FansProject DX Armored Battalion
Review (Holiday Edition)

The FansProject DX Armored Battalion Holiday Editions were on my radar for awhile, but I wasn’t sure I needed it in my collection. Mostly due to it being a set, I really wanted one, kinda of wanted another, and didn’t much care about the third. When it sold out, I was okay not having it. Then they came back...

Fansproject Function-X1:
Code (not-Chromedome) Review

I’ve been buying a lot of Third Party Transformers, but I tend to not review them. Typically, I’ll do a MOTU or DC figure first if one’s available – but I’ve got to review some of these figures, particularly those from Fansproject – they’re piling up. Best to start with the one that got me hooked: Function X-1: Code.