons, the lack of paint apps on some of them, and the fact that CHINA is stamped clearly on just about everything: kinda misses out on being great and just sort of “Enh.” Fortunately, I got an extra one for customising purposes. Now, if I can only find where I put those used ReproLabels sheets, so I can get a mirror-finish circle to put in the lens of Strobo’s blaster . . . .

  9. Great article! I look forward to your MOTUC reviews and the weapons pak ones most of all. I like that blonde warrior woman. I would name her “Despera the Destroyer”.

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