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Infinite Earths Fire Review

I really haven’t been in the mood to do this review. It’s partly due to the figure – it’s rather lackluster. It’s also due to Club Infinite Earths falling through. It wasn’t a surprise, but it was still a blow all the same. But, y’know, I can’t help but feel a general bit of malaise about the figures anyway. I’m not the only one – Vault’s pretty much selling his DC figures as quickly as they come in too.

It’s odd because I still want the line to go on in some fashion. I have a list of characters I want that’s a mile long – the font may be have to be large, but it’s still a long list. That really weighs on my mind for Fire because the figure is incomplete without Ice. And it’s not like Ice is just far-off figure that will never happen, we saw her. She was in the now-cancelled subscription. Hopefully, Mattel will find a way to get her released, albeit it as a more-limited, higher-priced figure. JLU limped along & hopefully DCUC has something left in the tank too. Otherwise, my DC toy buyin’ days are done. That’s a sad thought.

Anyway, I mention all that because I’m not sure how much of that big ol’ bowl of “meh” is coloring my feelings on this figure, who I similarly see as at least a bit “meh”. Now, let’s not go crazy here – Fire is not a bad figure. She’s not even close to being the worst and not everyone figure has to knock it out of the park every month. It’d be nice, but that’s not realistic. I guess what I’m trying to say is this. This is Fire. She’s fine. Here’s why.

If you’re not familiar with Fire, she’s technically a Super Friends character (oh noes!). Where she first appeared in the companion comic as Green Fury and was later adapted into the DC Universe in the early 80s first in the Global Guardians and then, more famously, in the Justice League. Her origins were tinkered with now again throughout the 80s, but Beatriz da Costa was more or less a model turned spy turned superhero when she was exposed to a green plasma that initially let her breathe green flame and later turn into a being composed of green flame.

That last part is particularly important because that’s the look I would’ve preferred for this figure. It would’ve been cheaper for Mattel too – standard female buck cast in clear green, add-on parts and paints to get the flames right and Fire would sparkle on my shelf. My whole opening would probably be different. Mattel didn’t go that route though, choosing for the powered down look. And while this is probably my least favorite iteration of her costume, I even like her old Green Fury look better, this was the right costume to go with once they decided on the depowered version. Continue to Page 2…

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Infinite Earths Fire Review

  1. Her face is experiencing some definite issues, not unlike those old Mego figures from the 70’s with their purple heads. Yikes! Her jawline is also way off when viewed from the side. Oh, well… There’s always the DC Direct version from their JLI line for those who prefer the Green Flame costume.

    The figure is disappointing, though. There’s around five things she needs to be perfect:

    1. A couple of inches taller.
    2. Her jacket.
    3. An Adam Hughes-ish head sculpt.
    4. A bigger rack.
    5. Ice.

    I’m still hopeful that Ice will turn up along with the other Club reveals. Mattel will want to get their money back on those three and the demand is still there. Hopefully by next year.

    Meanwhile, I’m done with DC 6-inchers for now and will likely concentrate on older Marvel Legends so I can complete a few teams on that side of the fence as well. My Avengers, FF, and X-Men shelves are running barren in that department.

    1. I think the Club reveals will stop pop up – at least the ones we saw. I just hope we don’t have to pay too much to get them (I will).

      On your five things, I’ll give you 2-4. I hinted at no. 4 there, but I forgot to mention the jacket completely. I think that would really help the figure out.

      As for no. 1 though, I’ve heard that complaint, which is why I threw in the ol’ “Usual Suspect” pics. She’s actually over 6″ tall, technically too large to be “in scale” with the guys since she’s a 5′ 8″ character. I don’t know if it’s that her head is on the small side making her seem too short or just that figures like Black Canary are way too big, but we’re looking at scale all wrong if we she think she’s too small.

      1. I reckon she’s wearing high heels, so that’s her height sorted out and explained nicely.

        It took courage to flex Snout Spout’s trunk for a gag shot. I salute you, sir. And thanks for the shout-out. };D

    2. sometimes, the horsemen knock out a great female face, and she looks incredible…. this is not one of those moments. she looks like she’s had reconstructive surgery after a chimp attack or a bout with jaw cancer.

