Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates

Even though Mattel couldn’t make it to NYCC, that didn’t stop them from making a splash in the headlines. Amidst the great pictures being beamed back of DCD’S Batman, Inc line and MU Cable (complete with Messiah Baby!) came a slew updates on Mattel’s collector lines.

Here’s Matty’s latest update with the images posted below:

Toy Fans, Are You Sitting Down?

I hope so, because what follows is the biggest preview of products to come since SDCC! So get yourself a comfortable chair and prepare to be wowed…

Green Lantern Classics – Wave 2
Here’s your first official look at the second wave of dedicated Green Lantern comic-style figures! Includes interchangeable heads and hands on the two Green Lantern characters (Nautkeiloi and Medphyll), as well as the two Red Lantern characters (Skallox and Night Lik). Night Lik is an all new character created by the Four Horsemen and named by Geoff Johns. He will appear in an upcoming issue of Green Lantern, but appears first as a Mattel toy in the Green Lantern Classics line! This wave also includes a 3-pack of mini-characters: B’dg as a Green Lantern, Dex-Starr the Red Lantern, and Despotellis the Sinestro Corps member. The sixth and final figure is a Green Lantern movie preview figure, in movie style. For now, we can only show it in shadow… look for the full reveal in January in an issue of Toy Fare magazine!

Panthor® – March 2011 Club Eternia™ Monthly Figure
Back at SDCC, we showed a helmet in the display case. We can finally reveal that this spectacular large-scale beast is its owner! Includes saddle, newly sculpted head, and an all-new vintage style removable mask.

Ghostbusters™ Courtroom Peter
This new 6″ scale Peter Venkman™ figure is our first single-carded Ghostbusters™ 2 figure! Comes with a brand-new Scalari Brother Ghost figure with swappable feet (flying feet and standing feet). NOTE: This figure will be released in January and Ghostbusters™ 2 Winston with Slime Blower has been moved out (release date TBD).

Walmart-Exclusive DCUC 2-Packs from Wave 1
All new 2-packs of best-selling, previously-released DCUC figures available only at Walmart! Just like all other previous 2-packs, these packs contain figures and accessories only, not the Collect and Connect™ figure parts. Packs include Gentleman Ghost/Hawkgirl, and Superman/Parasite.

MOTUC vs DCUC – Wave 2
Originally shown at SDCC, the next two MOTUC 2-packs feature original art from DC Comics and a collectable poster of both characters fighting it out! Packs include Hawkman vs Stratos® and Aquaman vs Mer-Man®.

MOTUC Weapons Pak Great Wars Assortment
The product was shown at SDCC and now here’s the package. It’ll be available November 15th 2010, so click here to see the full description.

MOTUC Weapons Rack
Coming spring 2011! Please note, this item will not be included in 2011 Club Eternia™ subscriptions.

Click Images to Enlarge
Sodam Yat as Ion Medphyll Nautkeiloi Nite-Lik
Skallox Star Sapphire (Modern) G’Hu (Movie) Dex-Starr
B’dg Despotellis Stel (C&C) Weapons Rack
Aquaman vs. Mer-Man Stratos vs. Hawkman Gentlemen Ghost vs. Hawkgirl Superman vs. Parasite

These updates have been added to DCClassics.Com & MOTUClassics.Com.

18 thoughts on “Mattel Non-NYCC Coverage:
MOTU & DC Classics Updates

  1. Some thoughts…

    Most of GLC2 looks really sharp. I’m excited for Star Sapphire as DCD didn’t really do a bangup job on her Blackest Night (repaint) figure. She’ll round out the patriarch set nicely – we still need a better Indigo though. I have to admit I’m starting to feel like a big Green Lantern collection can’t really be cool though – alien heads on Hal bodies from here to Kingdom Come? Kinda boring. The 3pk is interesting, but Despotellis should be way small, so it’s really a 2pk isn’t it? And Stel? Well, simply put, he’s awesome.

    The weapons rack looks to be our 2011 Weapons Pak and I’m cool with that. Panthor looks good – very vintage art inspired. I would’ve liked a different direction (panther head??) but he looks cool.

    DC 2pks are okay – nothing I need, but Gentlemen Ghost sans Giganta head? I know, logistics right? Giganta’s head is what makes that figure in demand. If it doesn’t move at WM, us collectors will surely be blamed.

