Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers Green Ranger Review

If you’re a regular to the site, or at least a regular that just reads import reviews, you might not know me. So, howdy. I’m Daniel, or you might know me by my “code name” NoisyDvL5. I don’t have anything against imports – I have a few Revoltechs, Big O Figmas, and a few others that aren’t springing to mind.

But see, Vault reviews them all. Imports are kinda his thing. But opportunity has struck and I ended up with an import before him. MUAHAHAHAHA-*cough, cough, cough*… Ahem, excuse me.

While this figure is in reality part of a much larger Sentai line for Tamashii, I’m naturally more interested in him as Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I imagine most of you reading probably feel the same.

I was thirteen when Power Rangers hit and I will admit that I may not love it as rabidly as some. If you’d asked me if I’d pick up a Figuarts line featuring the “original” Rangers, I might’ve even said no. But I do have a soft spot for those early seasons, the look of the costumes in particular, and I always love cool toys. Put that altogether and I found this a hard line to resist. I took a chance on the pre-orders and I with the first two in-hand, I can say I made the right call.

One of the cool things that I wasn’t expecting was the packaging. This is a North American release and everything’s been redone and decked out in full MMPR glory and it looks great. I don’t keep much packaging, but I imagine I will with these. Partially because it does look neat, and partially because it’s a resealable box and a compact one at that.

Now, I’m sure Vault will be along with his Red Ranger review before too long and he can regale with more specifics in regards to how this figure fits in the Sentai line. I imagine it’s using a fairly stock body for the line, but it is fantastic nonetheless. The two figures look beautiful on the shelf. In the past, there have been a few import figures I wanted based on a property I loved, but the svelte nature of the sculpts usually kept me from purchasing. It just doesn’t look quite right for some properties, but it’s perfect for Power Rangers. These figures just look sleek on the shelf, moreso than even some of Vault’s other Sentai figures and it really impresses me.

There are a few sculpted details that will be unique to Tommy in regard to his fellow Power Rangers. The Green Ranger featured gold cuffs on the boots & gloves, arm bands, and the dragon shield armor. All the bands and cuffs are sculpted details and will help make the figure standout once all six are released. The dragon shield is a hard plastic, separate piece and it’s technically removable, though you’d have to find a non-damaging way to remove the arms. I was a little disappointed by this as I’d like to display Tommy sans armor now and again, but I’m not going to risk breaking a $40 figure just to do that. (Also, since it’s not really removable, Bandai has taken the opportunity to sell an Armored Red Ranger (affiliate link) using these parts).

On top all that is a great helmet sculpt. For some reason, it really stands out to me as being a crisp piece. I’m not sure if that’s just the nature of it being an import, but it just has a very miniaturized, realistic feel to it.

If there is one downside to the figure, it’s his size. He’s exactly as big as you’d expect if you’ve been buying Figuarts, so it’s not really a complaint about the Sentai line. But when these are being translated into MMPR figures, it seems only natural to want to place them alongside some other domestic favorites. That doesn’t really work. It’s a little sad now, but I imagine once I have six+ figures, they’ll look much sharper as a group and hold their own.

Once thing I was really happy about and that Vault has pointed out to me time after time is that there were no paint issues on my figure. I’m usally okay with a little slop or fuzzy lines because, I’m more into these as toys than collectibles, but there really wasn’t a trace of that here. The white paint on the gloves doesn’t always follow the etching lines, but it’s still straight and crisp thoughout. And all the little details, the symbols, or small paint apps are pretty well spot-on too. That’s pretty neat to get. Continue to Page 2…

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Rangers Green Ranger Review

    1. Thanks, Doc!

      Though I just noticed I forgot to mention that little circle on his butt… good thing I took out the “mind your six” joke… O.o

        1. I thought maybe a plug for a stand, but then it didn’t pop out.

          Plus the stands (sold separately) for these aren’t made for that.

          1. I wonder if it has something to do with the way they secure the plastic in the lower torso that connects to the hip ball joints.

              1. There is. On one of the Power Ranger forums, there’s a guy who rips Figuarts apart on a regular basis to make absolutely gorgeous customs of characters not yet made, and he confirmed it’s a “butt screw plug”.

    1. I do enjoy having ’em. I think, in this case, it might just be a dagger set and a sword set? Not sure. Jason has the same, plus gun hands.

