Ask Matty
September 1st Edition

Ask Matty – September 1st Edition

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MOTUClassics.Com:Can you clarify where the line is being drawn for 200x influence? Second heads are out, but 200x weapons, redesigns like Sorceress, and characters like Carnivus & Dactus are still safe? From the outside, this rule appears hard to follow.

We are working with multiple Mattel departments on how much 200X influence can be in the MOTUC line. Toy Guru is a huge fan of the 2002 series and we will incorporate details when we can, but all will be “Classic-ized” similar to how we did Chief Carnivus. There isn’t any other rule other then trying to keep everything in one unified Classic look.

MOTUClassics.Com:Even though we’re not getting it, we have to know – what was Bow’s third head? Will we ever see a feature on some of these sculpted, but unreleased pieces?

It was a Classic toy head without the headband. Cornboy sculpted it because he felt many fans lost the headband and don’t even remember having one. We would have loved to include it but we were only able to include two heads. Maybe one day we will refresh Bow with this head.

DCClassics.Com:Will the DC vs MOTU Aquaman be a straight re-issue of the Aquaman included in the Undersea Assault 2pk?

Aquaman sculpt will be the same but he will have a redeco’d belt with gold highlights.

DCClassics.Com:What will be the rollout on the new articulation in DC Classics? Obviously, any new bucks will have the double knees and elbows, but will we see that articulation spread to all future figures?

We will only increase articulation on figures that have a compelling reason for more articulation (like Blue Beetle 3 who wears armor). We don’t want to chop up the beautiful Horsemen sculpts just to add articulation.

DCClassics.Com:We know it’s a ways away, but since it’s been said GL Classics Wave 1 & 2 will roll into the movie line – does that mean the movies figures will be in-scale with DC Classics and not the Movie Master line?

The Movie Masters for Green Lantern will be in scale to other movie masters like Dark Knight and Ghostbusters: still 6-inches but more proportioned to the actors.

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16 thoughts on “Ask Matty
September 1st Edition

  1. I don’t get the the there is no rule thing. Isn’t no 200x head for 200x sake a rule?

    And Bow’s third head was kinda lame. I thought it would be something gnarly.

  2. I disagree on the head. I never haad the headband so I understand where Cornboy is coming from 100%! I’m prolly only using the mustache head anywayz though!!

    And man they boned the articulation question. “I see the world articulation – insert formula answer about 4H beautiful sculpts here” LAME!

    1. agreed, that’s clearly NOT true or robin wouldn’t have BARE LEGS w/ DOUBLE KNEES! i like my CAPS LOCK! 😉


        Exactly my point on Robin, the articulation looks like $h!t bare legs.

  3. do, i’m reposting a question from kittys pryde i believe:

    4.) Is the reissue of Battle Cat slotted in for next year yet and if so can you tell us when it will be happening? His quick sellout coupled with his status as an integral character has him high on many fans “wanted” lists.

    As promised, Battle Cat is coming again, at the end of fall 2010.

    that pretty much means the cyber monday sale, right? since they’ve given us the official monthly schedule through dec… or they gaffed and that should read fall ’11?

  4. “We hate to break up those beautiful Horsemen sculpts. That’s why we use single knees that cut right across the kneecap, thigh swivels placed to ensure that the thigh sculpts never line up, and gigantic pin holes in the elbows and knees. Mattel; working hard to preserve the beauty of toy sculpts!”

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