    3. I would say another 1/8-1/4″ taller would be fine. 5’8″ seems short to me, as she was always portrayed as being slightly taller than average, then you add in her heels and ’80s big hair to that, and she should appear taller than others, or at least as tall as Canary.

      That face I didn’t really notice until you said something. It reminds me of one JLU customizer who kept using the same F head mold over and over and each head turned out a bit like that on profile, and the front was flatter and more triangular. It was not a good look.

      As for a more Adam Hughes look, some would probably still argue for a DeMatteis appearance. I’m not sure who would win that argument? Sometimes a more neutral appearance is the best option?

  2. Its a shame the end of the line has to overshadow everything. Theres still some promising figures in the pipeline with Huntress and Ocean Master and RAG. She does feel a little short but no biggie. I do think its because the head seems a little small. They overcompensated for the glorious big 80’s hair. This is definitely the costume I prefer, both her and Ice. To bad we cant get that flame form as a variant. I too will be picking up Ice whenever and however that happens.

    1. I know. I tried not to do that, but I’ve not got much else to talk about DC-wise. Like you say, there are some exciting things in the pipeline. Huntress looks great. I’m excited for Ocean Master & Batzarro. I think Ra’s will be the only one to *choke* down and he’s not bad, the suit body is just boring.

  3. Here’s a good image of the various costumes. They didn’t make the wrong choice, but still my least favorite. The earlier Green Flame costume is available as a DCD at least.

    1. Wow, #1 was pretty conservative when compared to the rest. I like #3, and #4/#5 the best. I think #6 was the one she wore during the battle with Doomsday, so 90’s readers might be familiar with? Her most iconic looks are likely when drawn by Maguire and Hughes.

      1. You got me wondering, and it turns out #7 was the Doomsday era (though it took searching, cause hey, she’s usually powered up).

        And now I’m bummed we didn’t get Maxima & Bloodwynd!

    2. it appears they were going for a 4-5 period, but she almost always had the jacket ON at that time, too. Like Clutch and I said, the jacket is pretty much essential for this look and Canary already has it ready to go.

      and again, I’m just glad we didn’t get Checkmate’s black bodysuit Fire! urfta.

    3. Wow, interesting about the vest. Mattel could have so easily rigged that up, too, from black canary.

      But I call it a great fig. I’m glad we didn’t get a redo of the V-nude costume that DCD covered. That costume was so funky. More like a gawdy wrestling costume (same for shy Ice).

      Hope Ice still comes out. It was stupid of Matty to refund our money if they plan to release Ice, Superboy, and Aquaman. Just make it a 3-figure line. They are going to sell out, for Heaven’s sake!

    4. looking at that line up of costumes…I’m surprised that Mattel didnt use #6 or #8 just cuz its just an easy paint on a blank body.

  4. Funnily enough mine arrived in the post today. I like her for the most part but I think she could have used a base of some sort, she has tiny little feet. But my biggest bug bear with her is the belt it just looks odd the way its hovering half way up her torso, i think it might look better just sitting loose rather that trying to imitate a jaunty off the hip look when the hole to do this is in her midriff.

  5. Fire was the only DCIE of this year I was able to get. Saw Saint Walker but by time my $$$ was getting low and couldn’t talk.seller down from his price.

    On Fire, I can live with it but agree that the flame on version woulda been nice (even as a static flying posed prop) I like her but with her array of looks surprised went this route. A jacket woulda been nice (removeable even better) ofcourse Ice will be even better. Hoping she does show up.

      1. You know you want to put the Adam West head on the Keaton Batman. I’m assuming that’s the only way to play with them as I don’t think the costumes are meant to be removed.

        And now I’m thinking of Adam West as Iron Man and can’t stop laughing… 🙂

        OK, back to Mattel. It’s not fair of me to zoom on Matty because 1/6 scale Hot Toys figures are just not anywhere near in the same category but it would have taken so LITTLE for the Mattel ’66 Batman stuff to have been epic.

