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Legacy Wave One Review

When I’m choosing what to review, I gravitate towards toys I like or figures I want to get done while folks are still talking about it. It usually works great, but it causes some figures I don’t particularly care about to fall off the radar. Enter Batman Legacy Wave One.

That intro may sound a little harsh. It’s not that I think Batman Legacy Wave One was a bad assortment or anything, but I didn’t find it terribly exciting. I mean, these guys hit in early summer and here I am putting a review together right before Thanksgiving. Oops.

Partially, the wait was because there isn’t a lot to talk about with these guys and I figured I could do Wave 1 & 2 together. Then, Mattel & K-Mart went and tossed a wrench into that plan…

See, I still haven’t snagged the Golden Age Batman with the K-Mart exclusive Bat-mite, so no chance for a combined review there.

Regardless, I’m tired of having these guys on my review pile, so I’m going to dash out a quick Wave 1 review and give Catman & Batgirl a little more time in the hopes of snagging that last Batman. And… look, I’m two paragraphs in and mostly talking about the more exciting Wave Two. See what I mean? I’m just into these…

So, Wave One. Three figures. One new piece. It’s a heck of a new piece – a cool Golden Age Joker head sculpt. It’s a little cheated by the paint, with the eyes cast permanently down, but it’s a great rendition of the classic Joker.

Below the neck, Joker uses the same body from his first release, but has swapped in his tuxedo jacket for a trenchcoat (judiciously borrowed from the Question).

I already mentioned that the paint deco includes Joker looking down, but the real disappointment comes on the bottom half of the figure. We already know that Mattel uses different types/grades of plastic for the different parts of the figure and that that has occasionally caused the libms to not match, particularly on a color like bright purple. But what I wonder here, is if it really is just a color matching error like Brainiac or something even dumber – you’ll note that Joker’s legs still match his arms…

One big plus for Joker is that’s he the one figure in the wave to get some accessory love. Mattel packed him out with his mallet and playing cards from the first release. I’m happy to get the extra playing cards since they have more uses – like giving a set to Zatanna for example.

A Batman figure being in the lineup is a foregone conclusion in a line bearing his name (and indeed a Batman figure has ended up headlining all three waves), but I wish Mattel would’ve come up with something more inventive for this one.

There’s nothing particularly objectionable here (though I’m not fond of Sinestro Corps Batman’s head). It’s just that, starting with DCSH (where this particular buck hails from) Mattel has released thirteen of their seventeen versions of DCSH/DCUC Batman by just tinkering with the blue/black costumes, the oval, and the belt. Thirteen! Continue to Page 2…

16 thoughts on “DC Classics.Com Batman
Legacy Wave One Review

  1. You know what they say about Keyser Soze? “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist” well, it’s become quite apparent to me that the greatest trick that Heath Ledger’s Joker ever pulled was systematically removing large portions of Jim Gordon’s skeletal system while he slept so he was left with the height of the average 5′ inch Danny DeVito figure.

    Great review, though, thanks!

  2. Yeah, I’ve got to say I agree with you on all counts. To me, the line wasn’t very exciting, but I guess it gave fans a chance to pick up characters they may have missed upon initial release. In my area, Walmart had marked Wave 1 down to $5 each. The Batman sold well, despite the awful head, but I never thought I’d see Joker as a pegwarmer, which is exactly what he has become.

    In other news, if you’re still looking for a Batmite Batman, I’ve got one up on my e-store. It’s practically retail, so check it out: http://willsworldofwonder.ecrater.com/p/12834974/batman-legacy-edition-golden-age-w

  3. I’d love to see a Superman series too. Of course the problem with my wants for Superman characters is that I want too many civilians that action figure lines have always shied away from doing. I’d like a Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to go along with Superman, but they just don’t seem to be in the cards.

  4. I still like your custom deco Freeze a lot better, even the dome.
    The purple obscures the head details far too much.

    And yeah, the grimace Bats head was sadly a miss on the 4H’s part.
    Better to have just straight reissued the DCSH version, or with the DCUC head.

  5. I agree this first wave was lackluster and the discolored Joker legs is laughable inexcusable. No pun intended.

    Freeze I only considered as fodder to beef up my custom Rocket Red Brigade. Don’t tell me Matty hasn’t already planned for that, especially since there are some more recent designs (JLI:GenLost) of the RRB VERY similar to Freeze’s armor.

    I found w2 when I was in Louisville at the end of August and snatched up BatGirl and CatMan right away. She’s just another repaint, but he’s tweaked enough from the basic Bat-body that it works. I’ve only seen them ONCE in the StL area, but Wash Target has plenty of Freeze, yet.

