Bandai of Japan Unveils New Proplica Line/Moon Stick

For years Bandai of Japan has been releasing kids toys of various tokusatsu weapons, henshin, and morpher devices. Now with their new Proplica line, they’re going to create high end replica props focused towards adult collectors.


The first item in their lineup is Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick (or Crescent Moon Wand for us Westerners)!

This full 1:1 scale prop includes:

  • The Silver Crystal
  • Seven color LED’s
  • A voice recording by Kotono Mitsuishi, the original Japanese voice actress for Sailor Moon.
  • And a unique display stand.



The Crescent Moon Wand is scheduled for an April 2014 release in Japan, and will run 8,800 Yen.  No word yet on if Bluefin will be releasing it in the West, but I imagine the prospect is pretty good considering how well the figures are selling.


7 thoughts on “Bandai of Japan Unveils New Proplica Line/Moon Stick

  1. Well this is something I didn’t really think the IAT audience would be interested in….clearly I don’t have my finger on the pulse of this site’s fanbase.

  2. One may assume that this is the same line that’s going to produce that Green
    Ranger dagger/flute thing.

    On first pass I shout hooray because this could be an AWESOME line. However, I fear they’ll never get around to something I need to have, or it’ll be insanely expensive, or worst of all we won’t be able to even ‘graymarket’ import them from our usual Japanese vendors because of foolish restrictions.

    Perfect example. For Yamato 2199 they did a mild ‘re-visioning’ of the famous Cosmogun. Sadly for America it looks too much like a real gun. I don’t think an orange muzzle would ‘save’ it from import restrictions.

    That also likely puts the kabosh on many of the Super Sentai weapons.

  3. I really do not understand the fuss about this bag…As it looks like plastic, it looks cheap to me, however we all know that those bags can start at $1100 and in my personal opinion, just way too much money for a plastic bag. The personalized ones (with stripes and monograms) makes the bag even uglier. Moschino once said that “People like to pay for bad taste”. This is the perfect example to me.

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