      It might just be that I didn’t have the right hands to do the old promo pic poses. Oops! 😀

  1. I was like, “Whuuuuuuh?!? Vault did a review tonight?!?” Heh heh! Then I saw it was you … and went “Whuuuuuuuh?!?” again.

  2. Yes!!! You do not know how long I’ve waited to see you do an import review and it was well worth the wait. Great job as always. Don’t let Vault hog all the future Rangers!!

  3. This figure makes me weep… It’s so awesome, but I can’t have it… cause then I’d want the other five rangers, the white Tommy and I can’t go down that spiral right now… Also, we’d need Putties and Z-Putties…

    1. Heh. I could maybe see getting done villains if their figures are good (since I’m already extending to white), but I mainly just want the group. They’ll all match and I’ll be happy.

        1. Zedd’s even more unlikely than Putties, since Golems (the Zyuranger version of Putties) showed up in Sentai as well as MMPR, so they’d be bale to market them to both Japanese and international audiences. Zedd was an original creation for America, so he’d be a tougher sell, since his appeal in the line’s home country would be minimal (MMPR was dubbed and shown in Japan, but it was never the phenomenon that it was in other parts of the world).

          1. I’m hopeful that with Bluefin growing – like the MMPR packaging here – that we can exert some more NA influence on Tamashii.

            No points for him just being a cool figure? LOL

            1. Cool figure, absolutely. He’d be a must-have for me. But with the iffy standing of Sentai Figuarts as it is (Kamen Rider and anime Figuarts sell much better), I’m not holding my breath for American-exclusive figures any more elaborate than a female Yellow Ranger (which is essentially a recolor of the Ptera Ranger body with the male Tiger Ranger head).

  4. Over the years I got to liking sentai well over PR. Will be looking for the Japanese releases cause do the possible piece swaps and have the American flag pieces on the US. Yeah I watched the Akibaranger ep and loved every minute. Blame how I grew to dislike Tommy. Dragon Ranger died. Kiba Ranger was a ten year old kid that was part of a whole different team and makes White look way off now (Diaranger was creepy too)

    So I would get this if can’t get the Zyuranger, awaiting to find out if the Gorangers will get made. Saw a proto of the original red AkaRed aka Akaranger.

    Also await Boi (yellow) and Trini. Yes buying both

    1. I would like to see a comparison of Dragon and Green though. Curious about what is different know the american flag pieces but the transformation pieces do they have different looks.

      Hope Malshina gets a release after Ptera Ranger just for some fun with “Tommy” saying great her ass is in front of Kimberly.


    2. It’s really fascinating to me how they cut up the show & spliced in the Rangers.

      I saw the standard releases of these included the flag collars & belts. What’s the story on that?

      1. Thats the fun of Akibaranger season 2. In the ep Tyrano Ranger and Dragon Ranger show up and AkibaRed thinks they are there to help but its actually the “Powerful Rangers” the americanized versions sporting the stars and stripes. After a fight and Tommy quoting how Malshina has rocking tits and ass. The akibarangers return and find out history changed and no one remembers any of the series before Goaranger and Saban is sueing Toie for copywrights. So a rematch, turn the PRs back into the Zyurangers and get Goranger back as the first sentai series. Al thanks to an original Dragon Ranger dagger tune. Half expected Dragon Ceaser to appear.

        “SUPERIOR Japanese Products with original.sounds save the day”

          1. Yeah it was but, Akibaranger was an unofficial series. Though they got a giant morpher as a weapon. Wore it like a giant belt.

  5. I remember seeing the Armored Red Ranger go up for preorder and that looks cool, but I’d rather have a “regular” RR. Of course, I did OT occur to me that perhaps he was part of a larger series that would include that version plus the OTHER rangers. There goes $90!

    Thanks a lot, ND…

    Anyway, these look awesome! I picked up the 4″ figures at retail a few years back, but eventually sold them off because of their kid-friendly nature. Plus the weapons were all solid black. I hoped Bandai would release some adult collector friendly versions eventually. I guess these are it. Definitely looking forward to getting the whole team.

    1. … stupid auto-correct…

      *and thinking, that looks cool, but… Of course, it did NOT occur to me…

    1. They can be purchased almost anywhere that sells Japanese toys, and even some American sites (mostly available online, though they are solicited through Diamond, so any comic shop in the country should be able to order them for you).

