Most Requested Figures:
Dark Tower

We’re a little behind on our Requests for this third round and we’ve had a few requests where none of the IAT staffwriters were proficient on the subject matter. Today’s request is one just like that. So, we turned to reader Dayraven for the in’s and out’s of Stephen King’s Dark Tower.

For fans of Stephen King’s magnum opus “the Dark Tower,” series, we’ve been clamoring for multi-media support for a very long time now. With the announcement of the simultaneous TV series and movie releases, now seems the “hot iron” time to request action figures to support this epic novel series.

Roland Deschain

However, the dilemma in requesting Dark Tower figures is, how does one narrow to a single style of toy? I could easily justify a 1/18th scale line, so have compatible environments and large scale deluxe character… the series is replete with locations of significant occurrence, as well as large being that would not only flesh out your Tower universe, but would be excellent to share across with your GI Joes, Marvel Universe, Hellboy, or other 1/18 figures of choice. But, I could just as easily say that I’d like to see a deluxe line of 1/12th scale figures, to share across with my Marvel Legends and DCU figures, but who wouldn’t love a diorama pitting gunslinger Roland Deschain in the midst of mowing down Jonah Hex, Deadshot, Bullseye, and the Punisher? (and trust me non-King readers, at the peak of his skills, that’d be completely within Roland’s capabilities) This would mean some expensive deluxe figures of a very large scale, but hot damned would they be cool. Shardik versus Grizzlor anyone?

Susannah Dean

Today’s Most Requested though will instead focus on a 7 inch scale of statuesque figures, more in keeping with NECA’s Player Select or movie lines. Why this scale/style? Partly because I truthfully think this style would appeal more to the less toy-centric King fans, and partly because Jae Lee’s incredible Dark Tower art has lent these characters a vitality and a visual aesthetic you wouldn’t probably associate with King’s prose otherwise. So, in our semi-statue line, who’s on deck?

Series 1

Roland Deschain- son of Steven, descendant of Arthur Eld himself, Roland is the last true gunslinger raised in the old traditions. Roland is a rugged man, who’s rough lifestyle lend his appearance an age that his birthday’s do not… then again, time moves strangely in Mid-World. Either way, Roland would need his classic gunslinger trappings, his twin sandalwood handle revolvers, plus his hat and duster. I would include articulation above the waist in the shoulders, elbows and wrists, as well as neck, to get him into a variety of killing poses.

John Farson

Eddie Dean- the first new face of Roland’s ka-tet, Eddie was a drug mule before being Drawn, but afterwards, took to the gunslinger way with uncanny skill. He’d have different articulation, though as I’d give Eddie a lever-action street sweeper, maybe something along the lines of a Cimarron 1878 Coach Gun.

And speaking of which,

Susannah Dean- missing her lower legs and wheel chair bound (most of the time), Susannah is tough as nails and the second Drawn of the kat-tet. This spunky gunslinger would have to come in her chair, wielding twin pistols, only more contemporary smoke wagons then Roland’s. Perhaps something more like the ’31 S&W Outdoorsman.

Billy Bumbler

Jake Chambers- the last member of the ka-tet Drawn, and the youngest member, Jake is a little man with huge potential. Like Eddie, he shows a natural gift for the gun, but because of Jake’s size, I think he would need something besides the standard firearm (he carries his dad’s .357 in the novels), he’d need the Billy Bumbler Oy. A billy bumbler is somewhere between a badger, a weasel, and a dog, and might look like this.

I also think a unique packaging element could be included, with the card in each clamshell resembling a door to Mid-World, through each member of the bound group or ka-tet was drawn, and attachable to a base included in each figure. This would make one cool display once fully assembled.

I know faithful reader, you’re asking “Surely the line can’t be just heroes?” You are right, and don’t call me Shirley.

Martin Broadcloak

John Farson- Hideous, evil to the bone, and totally figure-worthy, Farson is from the earlier books in the series. He could get by with minimal articulation, but would require a human head. Why? I think this illustration says it all.

Martin Broadcloak- Martin is a character who wore many names and faces in the Dark Tower series. Those of you who’ve read other King works may also know Martin by another name… Randall Flagg. Martin would be a pretty basic figure, but done correctly, could be all personality.

Lastly, I’d include Gasher. A prominent character from the book “the Wastelands,.” Gasher is dirty, diseased, and mean spirited. Just the kind of toy we should get for Christmas!

King’s Dark Tower saga now spans 7 novels, with a possible 8th on the way, so clearly, there’s plenty of fodder for more series of figures. King’s novels draw from poetry, Novels, spaghetti westerns, and even King’s other books to offer a rich, full cast, and the most compelling overarching setting outside Middle Earth itself. Are you up for a journey to the Tower?

A very special thank you to Dayraven for helping us out with this Most Requested.

5 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures:
Dark Tower

  1. You’ve got pics wrong.

    That’s GASHER, not Tick-Tock. Jake carried his Dad’s .357, not a shotgun. If this is to be done, do it right.

  2. Word… i tried revising my initial draft, but apparently, it didn’t overwrite the first draft before i got it sent off, so i submitted the first draft by accident… sorry to the Dark Tower readers out there. i bloody knew jake had a revolver, i just couldn’t place what he was carrying and didn’t feel like rifling through that much text to find it… sorry guys. like i said, the revisions woudl have fixed some of this, but apparently, they didn’t overwrite as instructed. that’s my bad.

    for the record, that pic of susannah is roland holding her too, and the pic of eddie got flat left out… i’m going to see if i can uncover my revised draft and resubmit that to rant and see if he can make some edits. the Tower deserves better….

  3. I never read the novels but I couldn’t put down the first 2 installments of the comics (and I bought monthly issues, not graphic novels, thank you very much =)). In this day and age where specific comic artist styles are being brought to life in toy form (Kirby, McGuiness, Mignola, etc.), I can’t help but think how difficult it would be to make Jae Lee’s style a reality in 3-D. Not impossible, but I think a lot of rejections would happen before it was zeroed in on. But, if it could be pulled off I’d be on board to purchase a few.

    All in all, even with a few mistakes, a fair bit o writtin’ DR!

  4. Good list. I’d want Roland and the cast of Drawing of the Three, and you picked them right out. And as much as I’d like 1/12 toys you’re probably right that Neca-style is right for these guys. And Susanna should have an alternate head for her other personality.

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