  2. I only hope that MOTUC Roboto’s head is removable and that the Stel is in scale with MOTUC… cause If the stars align I’mma making a 200X Roboto with that head AND MOTUC Roboto…

    I’ll snag the Hawkgirl GG 2 pack IF and only IF my local Wal-Marts bring them… TOns of Matty WWE figs pegwarming but absolutely zero DCUC stuff…

  3. Hawkgirl/Gentleman Ghost feels like a slap in the face. I need both figures and I need Giganta, so I get nothing. I can’t buy them. There’s no benefit whatsoever. They might as well be offering three crisp Lincolns for my one ratty Grant.

    The other stuff’s neat, but I’ve little interest in Lanterns. Original Character isn’t the only one I’d never heard of before. I’d be tempted to pounce on the 3-pack for Ruffles the Rage Kitten alone, if not for the uncatlike lack of articulation.

    1. In their defense I know plenty of people who just want GG and don’t care about the Giganta parts. I still laugh because GG was plenty available at all the online retailers for the longest time and then all of a sudden people wanted him and he became a $100 figure.

  4. Green Lantern Classics Wave 2 looks awesome! They all look great. Could of sworn Skallox had a larger body like Kilowog.
    Night Lik (not crazy about the name) seems to be a shaman like Atrocitus. He’s either going to be Atrocitus’ disciple and second-in-command or a rival trying to take over command of the the Red Lantern Corps. He looks awesome none the less.

    Panthor looks great and I’m happy that the sub takes care of him. The weapons rack I’m undecided on. As much as I would like to have it I’m sick and tired of having to go on their crappy site.

    The MOTUC vs. DCUC and the DCUC two paks I never find up here so I’m indifferent of them.

    As much as I like Ghostbusters I could care less for the line.

    Overall I’m happy with what was shown.

  5. I realize that most of your readers are familiar with the characters portrayed here, but having been born and raised in Japan, I have no idea who most of these characters are.

    Would it be possible to get some names?

    1. No prob, Dorkey.

      From left to right, we’ve got:

      Sodam Yat as Ion.
      Medphyll and Nautkeloi who will have both character’s parts come with one body. So you’ll have to buy it twice if you want to display both.
      Skallox and Nite Lik, which are also the same body, so you’ll have to buy it twice also.
      Star Sapphire in her modern costume.
      G’Hu from the upcoming GL movie. (But if you were to type it into Google images, you can see what he’ll look like.)
      Dex-Starr, B’dg, and Despotellis who will be on a card together.
      And the Collect & Connect is Stel.

    2. It’s not a Japan thing. It’s a “not being a Green Lantern follower for the last two years” thing.

  6. Iron Man is a Green Lantern?

    And yeah, the Hawkgirl/Gentleman Ghost 2-pack…boy, I gotta say, whatever minion who gets paid to follow scalper favs in order to direct logistics sure missed the boat on WHY these are doing the eBay numbers they’re doing. The good news is the pegs will be so clogged people who can just wait will score some good deals when they hit clearance.

    Of course, the product dogging out will mean Walmart will likely pull the plug on doing 2-packs so that kills that line. *sigh*

    But we know Mattel isn’t happy doing these things, right? they would rather make anything one run to feed the scalpers which, for some bizarre reason, they seem to feel are their key demographic now. The rest of us? bah, we’re picky and fickle and make unreasonable demands about quality control and availability and such stuff.

  7. I can’t wait for Green Lantern Classics!!! I’m finally going to have that shelf I’ve always wanted…

  8. Wow, these look great! I was really floored by Stel.

    While the 4H’s Red Lantern looks appropriate, the name left a LOT to be desired. I mean, come on, “Night Lik”? Ugh…

    I would really like to add Parasite to my DCUC collection, but I’m not going to eat another Superman figure. Definitely need the Aqua/Mer Man pack, though. And the Weapons Rack looks killer!

  9. GLC Wave 2’s been shown and Mr NoiseyDVL5 has been married happy days!!!

    Hope they get a new body mold soon as I think after a couple more Lanterns from different colours using Hals body mold the display may start looking abit…. Generic.
    I have tales of the Sinestro Corps and you could get some many Lanterns out from a couple of body molds. They don’t even need to make new yet just use Etrigans body or Deadman’s…

    Well I’m going to be cut open front and back this weekend to repair my back 🙁
    Gives me something positive to think about…

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