Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Red Ranger Review

Well, friends. I’ve waited long enough. I was going to be good. I was going to let Vault in on the Mighty Morpin Power Rangers action. He loves his imports. He loves MMPR. He loves Red Rangers… but I can wait no more. We’ve got a whole box of Mattel goodies coming in later this week (& we kinda haven’t finished the last box yet…), so I wanted to get this review out there before we descend into MattyLand!

This review will be a fair bit lighter than my previous review on the Green Ranger, because most everything you can say about the figure can be said here. Really, I could almost just substitute the word red for green and phone this one in. But there are a few differences, of course, so hopefully you’ll permit me a few paragraphs before you go running off into the gallery at the end.

The Red Ranger, or Tyranno Ranger if you prefer (but let’s call him Jason!), carries special significance as the leader of the group. I haven’t watched Power Rangers as faithfully as Vault – my job is cushy, but not Saturday Morning off cushy, but I know that the Red Ranger has taken on a mystique all his own over the years. You can see it in the popularity levels, the shows themselves, and even in the Figuarts releases. The Red Ranger is almost always the widest released and also has the most versions available. You’ll see by the end of the review, that that’s already gotten me into a little bit of trouble…

Before I start on the figure, I do want to give another special shout out the North American packaging. As with the Green Ranger, an entirely new mock-up has been done for the NA release and it looks fantastic. I enjoy buying imports, but it’s a pleasure to not have to check with friends to see what the box and instructions say on these two releases!

The figure itself is the basic Figuarts design with the proper sculpts on the new pieces to get this particular era of Power Rangers correct. While he and Tommy do share the same basic costume, Jason still needed a handful of unique parts thanks to small details. And he got all of them. On other lines, you might see these details handled by paint, but not here. Jason has unique boot tops & forearms to get those areas correct and also has regular biceps since Tommy’s gold bands were sculpted on for his release. The chest piece underneath is presumably the same, but Tommy’s armor is a harder plastic, so I haven’t tried to remove it.

All that is topped off by the helmet which again does a great job on accuracy. The helmet features sharp details and the high gloss paint really comes through to make the helmet look like it’s made of a different material than the rest of the costume. Honestly, the paints throughout really sell the figure as they’re crisp from top to bottom.

As I said last time, while the sculpt is impressive on its own, it’s the articulation that really lets this little guy shine. The figure features ball-joints at both the top and bottom of the neck, wrists, hips, and ankles, hinged toes, double-hinged knees & elbows, thigh swivels (similar to MOTU figures), two well-ranged torso joints at the mid-torso and waist, and then the shoulder & hips feature ball-joints that are on the end of a double hinged bar. These four points really give the figure fantastic movement, though they can open up some ugly areas in the sculpt – Bandai combats this in the shoulders with a “floating” piece that can be moved around that little bar and keep the aesthetics of the figure. I will again clamor for that missing bicep swivel though because it’s just what I do when it’s not there. Continue to Page 2…

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Rangers Red Ranger Review

    1. LOL These are a fun little dalliance. I probably didn’t need the Operation Overdrive guy in particular, but you know me, things routinely go to the auction block later.

      1. The only reason I got the Bouken Red/Operation Overdrive Red was because I was collecting the Japanese releases to get all the pieces for the Akibarangers’ Inordinate Cannon. Boukenger has some of my least favorite costumes, and OO is one of my least favorite PR seasons. I figured I’d keep him because 1)I have a rather healthy display of Red Rangers, so I want to keep that in tact, and 2) you know what, his costume sucks, but he’s a Ranger. He’s putting his life on the line to fight evil and save the world, let him stand with his brethren.

  1. I’m really enjoying these and have the next two on preorder. Of course, you can’t have the Rangers without a Megazord. I went back and forth on whether to go for the Super Robot Chogokin Megazord or the Legacy version, eventually settling on the larger (and transformable!) release. Although, I may still grab the SRC figure if I can get it at a discount…

    Can’t wait to have the whole team (including the White Ranger)! Also, I loved how you referenced the separate stands.

    1. Yeah, I wanted to throw the stand in there, but couldn’t let folks think it was included!

      I’m not sure on the Zords. I kinda want ’em, but I don’t know. You didn’t review the Legacy Megazord per chance?

      1. The Legacy Megazord is the same as the 2010 Megazord, just with a little bit of diecast (and, for some reason, the sword has a hard time fitting into the hand). It’s not enough to make the figure not suck, and certainly not worth paying more than double the price it went for three years ago.

        One of my major gripes for years about Sentai mecha and PR Zords is that they really haven’t increased the quality of them at all in more than twenty years. They’re still giant, unarticulated bricks that fall apart if you look at them funny. Meanwhile, you have companies like Takara/Hasbro that put out toys like the JRX trains over a decade ago. Awesome individual modes (two of them, robot and train), and a rock-solid and highly articulated combined form. Actually, Hasbro has had a hard time matching the quality of that release themselves, but I think my point stands. Better looking, more articulated, and more stable combing robots are very possible, and Bandai needs to up their game.

        1. I was looking at pics. Did they vac-metal the sword? Could be that…

          Somewhat unrelated, but I’m chomping at the bit to buy that really fancy Vehicle Voltron… be nice to see the PR Zords get similar treatment.

      2. No review, yet, unfortunately. With a 5-year-old I. kindergarten and a 2-week-old baby in the house now, I haven’t had much time for anything!

        It’s a blocky combiner, for sure, but makes a nice centerpiece for a MMPR shelf. Plus, Bandai will release a Legacy Dragonzord next year. If you’re interested in getting it, I suggest you download the TRU app on your phone and have them price-match it at your local store. The recently bumped the price up to $70, but left the older listing on their site, so you can still get it for $60.