    If you really need a Bat-Mite, try and track down a Brave & Bold Happy Meal version. My aunt/cousin work at one store and I had to kick myself for not asking them to grab me one. Then again, my previous requests were laughable, as well. (recent YJ figures sucked, and I missed out on another line when they picked me up a set of the Marvel figures about a year+ ago. Neither were working much at the time for various reasons. oh well.)

    Were you going to do a review of the Young Justice 6″ figures? the online Mattel Store has them on sale right now for $40 for all four 6″ sets.
    Just got mine and the boys are ok, but I’m going to have to swap Artemis out at retail, since her arm is nearly twisted off IN package. sigh….

  6. The color of Joker’s legs is ridiculous. The mold injection process should all be of the same platic color batch. Whoever is in charge of quality control (IF Mattel even has someone working in that position) should be either fired or taken behind the shed and whipped severely.

    1. the thing i find so incredible is that the numerous other industries that make heavy use of plastics don’t seem to have the price instability nor the QC problems that the action figure industry does. walk into your local big box retailer or better yet, go to the container store. walk over to aisle after aisle of variously sized plastic bins, jars, vases, etc… now try to find a manufacturer where 20 to 25% of the lids don’t fit the bins. find a manufacturer whose blue bins and lids are different shades of blue (unintentionally). go look at tooth brushes are see if you can find ones that appear to be different sizes in the same style (i.e. the martian manhunter bicep debacle).

      these defects just aren’t there. it i go buy a bottle of formula 409, every bottle is the same size, they are all the same color, the sprayers screw on and off easily, and can be swapped across from bottle to bottle w/ zero deviance in functionality. i understand that a pump isn’t a new technology, but it’s infinitely more complex than say, matching up two legs or biceps. a pump has actual moving parts, and must endure internal stress… a joker must balance and pose menacingly. for fudge’s sake, i can go buy a 5 dollar time piece that will keep excellent time for a year or more, but a 20 dollar joker can’t have matching legs?

      1. Dayum!!!! You need to repost this on every friggin toy site from here to Calcutta!!! Truer words have not been spoken. Sure the price of everything is going up due to the cost of petroleum rising, but not at the astounding percentages (50% in 4 years!) we’ve seen in the toy industry. There has got to be another factor driving the price increase…GREED! Occupy the toy industry!!!!

        Can you imagine going into your local Target or Wal-Mart on a given Tuesday and buying a newly released CD for $24 bucks or a DVD for $40?!?!?! They are essentially all plastic from case to the disk and they are massed produced with increasingly more complex technology and the price has stayed fairly constant (give or take a dollar or 2) for the last 5+ years. Sure there’s no tooling cost involved but I venture to guess their royalties and licensure cost would dwarf whats shelled out by the toy companies…particularly when there are no likeness rights being purchased.

        And still with all this staring folks right in the face everytime they go to the store, there are still major defenders and apologist out there for these companies and their questionable price structuring. O_o

        Rant over…

      2. Well said, DR. The problem, and the solution is shockingly obvious. 🙂

        I worked for a very short time in a plastic injection molding place and let me tell you, checking, inspecting, checking again and documenting it was a constant job. Nobody was left alone at their machines for long, spot checks were constant. Plastic quality was checked and double-checked both at the feeder bin and at the injection head.

        Seems to me the problem is simply that Mattel doesn’t appear to have any QC people INDEPENDENT of the factory on the job. It APPEARS that someone calls up and says “So, how’s the QC on the current run?” “Oh, everything is perfect! Best job yet!” and we get reversed parts and mis-colored plastic and so on.

        Mind, it may be difficult to impossible to get an independent checker into the factory. People forget that it’s still COMMUNIST China, and if something may show the nation in a bad light, well, that’s just not allowed. One doesn’t go ANYWHERE over there without permission. Even in the isolated areas where outsiders are allowed to stay and work, you don’t leave the reservation. The Chinese are much better on keeping these things hidden from the West than the Soviet Union ever was able to do.

        There are constant comments about “they just can’t make these figures here, the costs would be too high!” and yeah, if you use a factory in California this would be true. So build a new factory in a more business-friendly state such as Texas. Re-think the entire process. Maybe focus on slowing the production line somewhat and instill the message that Quality is best over Quantity.

        Heck, building and opening a new factory to make ’boutique’ toys could create a huge positive publicity buzz. There may even be State tax credit incentives available.

        Oh, wait, sorry, that makes WAY too much sense. It also won’t throw off huge ROI within 2 months of starting up. It might actually take several years for the investment to really pay off. Can’t have that, the Board of Directors need that extra penny NOW or Mattel may well vanish off the face of the Earth! *ranty rant*

  7. If your still looking for a GA Batman w/ Bat-mite, I just came from my local K-mart and they still had one. It would be my pleasure to go back and pick it up for you. Let me know.

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