        It’s like they just don’t CARE anymore. Meanwhile their Imaginext toys are getting more and more impressive. Saw a Black Manta with a small manta-ray shaped sub, for under $20. I haven’t been collecting the Super Heroes line but I just may have to start.

        Black Manta with a sub for $20, or horse face Fire for $25+insane shipping. Kinda leaning towards the Imaginext there. 🙂

  6. I’m kind of surprised that everyone’s so surprised this is the outfit they went with. I’m not a huge Fire & Ice fan, but I am aware of them, and whenever someone mentions Fire, this is the costume I think of. And, generic as it is, it’s nowhere near as fugly as any of the other options.

    1. I’m only surprised by it in that her most recognizable look is no costume at all.

      Once they decided to go this route, this was the logical one to choose – though I disagree, it is as fugly as the others. 🙂

  7. She looks good enough for me, but I do feel you on the “meh” state of DCU figures, which I’m sure nu52 isn’t helping. This is exacerbated today as Matty announced they were going to open the MOTU sub AGAIN this weekend, but NOT the DC sub, so it’s DC vs MOTU fans on their page, right now.
    (One guy even slammed GB as being “2 movies a million years ago”, to which I had to remind him that his toys were based on an even older cartoon! LOL)

    As for the figure itself, I like it with a few minor quibbles. I do wish she had a proper belt, or at least, not whatever she’s wearing now. also, would it have been that hard to make a zippered crotch piece? (Hello, Dolphin and Lois!) I also would have liked to see the jacket, which could have been borrowed from Canary. (in fact, I think I still have a spare BC in order to custom a jacketed Fire?)

    Had this figure made it to retail, I would hope she would have gotten a transparent green “flame on” variant, using this head and a blank F buck. I know they did it for DICH and a few JLU customizers pulled it off, but neither Matty nor DCD did this version in their 6″ lines. I do recall Timm or someone saying they had to modify the ‘powered up’ look for the cartoon, adding on darker green ‘flames’ for certain areas, much like Amazing Spider-Friends had to make sure they always drew the zipper line on Firestar. heheh. 😉

    Scott has “promised” to get the announced 6″ figures for 2014 out once the club failed to meet it’s goal, but no firm plans, now. We can only hope Ice is one of the first females in the next iteration of the DC line(s). Dare I hope they redo Fire with jacket then? or will we be stuck with Checkmate Fire in her black bodysuit with (nearly invisible) green piping? Not exactly holding my breath for news on this front. :/

    on the bright side, this lull in DC properties means I can hopefully pick her up cheap once I get one of my legal cases closed next week. (YES! after nearly FOUR years! trying not to splurge, BUT…! LOL)

  8. I’ve noticed reviewers tend to like this figure a lot more than I do. She’s a little too small compared to other females in the line, as your line-up photo shows. Not just height; her FACE is slightly too small. The side profile is bizarre – how long is her skull supposed to be? – and it makes the figure top-heavy. The belt doesn’t sit right, and the color is the reverse of what it’s supposed to be: yellow/gold on green, not the other way around.

    I just received Huntress a couple of days ago, and it’s reinforced my suspicion that Mattel has let the quality of the doomed line slip: my Huntress’ face paint is sloppy, and she can’t hold her crossbow! I’m guessing it was a panograph slip or something, making it slightly too big. …and then I remember Tin being way too small, and Rocket Red being both way too big and in the wrong armor.

    Maybe I’ve gotten a little too cynical, and maybe imports have raised my expectations too high, but as much as I loved the DCUC line, the quality of recent releases has left me not all that disappointed that we’ll not get another year.

    1. Fire’s face is correctly proportioned. It clocks in at 1/6 body height, which is anatomically appropriate.

      I consider Fire to be a great figure. I think we’re all wing-dinging Mattel a little bit… I mean, she’s pretty in the face (the number one details toy makers usually fob), her corset is sculpted, and her boots are sculpted. She’s an outstanding figure.

  9. Am I the only one whos had a problem with the head sculpting for the Right earing?

    Its in her hair rather than on her actual ear.

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