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GI Joe Con 2009 – Hasbro Panel

We had a great time at Friday’s Joe Con, but probably the most exciting part was the Hasbro panel. Here’s my rundown of what was revealed and the details on some of the awesome figures we’ll be seeing into next year.

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, I won’t go into any spoilers, but we all know that there is going to be sequels and that Joe didn’t defeat Cobra for good. With that said, the 2010 line will be based off of where the movie ended, with the overall theme being “The Pursuit of Cobra”.

Cobra has set up four bases around the world to develop a new weapon that will help them become a true military force. GI Joe has sent out specialized strike teams to take down Cobra’s secret bases and stop the development of the secret weapon. What is this secret weapon, you ask?

The new Cobra HISS Tank!

They only showed us a prototype, but it featured moving treads, canopy cockpit, a rotating gunner station with one missile firing gun and the other a machine gun. Also, the entire body of the HISS Tank can be elevated above the treads and turned 360 degrees, allowing it to attack in any direction. It was awesome.

The Pursuit of Cobra line will consist of four environments. The packaging will be color coded by mission.

City Strike Mission:

For close combat in urban environments, even though the Joes still carry guns, they are also trained in martial arts by Snake Eyes and can use swords as their primary weapons.

Duke – Comes with firearms and katana. Also included is a suction cup he can hold onto. The Panel joked about how it’s for infiltrating car windows.

Snake Eyes – Will have the Resolute body.

Scarlett – Resolute body. Comes with jet pack, flight mask, two forearm-mounted swords, and a large Katana that attaches to her hip.

Firefly – New Sculpt with two heads. His helmet is designed to see through walls and around him 360 degrees. Suit is armored so he can survive his own explosives
going off. Comes with land mines and explosives that fit into his forearm armor, also comes with suction cup zip line.

GI Joe Cycle Armor – With Ashiko. Ashiko is a stunt bike specialist. His bike transforms into a small armored mech suit he can wear.

Jungle Assault Mission:

Ripcord – ROC Ripcord in jungle gear.

Storm Shadow – Resolute body, no shirt. Comes with glider to jump from tree to tree, guns, katanas, and two double swords that go over his arms.

Duke – New head sculpt, will have painted on body camo. His clothes are painted to look torn and muddy.

Cobra Commander – Comes with a Nano-Mite prototype.

Jungle Viper – based on the Night Viper. He is a sniper and has the biggest rifle they have ever done. His “wings” are actually camo panels designed to move around the body and project an image on them that mirrors what is behind the viper, making him invisible. They can also reflect heat to avoid infra-red detection. The “wings” will be poseable.

Recondo – New sculpt, hat is removable with a bald head underneath. He has sniper rifle, attachable bear-traps, backpack with solar cells, and a tribal mask artifact that is removable.

GI Joe Armored Panther – With Outback.

Arctic Threat Mission:

Storm Shadow – Uses Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes’ coat, has the gray striped effect for camo.

Duke – New sculpt. He’s designed to parachute in on snow board.

Snow Job – New skis, camp fire with pan, tank to hold fire fuel, sniper rifle, and tarp. Tarp can be spread between both ski poles to create a blind for him to hide in and snipe from. All items will fit on backpack.

Destro – Has a gun with the shooting water action feature. Also comes with “ice attachments” that fit over any figure’s arms or legs to look like they were frozen. Mask will also have a frosted effect, like ice is beginning to build up on it.

Elite Ice Viper – Same as Ice Viper only with red details to his uniform.

Snake Eyes – With new vest sculpt. Also, new Timber sculpt with biting action.

Cobra Ice Cutter – A remade Snow Serpent. Front treads pull vehicle forward and move much like the He-Man Attak Trak vehicle.

Cobra Fury – With Alley Viper Officer. Has the original missiles but with redesigned wheels.

GI Joe Snow Cat – With new figure Whiteout. Treads won’t move.

