Kansas City here we come!
GI Joe Con 2009!!

Today, we’re suspending our normal features. We’ll bring you more SDCC Exclusive goodness tomorrow and into next week. Friday Five will return in seven days. Why you ask? Well, the ItsAllTrueCrew is heading for Kansas City to attend JoeCon 2009!

But we’re not going to leave you hanging! We’ve setup a Twitter sidebar on the main page and we’ll be twittering observations and images straight from JoeCon. Then, we’ll bring back plenty of pictures and report back on some of the con’s highlights later tonight and over the next few days!

14 thoughts on “Kansas City here we come!
GI Joe Con 2009!!

      1. Sounds like it.

        It doesn’t seem as busy in your pictures either. Where you there really early or something to that effect?

    1. I think you mean the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow fight?

      It’s from the giant ROC Cobra Base display at the show. We have some more images of it up now in the Hasbro (Morning) gallery.

        1. Sorry, man. If it makes you feel better I almost considered going back up there just to get the the other 3-pack and your set. LOL. It was just too far. I wish I could have stayed up there for the weekend.

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