Top Reviews for Fall 2013
& Updated Review Indexes!

Hi! Remember those Review Indexes? Indices? Either way, they needed updated as they’ve languished since… Julyish without one. Oops. I think my mind took a vacation after working out who to get the Search feature working again (it’s up there and to the left, if you’ve missed it) and this particularly site feature feel by the wayside. But no more!

Though we have the Search Feature, the Review Index is now updated and is still the best way to find that needle review in our new 1,000+ Review Haystack! Yes, that’s right! We unceremoniously crossed the 1,000 Review threshold and didn’t even notice. I forget the exact review, I want to say Batros, but it’s awesome to have racked up that many reviews in just a little over four years! It also makes me tired. Very tired. But that could be the Season talking…

Before we dive into some “fun” statistics, here are the links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for Battlegrip!

Probably ought to update that old hexagon graphic into the new design. And, now that I bring it up, Battlegrip’s not really brown anymore. Hrm.

Rather than dig into the Top Reviews from each of the previous few months, I opted to just pull the data for the Top Ten reviews for Fall 2013. (Hey, it’s exciting to me!)

It should be no surprise to see Nasters of the Universe Classics absolutely killing it on these lists, but the particular MOTU items that topped the list are surprising!

A Weapons Pak? Batros? The weapons and the batman-who-would-be-emperor beat out Mantenna, Shokoti, & Castaspella! I guess there is something to be said for the time, effort, & joy the reviewer puts into the review as I had a blast with those two in particular, but those are some crazy items to take top honors!

MOTUC did well down the list two with Horde Troopers, and one of my favorite items this year, Sky High & his Jet Sled! It wasn’t all MOTU though, our two Marvel Select articles, Vault’s Wolverine & my Venom review, both made their way into the Top Ten. Huntress was surprisingly the only DCUC representative despite solid returns for the Ocean Master & Fire reviews. Rounding out the list are Vault’s always popular Lego Minifigure reviews, this time Series 11, the amazing Fan’s Toys Quake Wave (I love that toy), and Star Wars Black’s Han Solo!

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for Fall 2013 discussed here, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews from the last few months!


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& Updated Review Indexes!

  1. Congrats on the milestone! Batros is all kinds of awesome, so if he did nail the coveted 1,000 spot, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Love the Batros dance!!! 🙂

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