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Joe Amaro’s Castle
Warriors Customization Kit

When I decided to feature a few MOTU-compatible third party items this week, there was one person that I had to include: the super-talented Joe Amaro. Joe has created some great add-on pieces for the line the last couple years including Rudy Obrero’s Manta Raider (I’m still bummed I missed out on that one!) and the Castle Warriors Customization Kit.

The Castle Warriors Kit was available last December. I don’t remember too much about when it was on sale, I was moving into the my new house at the time, but I remember it sold out very quickly and that I was lucky enough to snag one – I think Vault was on at the same time and wasn’t able to complete the purchase before it sold out.

I would’ve reviewed the kit when it got here, but many of the arrivals late last year got a little lost in the move. I think Castle Grayskull Man still needs reviewed, in fact, and I have absolutely no idea where the Great Unrest Weapons Pak is! I might have to buy a new one… As such, the Warriors Kit found itself a little lost at first, and I was happy to “rediscover” it during the months-long unpacking ordeal that I’ve barely started. The upside is that I can include a look at the Customization Kit for MOTU Week!

The kit was designed in partnership with Castle Grayskull Man’s creator, Daniel Benedict, and is a fun add-on either for your lone CGM or if you’ve got some extras to spare. Though I tell ya, having it really makes me wish I had an extra to spare. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the parts. I know this is true about the Manta Raider as well, Joe puts a lot of love into his work and it shows. The pieces are durable and feel like official pieces, maybe better than official pieces considering how often we get flimsy weapons these days.

The kit includes three parts, and the primary one is of course the large display base. The castle wall is roughly 9” tall and is simply a great piece of sculpting. The rocky texture fits in great with CGM and has indentions in the floor that perfectly fit his boots. When he’s in standing in it, the whole piece definitely gives CGM a more “statue” feel; he almost blends into the wall. The one downside is the Castle’s limited height between floors means there were won’t be an easy spot to place this 9” monster, but I’m hopeful I can find a way to work it in with the Castle arrives in a few weeks. Continue to Page 2…

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Warriors Customization Kit