Fansproject Function-X1:
Code (not-Chromedome) Review

I’ve been buying a lot of Third Party Transformers, but I tend to not review them. Typically, I’ll do a MOTU or DC figure first if one’s available – but I’ve got to review some of these figures, particularly those from Fansproject – they’re piling up. Best to start with the one that got me hooked: Function X-1: Code.

Code here stands in for Chromedome and I have to tell you – I don’t know that much about Chromedome. If I remember correctly, I think the first time I heard of him was in some magazine or website that pointed out that Hasbro had once considered repainting the G1 Chromedome into Arcee. That had to have been relatively recently, so I definitely hadn’t heard of him when I was a wee tot.

It’s interesting because I do remember the Headmasters though. They were a cool subset – the drivers would transform into the heads of the robot modes, but the coolest part was probably that plugging the head into neck would reveal the stats of the robot on their chest. That was fun when I was a kid. Well, it was fun on the one Headmaster I remember having: Siren, a Mazda “Fire Chief” car. I may have just had the one, but he was cool enough that he’s particularly missed toy. Much like other strange childhood loves (Getaway is a big one), I’d love to see Siren get an updated toy.

A few months ago, when Function X-1 Code came up for pre-order, he was sort of a mystery figure. Fansproject and some online toy sites sold him as part of a promotion where $20 in toys would be donated to Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, etc. I thought that was pretty cool and so, even though I wasn’t terribly familiar with Chromedome, I decided to pick up my first Fansproject toy.

And I’ve more or less fallen in love with it. Admittedly, I’m in the middle of this robot renaissance as I’m reassembling my toy collection after the move, but there is something about the color scheme and the great construction of the figure that speaks to me… even though I don’t have the first clue about the character it represents. So much so, that I’m anticipating picking up the other Function figures as they’re released, particularly if they continue to carry over the bizarre colors of the later G1 originals (which I presume they will) that I’ve since looked up online.

Code… or Chromedome, y’know I never know what to call any of these third-party toys. Do we have to keep up the farce and call them by their code names or do we just thrown in the towel and go with the names of who they’re based on? Do I have a bunch of Ragers or are they all Huffers? I don’t know, but it’s getting difficult to remember two sets of names, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Code is packaged in robot mode and he’s pretty impressive when you pop him out of the box. I love the chunkiness in the sculpt. He’s not spot-on to the original, but that’s where not being familiar with the original comes in handy. The important thing for me is that the blocky aesthetic has been maintained. I’ve enjoyed plenty of newer, streamlined Transformers, but they lack the blocky charm of the old toys. Code’s got “blockiness” in spades which when combined with some really nice articulation, makes for a fun figure.

The only thing missing from Code being perfectly articulated is rocker ankles. The hinges are great, but the ball-hips, thigh swivels, and double-hinge knees give so much range to the legs that the figure really could’ve used pivoting ankles to help with deep poses. It’s one of those “so close” things that drive a collector nuts. There’s also a waist swivel, ball shoulders, single-hinge elbows, and wrist swivels. The neck articulation is mostly a straight swivel, but there’s this little hinge in there that allows for some up and down movement. Basically, he moves great and I’ve been having a blast posing him these last few weeks. Continue to Page 2…

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Code (not-Chromedome) Review

  1. If you want to know what Chromedome is doing now, you should read IDW Transformers: More than meets the eye. THAT IS A FUN COMIC!

      1. DUE IT! Read both Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye. Those are the two current IDW titles. You will probably love your figures even more after reading those. Also any questions you might have about them, email me and I’ll fill you in.

      2. I’m orionpax636, and I endorse Cade’s message. Both the RID and MTME books are great jump-on points for some very unique TF stories. The two series are also VERY different not only in style, but also in the fact that they use two different casts. You’ll find that some of the corresponding Spotlights are good too (the recent Megatron one was outstanding).

  2. Jeez, this design and colors reek of AWESOME! Always loved in the free ad booklets the little guys coming out the cockpits and seeing the pic here brought me a nice nostalgia shiver. *sigh* why can’t the TF now still look like this one!

  3. Love that last pic with Michael and KITT.

    I never dug the Headmasters as a kid but IDW has been doing great things with the post-’86 movie characters. I hope Brainstorm is next on the list.

    1. Clutch, Brainstorm and Weirdwolf are the next two. Brainstorm is called Smart Robin, they have him up for pre-order over at BBTS.

  4. I also jumped on the preorder for that guy. Sadly, my old feelings for him (I just never liked that car mode) and minor annoyances like the rocker ankles convinced me to sell him off already.

    Certainly a well-made, clever toy, though. The hood thing fascinated me. The main reason I buy Transformers these days is because I like the puzzle of figuring out their transformations, so I always appreciate stuff I haven’t seen before.