  2. Finally! I’ve been waiting on this one since the day of the Green Ranger review! Great job and great pics.

  3. I’ve been intrigued by the SHFiguarts Sentai line but the scale is what kept me out of it. Until they announced the MMPR figures. That sold me. I have the Green and Red Rangers and the SDCC stands. Pink, White and Armored Red Rangers on preorder and I’m eagerly awaiting the preorders for Black, Blue and Yellow. Oh and I picked up the two Jetman figures due to their Battle of the Planets inspiration (hopefully the rumor is true and the other 3 Jetman figures will come out). I also preordered the Ninja Storm figures because they were all announced at once and while it’s not my favorite Power Rangers series the designs of the costumes appeal to me. But I’m not going to get sucked into collecting all the Sentai figures. Nope, not gonna happen. No way. Nuh-uh. Nope. Crap, I’m already hooked aren’t I…

    1. It’s easy…

      I think I’m passing on Ninja Storm and some of the more recent shows. Since I haven’t watched the shows other MMPR, it’s really about the look for me and the costumes with white contrast really appeal to me. I am excited for the First Red Ranger & Baseball Mask though!

      1. I’m definitely getting the Ninja Storm guys. I’ve been a fan of both PR and Sentai over the years, and Hurricanger and Ninja Storm were both pretty good shows. Plus, Tori is one of my favorite female Rangers of all time. I also think the suits look pretty snazzy, with the silver “scale mail” effect on the limbs and the overall ninja theme. On the subject of ninja-themed teams, though, isn’t it about time we heard something about a Kakuranger/Alien Rangers release?

        Aka Ranger and Baseball Mask were shown off at a show well over a year ago, and still no word on a potential release. Which bums me out, but I have to figure they’ll get to them eventually. Go Ranger’s a pretty important series.

        1. There’s a ton of “shown, unannounced” figures in Figuarts it seems. Kinda annoying.

          My Sky High is coming today and I’m stoked about. I think part of it is the short lead time – we’ve only known about him for maybe six weeks and he’ll be here today. That’s cool.

    2. But which Yellow Ranger are you getting? The version released in Japan will be built on the male body, since in Japan Tiger Ranger was male (his name was even Boi), and so it will be more accurate to the Zyuranger footage used for MMPR season 1. In the USA, we’re getting a female Yellow Ranger, which will be more accurate to the old promotional art, and the US footage shot for MMPR season 2 and 3.

      1. I didn’t realize there would be 2 different figures. I knew the Japanese character was a guy but I didn’t even think about that for these figures. I’ll probably get the US version just because that’s what I have for the Red and Green Rangers. But I might have to get the Japanese dude version too if it isn’t too hard to acquire.

        1. The Japanese version is going to be a web exclusive, which sounds more intimidating than it is. Web exclusives are done on a preorder basis, so as long as you can get in a preorder, they cost the same as a regular retail figure. The only issue there is that preorders are only open to people in Japan, so you have to find a middleman service. There are a number of reputable ones out there. I personally like Yokatta ( If you miss out on the preorder, then that’s when the prices start to get ridiculous.

  4. So much innuendo on these pics, so little time. [looks at DR]

    Who’s the Cardinal/(F)Redbird Ranger?

    1. The bird motif is Jetman’s Red Hawk. Series before Zyuranger aka MMPR season 1. Know can find it online and worth a watch.

    2. J. Lee’s gotcha hooked up.

      The Jets amuse me, one because they inadvertently look like angry birds, and two because Saban was going to start with those and some issues cropped up with caused him to switch to the MMPRs we know today. Think how totally different it could’ve been?

      Vault reviewed Red Hawk back when he was released last year:

  5. Lets see if can name all in that red shot.

    JETMAN Red Hawk (the series before Zyuranger. Dark)
    Boukenranger BoukenRed
    Zyuranger Tyranno Ranger
    Dairanger Ryuu Ranger (Kiba Ranger and him will look great together)

    Sadly not a one in figuart department this year at the toy show. I saw a Vegeta but I parted ways with that world. Surprised too cause saw many PR toys. Funny was saying the japanese names on each. One fella did have some.vintage Ultraman and Kamen Rider items.

  6. The Sentai/Ranger teams awaiting to see

    the other Dairangers, watched a couple and man PR dumb down the MotDs. First ep the creature ate people and Ryuu had a friened gobbled up in front of him.

    Turboranger (Not PR Turbo)
    Carranger (PR Turbo)
    Ohranger (Zeo)
    Gaoranger (Wild Force)
    Magiranger (Mystic Force)

    Ah I kidding after watching Gokaiger like to see them all.

    News we may get a channel to watch the original sentai and rider series on it but its a pay channel. Saban is probably pissed.

    1. I made a list to get all the American names straight. I may be awful, but it’s easier for me to remember Wild Force than Gaoranger! (Though the Dairanger’s need an import name!).

      I’m not sure which ones I’d buy for sure. The MMPR are a given and I like the Jetmen and Dairangers. There are a few other designs I’d be down for getting though too.

  7. Okay redo.

    Guess on the red sentai.shot.

    Jetman: Red Hawk
    Zyuranger: Tyranno Ranger
    Boukenranger: Bouken Red
    Dairanger: Ryuu Ranger

    On another note. Did not see a singl Sentai or Rider figuart at the show this year. 🙁 Saw alot of old PR toys but kept saying alot of the sentai titles and man talk about confusing people. It was fun. >:)

    1. There’s a lot on the slate for the next few months at least. The MMPRs of course, plus a few more Operation Overdrive figures. They’re also starting on the newest show over in Japan too.

      1. Yeah Kyoryuger has been all kinds of fun. Now a talk that tye Zyurangers may guest star (as well as Abaranger) in a possible ep or movie.

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