      Just do a search for “mighty morphin power rangers figuarts” on any search engine and you’l find dozens, if not hundreds, of places offering them for sale.

      How many figures there are in the line depends on what you’re looking at. If you’re looking strictly at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Zyurangers, there are current 2 released, Green and Red, with White, Pink, and Armored Red already solicited. There will be four more; Black, Blue, male Yellow and female Yellow (Tiger Ranger was a male character in Zyuranger but made female for the USA show, to they’re doing separate figures for the different markets).

      If you’re wondering how many Power Ranger/Sentai Figuarts exist, there are current dozens of them, including the full teams for Samurai/Shinkenger, mostly full teams for Go-Busters and SPD/Dekaranger. I have 15 myself, with more on the way, though there are a couple full teams I don’t have yet due to many of the members being website exclusives in Japan that are very expensive to come by. There are also some I’m just not all that interested in, like any of the Boukenger beyond Red (and him I only got to build my Red Ranger lineup, and to get the Inordinate Power weapon for my Akibarangers).

      If you’re looking at SH Figuarts as a product line, they probably number i nthe hundreds, including not only Sentai/Power Rangers figures, but also various eras of Kamen Rider, as well as popular anime shows like Dragonball and Tiger & Bunny. There are also companion lines like D-Arts, focusing on video game characters like Megaman, MonsterArts, focusing on Godzilla and related Kaiju, and Robot Spirits, focusing on giant robot mecha like Gundam.

      1. Thanks! I figured they were doing the entire group but I didn’t want to buy one or two and not get the whole team.

        1. Mine cane from BBTS for around $40. Vault’s are from Amazon for about the same. I think they can all be found at that affiliate link for the Armored Red Ranger.

          Still no word on Blue, Yellow, & Black, but I’m hopeful to have the team wrapped up sometime next year.

          1. Thanks! I went with BBTS and got both Red and Green. I couldn’t resist after this review haha.

              1. How about both haha. I LOVED the original Power Rangers but I did stop watching right as the White ranger appeared. In fact, my last memory of watching the show and talking about it was the teasing and reveal of who the white ranger would be.

                  1. Yea, I could probably do without the White one but that ranger ruled my life for a while with the great mystery of who would be under the helmet haha.

          2. Super late comment, but I got my red and green ranger in today! These things are awesome!

  6. Great review, Vault…er…Noisy! 🙂

    I’m really not big on the whole Power Rangers thing (being highly offended by the early ‘chop shop’ creation of Saban but more won over by the later Disney ‘slightly more in tune with the Japanese’ shows, in specific PR SPD) but it’s all good, it makes people happy. I do get so tired of Bandai’s schizo attitude about selling to America, based on old data generated back in the ’70s when the exchange rate was well over 200 Yen to the Dollar and…blah blah blah I really need to write that essay. 🙂

    Anyway, making me really want to pull the trigger on the Jetman figures even if Bandai is being poopheads and only making Red Hawk and Black Condor.

    1. The rest of Jetman has been seen in prototypye form, so it may only be a matter of time before were see the rest of them at retail. Sadly, Yellow Owl is built on the standard male body, and not given a plumper form.

      It’s also worth noting that Red Hawk and Black Condor were released at a time when sentai Figuarts appeared to be doing very poorly, and most shows (even current ones) weren’t seeing figures released much beyond the Red Ranger and the Sixth (since Jetman had no sixth, and Gai was the “bad boy” of the team, I’d guess he made the cut).

      1. But they’re so awesome. I currently have 15, with a 16th (RyuRanger) on the way, and several more on preorder (Hurricane Red, Kyoryu Red, Ptera Ranger, Kiba Ranger, and Armored Tyranno Ranger).

        And that’s just Sentai. I have a handful of Kamen Rider (the First, Ixa, Kabuto, and Thebee), with a couple more on preorder (Wizard, Blade), a half dozen Tiger & Bunny (Barnaby, Wild Tiger, Rock Bison, Sky High, Oragami Cyclone, and Crapsuit Wild Tiger), with more preordered (Fire Emblem, Blue Rose), and MonsterArts Godzilla, with Kiryu on order.

        And my wishlist still exceeds what I actually have.

        1. There are definitely some great ones. Vault has a few and I’ve seen some at sites like DaytimeNinja and the like, but I’m really hesitant to add too many new lines right now. I almost talked myself out of these!