Desert Battle Mission:


Zartan – The Panel said this was the Zartan we were all waiting for, and they were right. He has more of his original look with the hood and face paint. Will come with two sets of gear. One is a Mongolian Nomad with a staff that his falcon can sit on. His falcon also has a tiny removable hood on his head. Second look is a GI Joe soldier named “Sandstorm” that wasn’t so lucky. Apparently Zartan killed Sandstorm and is now impersonating him. Will come with Sandstorm head and Joe uniform and gear.

Ripcord – Is wearing a generation 2 Exo Suit for air ops. Suit comes with a flight pack.

Heavy Duty – New armor vest, comes with rifles and a large anti-tank launcher.

Cobra HISS Attack Scout – With Sand Viper. It’s a HISS Tank stripped of armor so it can move incredibly fast. Driver sits in middle.

Cobra Sand Serpent – With Star Viper, new head sculpt. Vehicle will have new sounds.

There will be an exclusive mail away figure of Cobra Commander.

He will be the first figure ever to have a Cobra designed card back. He will be in the Desert Strike design with a new head sculpt and face mask. His mask uses sunlight to power his body armor, hence the red look. Comes with a HISS Scout that attaches to a HISS Tank. Also comes with a Cobra Standard that he can hold or can plug into a HISS Tank to show which is his personal vehicle.

They left off the Panel with the news that there will be new playsets in 2010, but that the Flagg and the Terror Drome are not being planned for yet.

So now you know…

Click here for images from the Panel!

18 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue.Net on the Road:
GI Joe Con 2009 – Hasbro Panel

  1. There were SO may awesome figures!

    The ones I really likes most (a few out of many) were

    Scarlett – She really looked great. The katanas being able to attach at her hip are a nice touch.

    Jungle Viper – WINGS! I don’t care what the internet says, I love the cammo wings. The reflective properties (to hide the soldier beneath) are a smart idea! And they’re POSEABLE! The sniper rifle really is huge. Big guns are awesome.

    Recondo – Digging the removable hat and his other accessories are really well done (though I fear how quickly I’d lose it… or how quickly my dog, Bear, would eat it). I especially love the Bear traps (maybe I can use them on my dog to keep her from eating Recondo’s hat).

    Snow Job – HOLY COWS. This version of Snow Job has to be my favorite. He’s awesome. Just awesome. I cannot fully fathom or describe his awesomeness. The amount and detail of the accessories is amazing. Plus, I love his skis. He really is just well done.

    Anything Snake Eyes – He’s badass, what can I say? Plus, biting Timber is a big plus!

    Zartan – Again, boo to the ‘net. He’s awesome. I’ve always like the hood + face paint look for Zartan and I’m glad to see it was used for this figure. While I pity Sandstorm, his sacrifice was just. He took one for the ROC line. I love that his peregrine falcon can sit on the top of his staff, but I wished Hasbro equipped this figure with extra hoods in safe, dog-proof baggies… you know… just in case. 😉

    1. This Pursuit of Cobra thing is going to be pretty cool from the looks of it.

      I thought I was done until 25th came back to get some of the last few missing ones, but the stuff shown really got me. Got AdventureVault too and he doesn’t buy Joes.

      I’m going to try and stick to Ice Joes…. even then, there’s a bunch!

      One of the panelists said Arctic was his favorite.

  2. We’ll get the photos from the panel up soon, the “Hasbro Booth Afternoon” has some of the pictures of what I was talking about.

    1. The only problem I had with her was the pale head that the current ones come with. She needs some lips painted on at least.

      The rest of the figure was great.

  3. Eh, everyone should have expected Hasbro to milk the movie designs. Anyone that thought that it was going to be the second coming of the 25th after the movie isn’t too bright.

    They showed some interesting PoC designs, but they should be mixing in a little bit more of 25th (Charbroil is the only new 25th I’m seeing) to tide those fans over.

    Oh, and some of the stuff here makes those figures sound better than they look.

    1. I really hadn’t considered it, but I do agree that they need a better mix.

      I think you’re right about Charbroil being the only ‘classic’.

      If they can just salt and pepper a few more in, I don’t think it’s going to hurt anything.

      1. Maybe so, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do more 25th.

        This is akin to what they’re doing with Transformers. They have successful lines in Animated and 25th, but they can’t be bothered to do them right now.

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