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Nick TMNT Mousers 7-Pack

I’ve always loved Mousers.  They have this great sleek yet intimidating look, like little robot dinosaurs.  Even though he was way too big, the huge walking Mouser from the original TMNT toy line was always one of my favorite figures.  So I was super excited with the news that a Mouser 7-pack was going to be released for the Nick Turtles toy line.


The first thing I have to do is give major props to the folks at Playmates for doing this right and releasing these little guys in a multi-pack.  They could have easily just packed in one or two as accessories for another figure.  But Mousers should always come in overwhelming swarms, and getting seven for less than ten bucks is fantastic.


I was also really glad to see (both in the show and toy line) that they went with a very classic Mouser design.  The round head and body with long chicken legs looks perfect.  While there isn’t a ton of detail to the figures, you can see sculpted bolts where the leg joints are.  There is also a little collar area around the neck, and there is a wavy line texture sculpted into the insides of their mouths.


To add a little diversity to this small army, the Mousers have been molded in different colors.  Each pack contains three silver versions that look like they stepped right off the assembly line.  There are two dark gray ones that look a little worn or dirty, like they’ve seen some action or have been running around the sewer for a while.  Lastly are two black ones.  I’m assuming they’re a stealth version, which is a pretty cool idea.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a few different specialized colors like yellow and red pop up in future repacks.


Aside from the molded colors, there really isn’t much more in the way of paint apps.  Each figure has a red eye on the center of their head, but it seems to be more of a tampo than a paint app.  Interestingly, the black Mousers actually do have red paint detailing the sculpted lines on the inside of their mouths.  It’s a really cool effect on the black figures, and makes me wish they would have done it on the other colors as well.  Continue to page 2…

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Nick TMNT Mousers 7-Pack

    1. Yeah, I’ve been searching ever since I heard people were finding them. My TRU just had that one pack sitting there, which is probably a good thing because I would have bought more if there were more.

  1. Oh, sweet!

    Yet another product I bet we won’t get in England and Playmates won’t allow BBTS to ship over. If I do happen to find these, though, I’m gettin’ a pack! Proper job ‘n’ all!

    1. That sucks. I thought Playmates was finding a vendor to distribute to Europe?

      Well, if you need a middleman then just say the word. These little guys should be at all the stores in about a month.

      1. Yeah, we just got the Cockroach Terminator wave over here, and I had to order my Leatherhead off because distribution here in Wessex is crap. These’ll probably show up eventually, and worst comes to worst, I can turn to Amazon again.

        But thanks for the offer; it has not gone unappreciated!

  2. Playmates has managed to produce a number of toys in this line that satisfy both kids and longtime fans, with the mousers being the latest. I’m impressed with how they’re able to combine quality sculpts, reasonable articulation and playability into a relatively affordable price point. They haven’t done everything right (the unfortunately stiff Metalhead above is one example), but they’ve done a really good job with the main Turtles and these little chompers. Packing one of these with another figure would be expected, but releasing them as a pack is so much better.

    All I need is for some company to produce the Turtles in their mid-Eastman look from the original comic (more muscular and “heroic” in their proportions) and my TMNT collection would be complete.

    1. I definitely agree. Aside from a lack of articulation on certain figures, they’ve done a really good job of handling this line so far.

    2. I’ve been clamoring for TMNT #50 styled Turtles for years, but most people think I’m nuts.

      I’d say Playmates has done a good job with the main Turtles, but those feet are just so monstrously hideous, not to mention off-model. I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again; if Playmates ever re-releases the Turtles with corrected feet, I’ll rebuy all four in a heartbeat.

  3. It’s pretty nice that the design on these is classic enough to mix with any turtles figures. They might technically be too small to go with the 6″ line, but I’m going to do it anyway!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. I couldn’t find my vintage Turtles to compare with in the review, but these Mousers can pretty much go with any of the previous lines.

  4. Sweet! These guys work with vintage Turtles, NECA turtles AND Nick Turtles… Looks like someone I know is buying more than one pack…

    1. Yeah, this is definitely a perfect army builder pack. Too bad all the kids in my area will have to fight me for them! 😛

  5. I haven’t got any turtles yet but these guys will be an easy buy. Always need mini robo minions to smash in any scenes. Also if can find some rabbit ears robo miniminions for Plundor.

  6. I love the picture of them breaking out of the crates. Really great stuff there.

    I had no idea these were coming out. I’m not a big TMNT guy, so I don’t keep up with the line that much, but these are really cool.

  7. You know, I’ve always meant to pick up some of NECA’s mousers, but since they never made it into shops, I never got around to it. I might just snag a pack or two of these and call it a day.

  8. Man, I just found a pack of the baby turtles (Leo and Don) Tuesday, now they’ve got mousers out! Glad it’s almost hunting season, gonna need the practice to find these guys.

  9. I can’t wait to find these to go with my Turtles Classics! At 7 of them for less than $10, I think I only need one set. Ok…maybe two. Damn!

  10. I was going to ask if they had a spring-loaded jaw that would snap shut, but if you can disassemble the head like that, I’m guessing that’s a no?

    that was one feature I like on the pair that came with April in a previous iteration. Whichever version came out same time as X-Men Evolution, as April made a good base for X-Evo Jean and Kitty (with a bit of paint). I think I’ve still got those Mousers somewhere? #movingproblems.

    also B’WANA!!!

    1. Nope, no springs. While the action feature would be cool, I’m glad they don’t have it. It would have been a pain taking pics. 😛

  11. “or for a few more dollars you can build your army exponentially”

    Not quite. You can army-build in multiples of seven.

    Building exponentially would be 7, 49, 343, 2401, 16807, etc. which would cost a lot more than just a few more dollars.

  12. Okay looking thru again my mind started thinking of homages to Mousers. Remember Tremors? The screechers easily fleshy Mousers.

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