  7. Ir might be worth noting, in regards to the “karate chopping” hand, or lack of same, that real martial arts don’t use much open-handed striking, which is why such hands are seldom included with figures of martial artists. It’s also why I’ve never been as upset as many people that figures of the Legion of Superheroes’ Karate Kid don’t include a knifestrike hand.

    1. “Don’t tell me the technicalities” lol

      Those flat hands would just pose great though. Those classic group shots, which is kinda my preferred set up, do need them.

  8. I bought the Green and Red Rangers online right when they first came out in Japan, so of course they were Zyuranger and called DragonRanger and TyrannoRanger respectively. I have to say I like the box art on the Zyuranger versions of these guys a bit better upon seeing the MMPR boxes, but either version is great if one wants to purchase them. Of course if you want the extra Akibarangers parts to make them into the parody ‘Powerful Rangers’ the import versions are the only way to get them.

    I never really had interest in Figuarts until they started doing Sentai figures. Once I knew they were doing the Zyurangers (aka Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) I was sold. I have the White Ranger and Pink Ranger on pre-order on BBTS unless someplace else gets it earlier or/and cheaper.

    I have completed all the DekaRangers (S.P.D. Rangers) and almost all the Shinkenger team (Samurai Power Rangers, just missing Blue.

    1. With Kiba (white) gotta vet Ryuu Ranger. They go together. Though look up the series but be warned. Its dark. Atkeast first ep and one with a MotD pair that was used in a lame way state side. Think was a slime creature where in Dairanger was a Mother Daughter pair that really mind fudged Kiba.

      Hoping to find any really, Gokaiger, Akibaranger, Dekaranger, Jetman, Boukenranger, Geosei Night (cause Robo ranger whatever saban is calling him is lame and rushed more then Al Bundy sex night), Dairanger, Gobuster, Zyuranger.

      Hoping to see down the line though. Goranger, Kakuranger (w/ Ninjaman), Abaranger, Time Ranger, Turboranger, Carranger, Gokaiger all same color squads, Liveman, Gaoranger, Magiranger, Genkiranger(or is it Geki, whatever Jungle Fury used), and okay any sentai team not used by Saban and Akared as he appeared in Gokaiger.

    2. But you can’t complete the DekaRangers yet. You can get the core 5, but there’s still no DekaaBreak or DekaMaster (even though DekaMaster won the fan poll for character we’d most like to see way back when Sentai Figuarts first launched). And DekaSwan, DekaBright, and DekaGold might be pipe dreams.

    3. It’s probably just that I’m landlocked in the middle of America, but I have a hard time keeping up with all the Japanese proper nouns for these guys. It even takes me a minute to process Dragon & Tyranno. LOL

      I’ve been trying to think about what import figures I do own – there are just a few – Roger & Dorothy from Big O, Professor Layton, the Transformers Revoltech, the little guy in a suit of Boxes (in two versions strangely), Kid Icarus, and the girl from God Eater.

      And I know it’s Pit, not Kid Icarus. I don’t care!

      1. Somehow I’ve managed to figure it all out myself due to get into this line.

        DekaRangers – Power Rangers S.P.D.

        Boukenger – Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

        Zyuranger – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

        Gokiager – soon to be Power Rangers Super Megaforce (Ugh)

        And so on and on…

        I’m mostly going to stick to the figures that were characters in Power Rangers, but I am tempted by KibaRanger (MMPR White Ranger) to get his actual show teammates starting with RyuRanger.

        This is just such an addictive line.

        I do hope though they at least complete some teams missing a few of their teammates. As pointed out with DekaRanger, we still need at least DekaMaster (S.P.D. Omega Ranger) and DekaMaster (S.P.D. Shadow Ranger). I doubt they’ll make any Ranger team super forms since they seemed to try that with Shinkenger (Power Rangers Samurai) and I guess it didn’t sell very well.

  9. I picked up the Zyuranger version of Red Ranger when he came out in July and he’s awesome. I wasn’t planning on getting Green, but I did want Armored Red Ranger (one of my favorite Rangers ever), and once I saw the SDCC exclusive Figuarts stands were for Red, Green, and Armored Red, I thought, “Eh, screw it. Might as well get all three.”

