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G.I. Joe Club: Dice Review
(& Jinx Non-Review)

If I’ve learned anything from moving into my first home, it’s that I’ll be unpacking for the rest of my life. Seriously. Every time I think of an old figure I need for a review, it’s inevitably adrift somewhere in the cardboard sea in my garage. For Dice’s review, that sorta became the theme.

I’ve been having a tough time deciding on what to review each time my turn comes up here at IAT lately. One thing I was excited for this year was the G.I. Joe Club’s Figure Subscription Service and I’ve been keen to review them (well, most of them) for awhile, but I couldn’t find the boxes that were holding my Joes hostage. I decided to go ahead and do the review with the figures I knew where they were… which ultimately failed and just had me out in the garage unpacking in search of figures I just had to have. Sigh. Nonetheless, I’m happy to finally kick off my Joe Reviews for 2013.

I’m calling this a Jinx non-review because I wanted to acknowledge that she’s in the FSS, I love the idea of toy subscriptions and I don’t mind the occasional figure I’m not interested in, she’s a cool figure if you wanted her, and that I’m just not one of those folks. She’s built on the Resolute Scarlett, a nice figure in her own right, with a new head and a slew of accessories. The accessories are almost enough to get me to keep her, but ultimately I already have a near-perfect modern Jinx and I just don’t need two. As a very wise man recently told me, it’s better to convert her back to cash and use the money on a toy I really want than to review her just because.

Now, my not keeping Jinx isn’t a knock against toy subscriptions. I still love ‘em and one big reason is because they expose me to figures I might have missed out on had I had the chance to pass them up at the store. Dice is one of those figures. When I received the first two FSS figures and they turned out to be Jinx & Dice, I was a little disappointed (the Club announced 12 of the 13 figures beforehand, but has randomized the release schedule. That part is actually pretty cool). I had some Ninja Force figures as a kid, most notably the kickass Storm Shadow and Nunchuk (still waiting on his update…). And even though I never had him, I’ll never forget the name T’JBang.

But I glossed over Slice & Dice completely. When I first heard about them years ago, I didn’t even remember that they rounded out the evil half of Ninja Force. Even still, I have no idea how they were presented in any of the comics or what comics they’ve even been in. So I wasn’t that excited about Dice whatsoever (particularly because owning him kinda necessitates owning a Slice, does it not?) For a time, Dice was awaiting the same fate as Jinx and I found myself looking forward to the second release of FSS Joes without even knowing who I was going to get. Continue to Page 2…

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(& Jinx Non-Review)