Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla Junior

While Noisy is busy draining his wallet on MP Transformers, my funds are condemned to a different fate.  I’m not really sure when I’ll have to tap out (Biollante will probably test that), but for now I’m pretty happy to currently complete my collection with Godzilla Junior.

Godzilla Junior made his debut in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, and is the older form of Baby/Little Godzilla.  Although not fully an adult, he was still able to fend off Destoroyah’s smaller aggregate form.  Unfortunately Destoroyah’s final form was too much for the little guy and he was nearly killed during the final battle.

Junior here is a pretty good little figure.  When I say little, I really mean it.  He’s a little less than four inches tall, making his body about the same size as Little Godzilla and Fire Rodan.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have the baby fat or wings to give him that extra size boost.  I’m definitely OK with him being much smaller than the larger figures of the line.  I just wish he were a bit bigger than his baby form.

Even though he’s not much bigger than Baby, his sculpt is packed with detail.  His body is covered in rough craggy skin, giving him a very similar look to his dad.  He even has tiny undeveloped spines running down his back.  One of more interesting details are the two smaller thumb-like toes on his feet.  This is a definite departure from Big G, whose toes are all pretty much the same length.

With his dangerous looking double row of teeth and pissed off eyes, Junior’s head is also very similar to daddy’s.  But relative to his size, his face sculpt is much thinner.  His nose is also more defined and sleek.  There’s also a bit of a raise to his upper lip, giving him kind of a cat-like mouth.  I definitely didn’t notice these details in the movie and it’s nice to see they were given life on the figure.

The majority of Godzilla Jr. is painted a dark green with black accents.  The undersides of his torso and tail have been given a light green dry brush.  It’s the same with his nose and parts of his head.  This does a great job of helping some of the details stand out from an overly dark figure.  His spines and claws have no problem standing out with their light gray coloring.  The only real shocking colors on this guy are his red tongue and dark orange eyes.  Continue to page 2…

8 thoughts on “Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla Junior

  1. Not seen one of the of these that I haven’t liked. All the extras just make them cooler. Great revuew and digvall the pics.

  2. Great review and excellent pics. Of course.

    This little guy looks pretty darn good apart from one thing: his hip construction. Surely he could’ve been made in a way that doesn’t make him look like he’s wearing a saggy diaper that leaks?

  3. diggity dang, he is a tiny lil’ cuss, isn’t he? the poor guy should have split the difference between chubby ‘zilla baby and big daddy, no? and i second beedo’s observation about his hip region, he looks like one of those fat fetish models for chubby chasers.

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