    I added Dragon Ranger to my AmiAmi order for this month; not because I prefer Zyuranger over Power Rangers, but because of the “Powerful Rangers” bits; I’ll almost never use them, but if I’m paying roughly the same amount for two different versions of a toy, I’m gonna choose the one that comes with more accessories just because it’s a better value (aka, the “Jungle Extraction Dutch Principle”). And Dragon Ranger needs that value boost, since he already comes with A LOT fewer pieces than Tyranno Ranger.

    1. I’m tempted by those stands – that silly thing where you feel like you need ’em because they’re for figures you have, but I’vee been good so far. (Plus, I’d need to keep getting them…)

      I do kinda feel the same about those powerful bits once I found out about them, but I figured I won’t even give him the Sword of Darkness that often, so I’m good to go…

      1. I hear you. I had already convinced myself I wasn’t going to worry about not getting the stands, but then they went up on BBTS for $17. “I can do that”, I thought.

      2. It’s also easier for me to justify buying special stands for three figures since I have no interest in completing the team. Right now, I’m only in it for MMPR Red, Green, Armored Red, and White. If they ever do Zeo Red and Gold, I’ll get those too.

        Though I’ve been watching Aikbaranger…DeluKnight is so cool…

      3. Ordered the stands, but they shipped them to my old address. Grumble grumble. Luckily my sister still lives there, so she can get the to me. It’s just kind of annoying that I updated my shipping info, and have my address updated through paypal, and my credit card, and they still sent it to the address from the last time I ordered, which was probably almost ten years ago (it was when the original Masterpiece Convoy was released).

        I’m honestly not sure if I need the stands, since I have currently 15 Sentai Figuarts and only 3 have stands (the Akibarangers, and since they’re unofficial they’re on a different shelf from the others), but I figured what the hell. Ixa has a stand, as do all the Tiger & Bunny Figuarts, so better to get them now than to decide in a year that I want stands for my Figuarts and realize I missed out.

        1. That’s what been tempting me. If I decided I want them, now is the time to get ’em.

          Did anyone ever figure out what the ? stand represented?

  10. I’ve never bought a Figuarts figure, but the reviews I’ve read for pretty much every figure has been stellar. This is going to sound snarky, but I really don’t mean it to be. I’m legitimately trying to get the info, and it’s tough without having a figure in hand.

    What makes the SH Figuarts line so great? Is it the super articulation coupled wiht the really good QC (paint, etc)? Is it all of the accessories? I only ask as I’ve only seen a Shinken Red figure at TRU. The figure is small (which I’m fine with), but since it cost $40+, I didn’t want to spend that much money “just to see.”

    1. You’ve hit on most of it. Figuarts have fantastic, detailed sculpts, great articulation, great paint and QC, accessories, etc. The reason they seem so small is that, at least for the Sentai and Kamen Rider figures, they’re much more realistically proportioned, and therefore have much slimmer builds than most other figure lines

      1. To add to what James has said, I don’t really mind the size either. I thought I would at first, but they’ve just become their own thing at that scale. The same way that MOTUC is a little bigger and NECA movie figs are 7″ scale.

    2. I’m right there with you. I have scoffed at Vault a bunch of times over. The figures themselves have always been great – they’re solid, they articultion is thought out, few QC issues, tons of accessories (especially if you love alternate hands).

      What it just took to hit me was them making a property I care about. These two little Rangers make me happy sitting here at my desk, I don’t care that they cost $40, and I’m looking forward to the others.

      You could always pick up one and not like it, but if you go for one you really want (like the Dragon Ranger for me), I think you’ll be happy.

  11. Dammit Noisy, I haven’t bought toys in many months (not since the new Turtles figs came out), and now that streak is broken. I just ordered both the Red Ranger and this Green Ranger. I cannot WAIT for the rest of the team!!!

  12. I own quite a few Figuarts these days, and the hands are just amazing. With these, I’m able to let my imagination run wild in terms of posing in a way that I can’t with western toy lines. Oddly, the only hands I almost never use for posing figures are the fists. The hands – and the zillion awesome accessories Figuarts usually come with – have had me seriously re-evaluating my expectations for western toy lines. “I’m paying HOW much, and you’re talking to me about how you had to cut costs?”

    I’ve learned that for Figuarts, keeping the packaging is key. I’m grateful that it’s super-compact, because I don’t trust myself to keep up with all the tiny hands and optional parts otherwise.

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