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Quake Wave Review

With the Transforming Expectations Kickstarter about to wrap-up (and being just a few dollars shy of being funded), I figured it was as good a time as any to toss a Third Party Transformers review out there. Assisting me today will be one of the very best third party products to come out… like, ever (so far?)… Fans Toys: Quake Wave.

I didn’t jump on Quake Wave at first. That’s mostly because of the character he’s homaging. While Shockwave is a fairly important character in the Transformers mythos, he’s never been one of my favorites. I hardly even remember the original toy back in the day (my parents bought me Autobots like 5 to 1, which I think is what I wanted) and nothing in the cartoon about him really sticks out to me.

Which is silly, because he did cool stuff. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate Shockwave quite a bit – his cold logic, the seeming ease he would have in taking over everything, defeating Autobots & Deceptions alike. And he has one of my favorite G.I. Joe’s name – in fact, both he and that fave Joe even suffered the indignity of “Shockblast” together too. Oh, and I’ve accepted the purple. Geez.

But this isn’t Shockwave right? This is Quake Wave. Yep. And why would I buy this Quake Wave? Well, I’ll be honest. He was just too well made to pass up. Most Third Party toys are done in scales I “shouldn’t” be collecting. I told myself when I made a deal with myself to embrace the second coming of the Masterpiece line that I wouldn’t buy smaller Transformers. The idea being that skipping on 5-10 of those would easily net me the funds for one MP. That almost worked, but the Third Parties got me good. I have more 3rd party offerings best sized to go with the Classics line than I care to admit. And then Quake Wave comes along – he’s basically a Third Party Masterpiece offering. But even better, he lives up to the name Masterpiece.

Scale is a bit of a joke in TF collecting, so I’m not sure how big Shockwave should be compared to Optimus, but this toy is basically the same size as the new MP Optimus, and slightly taller than the MP Soundwave. That’s perfectly for me. The sculpting is top notch, with some detail added to keep things interesting at this scale, but it’s thankfully not overcrowded. The plastic quality feels fantastic and the use of die-cast metal on the feet and sides of the legs (the handle’s grip) is a nice touch. I think the nicest thing I can say about this figure is that if I let some play with my MPs, they wouldn’t suspect that Quake Wave was produced any differently than the others.

Unlike most early Transformers, the original Shockwave wasn’t from a larger line, but rather a unique toy, a transforming laser gun called Astro Magnum. When he was included in Transformers, Shockwave stood out as one of the most articulated figures in the line. Quake Wave lives up to that ideal with a ton of great articulation that serves him well as a MP fill-in. He has a ball-jointed neck, two hinges & a swivel in the shoulders to simulate a ball-joint, double-hinged elbows, waist swivel, ball-jointed hips, thigh swivel, swivel/hinge knees, two hinges in the ankle to simulate a ball-joint, and hinged toes. His one good hand features a (limited) ball-jointed wrist and individually articulated fingers. He gets into just about any pose I’d like except for deep crouches. Continue to Page 2…

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Quake Wave Review

  1. Shocky was in scale with Optimus and Megatron/Soundwave, so the bot mode is good in that regard.

    The alt-mode? That’s a bit trickier. Early on, he was a free-standing laser cannon, so size-change wasn’t an issue, like it was with Megs or Soundwave. Later on, it gets a bit fuzzy as to whether he changed size like Megs or not, esp as he was rarely shown in cannon mode.

    Heck, in the Marvel comics, Optimus and Megatron are pretty much taken out early on (end of #4 of the mini-series? then Shocky and Dinobots debut in #5 ongoing?) and rarely used for several years in favor of Ratchet/Bumblebee and Shockwave/Starscream, I seem to recall? Well, OP’s head was still around and the comic Matrix was more a “create new personality programs” program than what we saw in the cartoons and esp the movie, which was used to create the Constructicons and a handful of other TFs. but I digress.

    I didn’t have the original Shockwave (TF, I did get the Joe!), but I had the Action Master, which…yeah. the AM Megatron was also the only version I had of him for years, as well. I don’t think I had another version of him until last year’s TFA leader class(?), then the WFC deluxe version this year. (both buried in storage at moment. ugh.)

    This guy does look good, and the LED feature is something that more recent iterations lack, unfortunately. The die-cast parts are another throwback to G1 TFs that I miss, as well. I was not aware that he was an original creation, but then again, I wasn’t aware most of the TF line were “borrowed” from other Japanese lines, either! LOL

    On the “renaming” front, I saw the “black” leader class tank Soundwave, Sound Blast, today at Sullivan. I’ve been debating about the Blaster version again, then saw this guy and had to do a doubletake on the name. Still not a fan of those “disc” troops replacing the cassettes of the classic line. and what did I say about digressing? :/

    1. And, he arrived today. Man, is this an excellent toy! Mine came with the extra “hose swivel” parts (which will go unused, as it eliminates the light-up laser barrel) and the batteries installed. I passed on the pearly pink add-ons because translucent things rule.

