4 Horsemen: Gothitropolis Busts,
OSM News, & Cyber Monday Sale!

Four Horsemen Studios has three big announcements for you this weekend: the first packaged shots of the Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4 (Cmdr Comet, Mystron, Electron+, & Alpha 7), an all-new line of made to order Gothitropolis Busts, & a giant Cyber Monday Sale at StoreHorsemen.Com!

First up, images of the new Outer Space Men:

We got these paint and packaging samples of waves 3 & 4 of the Infinity Edition Outer Space Men in a few days ago and weve been meaning to reveal them ever since. Well, here they are! We’re SO happy with the way these came out!

Click to Enlarge

These fully painted Infinity Edition versions of Mystron, Commander Comet, Electron+ and Alpha 7 are all currently up for pre-order for only $50.00 (plus shipping & handling) at StoreHorsemen and we hope to have these figures in stock and to begin shipping in early December.

No limits on the amount of sets purchased per person! Visit FourHorsemen.Biz for even bigger closeups and the cardbacks for Waves 3 & 4!

Next up, Gothitropolis Busts:


Beginning this Cyber-Monday, November 28th at StoreHorsemen you’ll be able to order your very own 2:1 scaled, hand-cast, fully hand-painted, polyurethane resin bust of Scarabus or any of the other Scarabus variants from the Four Horsemens Gothitropolis property!

These busts will be individually produced to order right in the Four Horsemens very own studios and each one will be signed by the whole team at Four Horsemen Studios! Each bust will be individually hand-cast by the Four Horsemens incredible molding & casting duo Shane “Diamond” Dittsworth and Owen “Odawg” Oertling – and hand painted to order by the Four Horsemen’s amazing princess of the paints Sherri Lynn Cook!

You’ll be able to choose from any or all of the Scarabus variants Scarabus (sample image shown not final), Dormant Form Scarabus, Demon Fire Scarabus, Anubos (sample image shown not final), Thothos, Horos, Melchom, Nergall, Haures, and/or Azazel.

Click to Enlarge

Each bust will be $175.00 (plus shipping & handling), and if you decide to purchase all ten we’ll give you a discount on the entire order (discount price still to be determined). All orders placed by the end of business on Friday, December 2nd will be guaranteed to be shipped and delivered to your house by December 24th, 2011.

So stop by StoreHorsemen on Cyber-Monday and get busted by the Four Horsemen!


And finally, Cyber Monday at Store Horsemen:


Beginning at 9:00pm (EST) Monday, November 28th 2011 StoreHorsemen will be having their very first “Cyber Monday sale” where you’ll be able to get nearly every “in stock” item in the store at a “buy one item get the second similar item for half price” discount!

Items from various Four Horsemen properties like Gothitropolis, Seventh Kingdom, Magma CORPS and even the Outer Space Men will all be on sale!

The sale will only be on for three hours and will end at midnight, so be sure to get in there and get your hands on some great Store Horsemen deals before they’re gone!

Just go to the Store Horsemen “CYBER MONDAY SALE” section to get in on the great deals!

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OSM News, & Cyber Monday Sale!

  1. Ugh. That’s between 2am and 5am for me on a work night.

    I suppose I can try to sneak back out of bed again if I don’t wake the wife…


  2. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen, but I really wanna try to get in on the bust action this time.

    Still wish I would’ve got one of the Xetheus busts.

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