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Classics Fang Man

We’re pretty behind on just about everything, but it seems like the MOTU figures have been piling particularly high.  So in an attempt to cut down on our backlog, I thought I’d follow up Noisy’s MOTU review with one of my own.  So let’s take a look at Fang Man!

Even though the Filmation subscription hasn’t started yet, Fang Man does kind of give off the vibe of its first unofficial release.  Originally appearing in the episode The Time Corridor, Fang Man follows Skeletor and Tri-Klops back in time to destroy Castle Grayskull before it’s even built.  They never say what happened to the character after He-Man defeats him in the past, but it’s revealed in the new bio that Skeletor just left him there.  (While doing an image search I did find a picture of him in the background of a foreign MOTU comic book, but he was colored green.  Very odd.)

Fang Man is one of those characters I didn’t really expect to be made.  Even after the issue with the Filmation license was sorted out, he was still a pretty obscure character with an oddly shaped body.  Luckily for us the Four Horsemen are pros when it comes to working out these kinds of design issues.  You may not know it by looking at him, but Fang Man’s body is almost entirely reused pieces.  It’s easy to see on the arms, legs, and feet.  What I was surprised to discover is that his torso is just a blue version of the scaly chest and abs.

What really gives Fang Man that extra bulky look is the soft rubber shirt piece.  It’s a bit bigger than the average muscle-man tunic and has been designed to set hunched over the shoulders and forcing the body underneath to bend forward for its natural look.  The back of his shirt has also been given some really fantastic sculpted details giving the regular torso the impression that it has back spines and wide shoulder blades.  This is a fantastic effect and a great way to add more diversity to the MOTU body type.

As for the rest of the pieces, Fang man also has some new trunks with a nicely sculpted metal face on the belt.  His hands are also new and have long fingernails.  Interestingly, the index finger of his right hand isn’t in line with the others.  To top off F-Man’s unique look, he has a newly sculpted head and neck piece.  The sculpt is pretty accurate to the Filmation series.  I love the extension that the extra neck piece gives the figure.  It really adds to the feel that he’s hunched over.  I do think the head sculpt is a bit cartoony, but it still fits into the line without any issues.  (And I wonder if that tongue is a hint at what we might see with Tung Lashor.)

Fang Man’s paint job adds a nice amount of detail to his figure also.  He’s got some airbrushed highlights over his skin which really brings out the muscles and wrinkles.  His shirt and loin garment also have a similar highlight, only this time in dark maroon.  This really does a great job of bringing out all those sculpted details on his back.  That yellow center line and orange bracelets and collar also do a great job of breaking up the reds and blues.  I think his eyes are my least favorite part.  Those beady dots look very cartoonish.  I was surprised with his shin guards though.  They seem to be molded from a glittery red that isn’t anywhere else on his body.

Fang Man has the same standard articulation that we know from MOTU, but there also a couple of added bits.  Both his head and neck piece are on ball joints.  You’d think this would give him an extended range, but the shapes of the two pieces actually hinder him a bit.  He can look in all directions, but not extremely well in any one way.  I really wish he could look from side to side a bit better.

The other new piece of articulation is his tongue.  It’s held into the back of his mouth with a swivel joint and can move back and forth.  F-Man’s jaw isn’t actually articulated, but it is made of a soft plastic and can be pried open so that you can move his tongue to the sides if you want.  Continue to page 2…

20 thoughts on “Vault Review: MOTU-
Classics Fang Man

  1. Great review, pics, and comics, as always! This guy still hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m really looking forward to him.

    I don’t recall seeing that electro-slingshot weapon with Fang Man; I’ll have to double-check that tonight after work. I do recall seeing a similar (longer-handled) weapon being held by the slave-drivers on Phantos, however.

  2. i can’t get past the notion that the electric Y looks like a sex toy to me. i know it’s me, i know i’m a pervert, but it’s there and i can’t unsee it.

    for me personally, he’s too cartoony, and that would be why the filmation sub wasn’t even tempting, but damned that’s a nice sword there! and the infinity wheel, while simple, would be cool to have too. i wonder if/when that neck piece will see another usage? that could be a fun addition, for example, on a custom caligar

      1. why the inquisition? if that thing has a variable speed vibration… WHEW! let the fun and games commence! it doesn’t have to hurt, just so long as it hurts so good…

        1. “You’re all a bunch of PERVERTS! And we’re going to tell all the neighbors about you!”

    1. It’s not you… I see a sex toy as well…
      Some people see a slingshot. If it is a slingshot, we totally need a King Miro Figure to have Fangman the menace!

  3. I wonder if removing the black dots would add more to the appearance and make him look more menacing.

  4. One fig I am bot ways on. A nice addition to a collection but, don’t mind if miss him. Enjoyed the review but I have to ask. Is the tongue poseable? Seen pics of it sticking out of the sides of the mouth around.

    1. Yeah it is. It moves from side to side and the jaw is flexible enough to allow you to have it hanging out the side of the mouth if you like.

  5. Neat review and dio story, Vault. I don’t remember this dude from the cartoon but the 4H went all out designing him. Lots of love on the accessory front as well, which is always a plus for this line.

    1. I think it’s relative, mate. Considering how huge his waist-up bits are compared to almost everyone else’s, normal legs would look scrawny on him.

  6. I like everything from the neck down (the faux ridges down the back of the tunic is cool) but the head sculpt just kills it.

    It’s one of the cartooniest looking head sculpts I’ve ever seen in any toy line ever, and I can’t possibly understand how anyone thinks it fits in well with the established line.

  7. My fang man arrived yesterday (uk). I’ve been looking forward to king He-Man so much I’ve hardly even given fang man a thought. But now he’s here, I think he’s great. A really great figure.

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