      The only possible way I could think to improve this thing is to loosen up a couple of the joints. Because unfolding the heels is a pain (literally: my thumbs now hurt), and trying to get the legs to telescope or collapse is . . . fraught, to say the least.

  2. Thanks for the very kind words AND for mentioning my book project(s).

    I picked up this exact same toy at NYCC and was stunned at how very incredible it turned out to be. I am not a fan of the Masterpiece scale — the toys feel just a little too big for me to enjoy transforming them — and had been skipping Quake Wave, but once I held the toy at NYCC I just had to have it. This is far more impressive a work than I had been expecting.

    And what’s even cooler to me is how much it looks like a labor of love. The transformation looks slick without being too frustrating — though I have yet to figure out how the legs collapse; I need to watch a video once I get time — and I keep going back to how great it feels and the poseability. One of the best third party toys I’ve ever bought!

    1. The legs… just go in, they don’t send to have a catch or button. I don’t know. He’s an awesome toy, definitely deserving of a spot in the book.

      And my list isn’t too long, some on probably on your list too! 😉

  3. One of the best parts about him is where they chose to use the die-cast parts: the feet and lower legs. It gives him such a good center of gravity and he is so easy to pose. Plus it gives some nice extra heft.

    He’s a hell of a great figure, and priced no higher than any MP of his size.

    I still need to track down this batteries too ><

  4. Shockwave has always been a favorite so Quake Wave here is going on my “someday” list. He looks fantastic. Fans Toys really poured their heart into this guy. 🙂

  5. Just going to add my voice to the chorus, Quakewave truly lives up to the name ‘Masterpiece’. Amazing sculpt, articulation, transformation and extra LED touches make it totally worth the $. I say more 3rd party transformer reviews from Noisy!

    1. Thank you! I’m tryin’. They’re just sometimes labor intensive… lol. I’ve got some stuff from Mech Ideas & Toyworld, but it’s the Combiners that scare me away!!

  6. This is one of the few 3rd party toys that I regretted missing upon the first release. After reading all of the reviews, I really felt like I missed the boat. I’m really glad he’s had additional runs since his initial release. I might actaully be able to get him now.

    Oh, and as far as display in gun mode is concerned, there is a custom stand made by heirofthedog that is available ( It’s been reviewed by a few other reviewers on youtube, and it has been very well received.

  7. Wait…is what Thundercracker says in the picture true? Is Shockwave on a list of future official MPs?

  8. Having just purchased MP Soundwave at TRU with a coupon, I have a newfound interest in G1 Transformers and was looking to replace my old Shockwave. I might have to pony up and get this instead!

  9. Also, what is this MP Optimus that is in scale with these guys? The one I have is the U.S. Release from several years back with the short smoke stacks and he’s a giant!

    1. The new Optimus is MP-10 as opposed to the old MP-01. I have the old one too, he rocks, but he’s huge! MP-10 was made to set the new scale a couple years ago and everything since has been roughly scaled to him. He also has his trailer included. He was a seemingly rare TRU exclusive last year for the states and there’s a new overseas version of him coming soon.

      1. Thanks! That make sense now. I passed on Starscream all those years ago because I thought he was too small. Also, there’s no way I can give up my MP Prime, as it was a gift. Maybe I can leave him in truck mode if I everick up the smaller one,,,

  10. Really good review on this guy.
    I have not been able to purchase him as his price point is a little out of my reach, however he is one hell of a figure.
    This is one Con homage that is standing above others done by third parties and hopefully i will get my hands on him at some point.

  11. Thank you for selling me on this toy with this informative review.
    I have 7 Mp figures and the rest are deluxe /voyager generations /TfUniverse series.
    Quakewave is a little steep–only paid $135 for my Mp-10–thus I wasn’t going to acquire him @ 1st sight.
    You showed me the light, lol,LED type ones(I’m a sucker for lights&sounds toys)
    “Shockwave” is one of my favorite DECEPTICONS : it’s his altmode as a raygun.. the current version I have in deluxe and voyager, but they’re gunShips/Cannons! Save my pennies and grab that Quakewave laser ASAP. Yes I will. Please review more of these. Especially the combiners! Lol I have been buying the Fansproject version of the “stunticons” one-by-one! Would Really appreciate help in more of these reviews.

  12. What do we know about the regulations on these guys? Are they paint safe? I have kids and they love to get their hands on my Transformers. I avoid knock-offs and IO ripoffs and the like, but this seems a little fairer game.

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