Vault Review: Back to the Future Minimates – Delorean

Sometimes I find the unexpected on my bi-weekly visits to Toys R Us. Last week, I was surprised to see the new Minimates vehicles hanging on the pegs. The Hunter Killer from Terminator was particularly tempting, but I eventually decided to just get one. And the Back to the Future Delorean was it.

I remember seeing pictures of these vehicles from SDCC and Toyfair, but it still feels like they snuck up on me. Maybe it’s because I was expecting to see them solicited by Diamond. That’s where I usually keep track of Minimates happenings. But this set of vehicles is an exclusive to Toys R Us, at least according to the stickers they all brandished. So head on over to your local TRU if you’re looking to pick up a tiny time machine, a micro jet plane, or even a lil’ Hunter Killer.

Most Minimates share the same body basic body design, and Marty here is no different. He has a ball jointed head, shoulders, and hips. His elbows and knees are hinges. While his waist, wrists, and ankles are swivel joints. Marty comes with an extra sculpted vest piece that sits over his chest, and two cuff pieces that slide up his arms. For some reason they included an extra set of hands and an alternate hairpiece in the box. I can see getting extra hands in case you lost one, but the extra hair looks terrible and nothing like Michael J. Fox’s.

This Marty figure is also a repaint of the original figure that was released in a four-pack back in 2007. Although it shares the same basic design, it is much less detailed than the original. Right off the bat you can tell that the colors are a lot darker overall. The light grays and blues of his clothing have been replaced with darker grays. His light brown hair is now dark brown. His vest is red instead of orange. And for some reason his shoes are now a yellowish off-white instead of white. But it’s not the color differences that bother me, it’s the absence of detail. The original figure had leopard print on sleeve cuffs and blue on the shoulders. Also, the shirt part of his vest is painted a light blue. But the new figure just has his painted the color of the vest. Maybe Art Asylum was trying to make this figure a little different from the original. Or maybe they just wanted him to be cheaper. I’m not sure, but either way I like the old Marty better.

The “Mini-Time Machine” isn’t a spot on model of a real DeLorean. I’m assuming that was done on purpose for licensing reasons. So don’t expect a perfect replica here. Like the movie DeLorean, its painted silver with black trim and both doors open upward. On the back are various buttons and tubes and other sculpted bits running around the two exhaust vents to the reactor setting between them.

With the included stickers you can add the headlights, brake lights, and rear license plate. They even added clear blue bars along the front bumper and over the top to simulate the time traveling action. So even though it’s not perfectly accurate depiction, it still gets the point across that this is a tiny version of Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Continue to Page Two….

14 thoughts on “Vault Review: Back to the Future Minimates – Delorean

  1. The alternate hair is to emulate his blown back hair during the scenes in which the Delorean is actually working, it’s so if you want to display it in action, you can. It’s not supposed to emulate any actual style he had for any duration, just show the effects of the time machine on his hair. I think the reason it doesn’t really pull that off is partially because it’s a repainted hair piece so it isn’t really poofy enough and his hair just didn’t really do anything that amazing while blown back.

    1. Thanks for the info. Now that you mention it, I can see what they intended, but I still don’t think it looks very good. It would have been interesting to see a new sculpted piece of poofy blown back hair though.

  2. Oh, yeah, first time posting, medium-length reader, love the reviews and the comedy that is put into them.

    Boy, if this post was any more generic, I’d have to put a link to where I met my elderly black boyfriend at an oddly specific web site designed just for that.

    1. If you’ve been getting the BttF Minimates, you might as well go for the DeLorean too. It’s a harder decision if you don’t have the others though.

  3. Finally found this last night and after a little deliberation, I opted to pass on it.

    I did however pick up the Hunter / Killer. The “cockpit” thing on it is stupid (basically the back opens and you can hide an endoskeleton in sight-unseen) but it makes a great center piece to the Termination minimates collection. It’s also the only one of the three vehicles that looks minimate sized without looking deformed. It’s pretty well articulate too. Cut neck and waist, guns can move side to side or down, and wheels in the treads.

    1. I was wondering how cool the Hunter killer was. Thanks for the info Hyena. I might still pick that up. I guess it’ll all depend on how much money I’ll be wasting on toys this month 😛

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