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Figuarts Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers Black & Blue Ranger Review


Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Pink Ranger Review


Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers White Ranger Review


Tamashii Nations 2013 Convention Coverage

Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Red Ranger Review


Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Green Ranger Review


Vault Review: SH Figuarts Chojin
Sentai Jetman, Red Hawk


Like with Transformers Prime, I’m also a bit behind on reviewing the last few S.H. Figuarts figures I picked up. So today I’m going to take a look at Red Hawk from the Super Sentai Jetman series, a figure I purchased because I

Vault Review:
S.H. Figuarts Gokai Silver


Poor Gokai Silver. I’ve had this figure for months now. When he wasn’t being forgotten in a heap of post-picture taking figures, he was being pushed aside for a more pressing review. But no more! Today is his day to shine (and that

Tamashii Features
2012 Galleries


Tamashii Features is Bandai’s own personal toy show, showcasing the new projects and properties that they will be releasing in the following year. Our man in Japan, Robert Baldwin, took some time to check out all that Bandai had to offer. All I

Vault Review:
SH Figuarts’ Gokai Blue


I know I must be getting old because it seems like this year just flew by, and it looks like I’m doing the final 2011 review. Surprise, it’s an import! I’m a little behind on Gokaiger reviews, so I’ll get Gokai Blue in

Vault Review: Super Robot
Chogokin’s Gokai Oh


All year long, Bandai’s been releasing a slew of merchandise for their 35th anniversary Super Sentai series: Gokaiger, but it’s taken this long for them to make the pirate’s zord, Gokai Oh, in a super articulated form. It feels like it has been one of the

Vault Review: S.H.
Figuarts Gokai Red


I’ve been obsessively watching the current Japanese Power Rangers show, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The hard part has been keeping my show related purchases to a minimum while I wait for the real action figures to arrive. That wait is finally coming to an end.

Tamashii Festival
Summer 2011 Galleries


It’s convention season and ItsAllTrue is kicking off our convention coverage with a look at Tamashii Feature’s Summer 2011 show. This year Bandai’s showing off plenty of Gundam, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai (Power Rangers), Godzilla and more to whet your toy collecting appetites.

Most Requested Figures: Power Ranger's Rita Repulsa

Vault Review: Super Samurai Green Ranger (Legends)

For the last sixteen years, there has been some version of the Power Rangers on the airwaves, and for the last sixteen years there has been a toy line to accompany it. When a toy line runs for that long, there are bound to be issues. Over the years, different