Top Reviews for Feb & March
Review Indexes Updated!

I’ve been on one crazy train since Valentine’s Day and I forgot to post that the Review Indexes for both IAT & were updated for February. Oops! Well, they’ve now been updated for March and we can take a quick look at the Top 10 reviews from the last two months!

First up, here are links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for!

And here are the Top IAT Reviews for February & March:

It was a little rocky these last few weeks, but we managed to squeak out 11 Reviews for March, soundly trapping the disappointing six reviews that made it onto the site in February. (We’re shooting for a solid 18 reviews in April. Wish us well!)

The Top Ten for the last two months was a bit of a surprise because you don’t normally see a Transformer make it to the number one spot on the list here at IAT (to be sure our recent third party & Transformers Prime reviews don’t even get a mention). That said, Masterpiece Soundwave transcends the brand somewhat and his soundly trumping the competition these last two months should say something about the crossover appeal of souch a prominent character being made into such an awesome toy. I don’t envy the folks having to hunt him down at TRU in the coming months one bit (but I promise you it’ll be totally worth it!)

The rest of the list filled out with our usual suspects from DC & MOTUC. It’s interesting to see that the two retail figures (New 52 Supes & Penguin) performed that much better than the Club Infinite Earths offerings. Is that name recognition or distribution making an impact there? On the MOTUC side, we all knew it would be Ram Man, but both Jitsu & Granamyr came close. Fang Man finished in there somewhere too.

Finally, the list rounds out with the first offering from the G.I. Joe Club’s FSS, Dice & Jinx. It’s cool to see those Joes up there and just reminds me that I really need to get caught up on those. I’ve got four more FSS Joes reviews sitting next to the photo booth…

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for February & March discussed here, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews!


3 thoughts on “Top Reviews for Feb & March
Review Indexes Updated!

  1. “Is that name recognition or distribution making an impact there?”

    I don’t think it’s either. I think it’s the fact that Mattel has put more effort into the retail offerings than the CIE figures.

  2. How did I miss that Dice review? (ok, other than my limited time at McD’s during Holidaze-March!)

    I think I had the original, but at that point, I was mainly buying out of habit “just to buy new stuff”. I do recall having a Tech-Viper and he somehow became one of my regular characters? (I may have “upgraded” Scrap-Iron to T-V, like Breaker was to…Mercer(2)? he had black vest/red straps, one silver “chainmail” arm, one free arm, beard.)
    anywho, HILARIOUS story you had going there! LOL

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