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Eternia Ram Man Review

He’s finally here! After years of waiting, gnashing of teeth, and seemingly endless internet complaints, Ram Man has finally arrived! Once it was made clear that Ram Man would be held off (as a 100% tool), his importance swelled far past what it should rightfully be. Does the figure live up to four years of hype?

Ram Man is a fairly important character to the MOTUverse. He’s got a ton of cartoon appearances under his belt and appears in most forms of the media, so it’s with that understanding that I see he’s not nearly as important as we’ve all made him out to be over the years. This just happens with a toyline, the most important unmade character becomes almost larger than life. For DC Classics, we had to wait through 15 waves to get JLA founder Martian Manhunter. For Ram Man, we had to wait a little over four years. It’s enough to drive a toy collector mad, right?

It’s really messes with my perceptions of a figure too. I mean, Ram Man is an impressive sculpt. He does feel like a little more love & care went into him than some of the recent releases… but, he’s also just another figure. He’s going to take his spot on the shelf, he’ll hang out with Stratos & Mekaneck, and, in a few months or less, the memories of the scandalously long wait will fade, and he’ll go back to being a nice part of the ensemble and not the emotional investment that we’ve foisted upon him.

(Speaking of, who’s the next figure we’re heaping that on, by the way? Two-Bad? Rio-Blast? Probably Two-Bad).

Ram Man will stand out in some ways forever though, he is an oversized figure. He’s basically the same height as the rest of the crew, but he’s got maybe twice the mass packed into the 7”. This is somewhat of a new thing for Ram Man, as he’s been depicted as much taller or shorter than the other Heroic Masters in the various media. This size seems to fits the figure just fine, so I’m happy with the choice.

Due to the increased width, Mattel bumped him up the larger carded packaging. He does fit into the standard packaging, and some MOC collectors might’ve preferred that, but there wouldn’t be much room left for the bubble. Plus, the larger package is probably also thought to assuage our feelings on his slightly higher price too.

More so than his size though, Ram Man will always get props for being a gorgeous figure. The all-new tool looks great and has a ton of detail. So much so, that he almost looks like he’s from a different, better toy line than some of the other basic figures. I think if you were legitimately a huge Ram Man fan, you’re probably drooling over this rendition. The rivets, the belt buckle, the details on the boots (including his skull “sigil” being carried over to the soles), etc. all combine to make a sharp-dressed figure.

The head sculpt is good too though I know some folks have issue with it. The 4H chose to follow the card art with Ram Man’s permanent squint. For some reason, I fear that his having regular, open eyes would’ve turned the figure into that weird cartoonesque look that plagues Queen Marlena, so I’m happy with the choice here. I think the figure’s face sculpt looks great with the squint. It fits the figure in my eyes. Continue to Page 2…

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Eternia Ram Man Review

  1. Looks cool. I might track him down later.

    I’m not 100% on your neck complaint, maybe a shot with his head turned or another angle would have showed the lack of neck off better?

    the “bruiser” body dos look good, but unfortunately, there are no other character that could use this body. of course, now they’ll start getting calls/cries for the entire line to be redone with the ball-joint knees! LOL

    and you had to go for the obvious joke? 😉

    1. I figured, why not?

      The first picture on page two shows what I was trying to say about the head. It just looks like it’s floating above the armor and not attached.

      1. I just think it would have shown better if you had turned the head or taken a shot from the back. yes, it does look like the head is ‘floating’, but the alternate angle would have shown it off better.

        and yeah, I was wondering why they didn’t do it as a removable helmet, like ML6 Juggernaut. That way, they could have seen the problem with no obvious neck.

        or not.
        (re: JL U-legs)

    2. had they done a big body buck from the get-go, they could have done leech and extendar on it, and there are a couple filmation guys too that could have used that buck. even now, extendar would likely re-use the fists, biceps, hips, and the upscaled pegs, possibly the torso too.

  2. man, i hope the next “gotta have it guy!” is two-bad, cuz that’s logical, and i do want him… but you know me, my next GHIG is extendar.

    1. I’d sign onto that wish for Two-Bad if I thought there was a shot at getting the MYP heads and their separate bodies. Given that we haven’t been granted a MYP Roboto head, I consider the few MYP touches we’ve gotten as rare gifts rather than the norm. I’m just not a big enough fan of the Classic version Two-Bad to be excited about it, and I have a fear he’d turn out too corny under that type of design edict.

  3. I think the figure is awesome, but I totally agree about the second head. My first thought on seeing it in the SDCC pictures: “Why does he look like a Dick Tracy villain?”

  4. Man, after getting cussed out by Stratos (hilariously), was it really necessary to call the big guy a “100% tool”? I always thought he was quite the gentleman, besides that whole “fighting-He-Man-and-breaking-into-Grayskull” incident.

    I agree, the eyes are just as they should be. It gives him just enough edge and character to preserve some of that grittier side of MOTU.

        1. i must be slipping, i read the review twice and missed that sentence. 😉 though, scott’s the only guy involved with motuc who’s a 100% tool.

  5. Man, poor Optikk must be needing a LOT of Visine right now. Love them pics!

    A local TV station is running the cartoon on Saturday mornings in an old infomercial slot. Watching it again, I could have sworn that Rammy turned up as part of the regular cast alongside the likes of Orko, but I’ve yet to see him. I remember getting the original figure back in ’83 and thinking how awesome he looked in his mini-comic, only to later show up on TV as a short dude who sounded more like a doofus.

    So yeah, I’m very happy with the figure and he was darned well worth the wait! But it ain’t over ’till we get every character from the vintage line. Chronologically, where the $%#! is Two-Bad? He’s long overdue. And I still hope to see tail-end guys like Ninjor, Saurod, and freaking BLADE! Anthony De Longis himself, heck yeah!

  6. Great review, great photos, great comics!

    I reckon they could get two Ram-Man variants out of this mould: Cross-Sell Colours and MYP colours. I’d buy both!

    I’d also love to get a spare so I could paint him mostly black and grey, and turn the figure into Brute Man, Ram-Man’s evil cousin. (‘Cause his new head sculpts remind me of Rondo Hatton.)

    And if they’re gonna do Two-Bad, I would prefer the Millenial-style version, and also separate Tuvar and Bhaddra figures. And a transparent “Stealth Cloak” Tuvar.

  7. Placing my vote for three total figures out of Two-Bad, too!

    Speaking of re-use, what about Sagitar?… Couldn’t he re-use the arms?…

  8. “Ugh eyegoop” Poor Optikk.
    Having the small collection I have he would be a welcome addition. Could think up some fun to use with him since like to adjust my shelves and change poses. If had a juggernaut or a good DC equal would have a crossover battle easy.

    The no neck is weird but can deal.

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