15 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Ghostbusters Minimates get all the cool stuff!

  1. Brilliant reader 3B pointed out to me that the minimates Ecto-Goggles would fit the Classics Ray head (if you clipped off the top strap) waaaaaay back in February and then I forgot. Sorry, 3B!

    I found the GB2 Egon & Captain Smith minimate 2pk yesterday and was suprised to find his open/unrolled trap and giga meter in the package! It was pretty sweet and it got me thinking about all the gear Mattel has yet to give us.

    And I know Mattel has given us a trap w/ light effects, but a) the Ghostbusters can’t hold the handle b) Mattel’s too cheap to give us a second trap with Walter Peck and c) it doesn’t really stand up well with a ghost in it, so no credit on that front.

  2. LOL

    Mattel’s really dropped the ball on the Ghostbusters. We haven’t any even had anything to buy in months and now they’re kicking back up with Peck, Slimed Peter, and Labcoat Ray? Snore.

    The money is clean Peter, Gozer, Vigo, etc. They need to get on with it already.

    1. I’m really on the fence with this line.

      I’ve already found out that I’m not as “in to” movie Ghostbusters toys as I thought I was. None of the three figures really appeal to me. I had all the minimates, but sold everything except what you see in that picture (and all the Stay-Pufts). I just don’t care.

      But DST/AA has simply out done Mattel in basically the same time frame. In addition to all the accessories, there’s the ghosts too. If Mattel were giving us Vigo, Gozer, the Scoleri’s I’d be more inclined. Right now, the only exciting things on the schedule are the Containment Unit and the Subway ghost.

      Basically, you might be seeing our Ghostbusters Reviews continue as Adventure Vault reviews…

      1. Those are going to be some riveting reviews since I don’t even open mine. 😛

        I’m not even sure why I’m collecting that line either…

  3. Ghostbusters Classics gets treated so poorly all the DCUC & MOTUC fans should give the GBC fans a knowing nod when we seen them. LOL

    1. LOL.

      It is hard being a Mattel GB fan. Only three figures over nine months, all have the exact same everything except for heads. Slimer was a good pack-in, but the Logo Ghost was fail, and Winston only having the trap was epic fail. Sadly, I’d like to have the subway ghost, but I don’t need that Ray whatsoever. I can’t stand that Ray, particularly knowing that it entails a Peter and Egon to follow.

  4. All the mattel brethren are starting to come together. Who is next to feel the sting?

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Noisy!

    I’m with you on this one, Mattel has truly dropped the ball on GB and they can’t blame DR on this one. The site of “labcoat” Ray made me cringe for the same reason you mentioned, Labcoat Peter and Labcoat Egon are sure to follow (with the SDCC 2011 exclusive: Dana’s Apartment Peter!). These figures should appear much later in the line. Certainly not BEFORE we can complete the team and a few of the bigger bads.

    I hope they go for a 4-pack with the GB2 team and have Ray & Winston carrying their slime-blowers (something even DST/AA overlooked). That’s the only way I will commit to buying the team in another uniform.

    1. No prob, sorry it took so long.

      I’ll admit that I can see myself being a sucker for the darker uniforms. I probably shouldn’t have bought the first ones. LOL

  6. Diamond Select has done a fantastic job with the GB Minimates. Enough so that the line isn’t dead yet, continuing on longer than I think DS/AA originally planned — outlasting Terminator — and with the latest round @ TRU, they have completed both the GB2 Uniforms and the courtroom ‘Busters in suits. While Mattel has taken more than half a year to do 3 of 4 GBs, leaving us with the hope of getting the fourth to complete the group, albeit slimed.

    I will try and complete Mattel’s 6-Inch GB line-up, but beyond that, who knows. I think I dislike Labcoat Ray more because of the re-use of that terrible head sculpt. It is not surprising that it’s re-used, but I didn’t like it the first time, why would I like it the second time? Walter Peck? Eh. Most want him for the accessory.

    I think I am a bigger fan of the movies than the toys, much like BTTF, The Godfather, etc. The Minimates pulled me in because they look interesting (unlike BTTF), but I already dropped the 12-Inch GBs and if I ever get a Peter, the chances are growing the the 6-Inch line is next.

    1. I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head – not all movies need toys. I think that sounds weird to me, but GB may be the type of film that fans just need the main characters to be content. Minimates have succeeded beyond that, but they’ve been packaged with “in-scale” ghosts from the beginning. Mattel dropped the ball on the ghosts.

      That’s what annoys me most about Labcoat Ray. They’re packaging the main guys with the logo ghost and a trap and giving the first real ghost to a figure that no one cares about. Smart marketing, I suppose, but I contend Labcoat Ray MUST have the ghost to have a chance at selling well.

      I might be one or two more and just wait until they figure out that Real GB is where the money is.

  7. Don’t forget that the Minimates actually have unique torso sculpting. (Okay, Peter and Egon have the same torso cover piece, but it’s different from Ray and Winston, who both have unique sculpts.)

    Basically, the Minimate versions include everything that the Mattel ones don’t. Also, you can get the whole team for the cost of one Mattel guy, and you’ll get four ghosts in the process. It was a no-brainer for me to pass on the Mattel line and just get the Minimates.

    (Also, there are approximately Minimate-scaled Ecto-1’s out there, too…)

    1. That’s all true.

      I think the scale might be an issue for GBC’s too. I’ll always lament that Movie Masters should have been in scale with Classics, Legends, etc.

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