    1. The hood thing is so weird, but awesome. Clever us the right word.

      He does have a great second market value. I admit to being tempted myself, but the colors just get me. I kinda want a G1 version…

  5. Great toy, great review, great photos, great comics! I didn’t know he had a slight hinge on his neck; I’ll have to check that out. Thanks! Certainly some of the most rewarding charity money I’ve ever spent. Help people out, get to feel smug, AND get a toy out of it. A win-win-win situation!

    Out of curiosity, who’s the green-and-yellow guy standing in front of Legally-Speaking-Not-Chromedome in the third pic on the first page? Can’t seem to find him on BBTS.

    1. That’s not-Barrage. His code name escapes me at the moment. He’s an FP Insecticon, sold only at TFSource. I’ve ordered there twice, it’s been great both times! Not sure on their international policies though.

      1. I can vouch for the basic mold on that Insecticon being really nice. I got the original three when they came out, but didn’t go for the repaints.

      2. Okay, thanks for the info! Yeah, I don’t know why, but all those Not-Insecticons, while nifty, just didn’t quite do it for me. I suppose it didn’t help that when they came out, I was strapped for cash at the time, and had to budget tightly.

        Oh, well, there’s plenty of time for other versions to pop up. I am patient . . . .

  6. Man looking at all those third-party figures you gotta do more third party reviews! I’ve been on a kick lately with them and love to find more cool ones to add to the collection. At least do Giant some time haha!

    Great review of Code. Do you plan on getting any other headmasters like Hardbone? Think he just came out.

    1. I think I’ve talked myself into Quadruple U & Smart Robin, but not Hardbone. Initially, I don’t like how much bigger he is…

      And I’m going to strive to get more 3P reviews in. I desperately want our daily schedule back (and the things keeping me from it to stop!).

  7. Aw man, that shot of all that 3rd party goodness! Can we get a 3rd party review week up in here soon???

  8. That looks super-fun, and I’m not a big Transformers guy lately. The third-party guys seem to be stepping up their game; and I kinda wish they’d move into other figures…

  9. I love this guy, and I really love how well engineered he is, but I can’t pull th etrigger on him. Since the G1 version, I’ve always really just wished his head matched the rest of the color scheme. Being an homage/update to the original, I know it’s pretty much perfect, but as I can’t get over the colors, I won’t get him. The new ones look awesome, though. Hopefully they’ll look as good when colored.

  10. I had the original but I can’t remember if there was an actual driver’s seat/slot for the head robot? I remember Mindwipe (black/purple bat) had one, but that was part of his gag. I do know the earth tones broke up the various bright colors of the rest of the TFs and military shades of my Joes. (Two great tastes that went great together long before Marvel got around to crossing them over!)

    I do recall the original vehicle mode was a bit more blocky, and of course, less articulated. and most of the Headmasters I had had the forehead flap that swiveled down to cover the face.

    I do think it kinda sucks that Hasbro PTB keep concentrating on a basic six or so character set, with a few randoms thrown in every wave, when they have a host of other ‘bots to draw upon and can shake it up from time to time, like the Beast line right now, even if that iteration doesn’t appeal to me. (re: yesterday’s review of the updated “Sinnertwin”)

    btw, wasn’t Siren supposed to be the female Headmaster? (no pun intended.)

    I am feeling you on the lack of draw for current comics, but it was price factor first with Marvel, then DC keeps making idiotic turns and now the creators are starting to give up. (THREE people walked off DC books recently in a one week span! others are throwing out the party line and you know they really aren’t happy about it from how they say it.)

  11. Great review, as usual. I love this action figure. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, plus it was a mystery toy when it was first on pre-order, so I only got one. REGRETS!!!! I seriously wish I got a few of them to pose in both modes as well as to customize. This is IMO the best FP figure to date.

  12. on the naming-clature (that’s a joke) i would stick w/ the “what they’re not actually called” and try to tough through that, if only because, i would hate to see these cool toy purveyors eventually get prison shanked by hasbro using this site or other reviewers as evidence that they’re impinging on H/T’s copyright. right now hasbro seems content that these guys aren’t enough of a financial danger that they’re turning a blind eye… i’d like to see that keep being the case.

  13. I had this guy on preorder, but cancelled once I saw the proto pics. Functionally he looks like a fine figure, but I felt FP stuck TOO close to the G1 toy in the one time they’ve not taken great artistic liberty with the character. I’m glad others like it, he’s just not my style.

    Plus, I generally like FP’s artistic choices, though some don’t. Assaulter, Defender, Colossus and City Commander are far from exact to their G1 counterparts, but are still solid works in my opinion.

  14. Very cool, I was super tempted by this guy…

    Mostly all I can think of seeing him is the Japanese-only Headmasters series: “TRANSFORM!! HEAD ON!!!!” LOL

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