Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Jack O’Lantern
Non Review

“Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Had a little trouble snagging a hall pass. But Ol’ Jack O’Lantern’s throwing his pumpkin into the ring.” – Jack O’Lantern (Imposter) Venom v2 #37 (09/13).

And here’s the other non-review for the Absorbing Man wave: Jack O’Lantern. This one was opposite of the Beetle in that I initially intended to keep him. He’s not the original Jack, instead based on a brief appearance of an impostor Jack O’Lantern, but I liked his look. I’d still want a classic Jack, but I loved the head sculpt. I thought I loved the lanky look too, but that proved to be it’s downfall. The body wasn’t new to Jack, I believe it was originally Ghost in an SDCC set, and that proved to be it’s downfall. I had a lot of trouble getting him to stand. It kinda reminded of the DC pre-Classics Scarecrow that was awesome, but a pain to display. Part of the problem was a pet peeve of mine: the hips pegs went up into the body at an angle instead of horizontally into the lower torso. That creates extra difficulty when posing and I’m just not fan. After fiddling with him for awhile and having trouble getting him to stay up for pics, I made the call. Room & money are tight and I just didn’t want to settle on this one as I have a few times before.

It’s a shame because the sculpt looked great. The reuse worked visually if not functionally. I love the head sculpt. I almost thought about keeping it in case some future Jack isn’t as cool. The paint was sharp. The accessories were a mix. I liked the scythe and the clear pumpkin, but the fade to fire on the broom started a little too soon. I still feel a little remorse looking at my one pic, but his departure was for the best.

4 thoughts on “Absorbing Man Week!
Marvel Legends Jack O’Lantern
Non Review

  1. I almost grabbed him the other week, but forced myself to pass, as he’s a definite future peg warmer…if they ever get rid of these damn HobGoblin and Rhino figures stinking up shelves! (stink-eyes Misty…from several angles.) I’ve seen the Onslaught/CapWolf wave restocked now, but no sign of any more of this Absorbing Man wave…yet.

    I can think of a couple gangly characters who could use that body for a custom, but if the artic isn’t there…?

    Not liking the handle on the scythe. Was that added for the figure or is it an actual in-comic thing? Broom looks better, and I was unaware he had one until I started seeing people showing him off with it. AFTER I had seen one in person. It’s just an automatic Harry Potter reference is required if you had done a full review. You’ve got TFA Hux, right? 😉
    oh wait, nevermind. too late.

    1. Snagged Jack and Morbius tonight. Still no Venom, passed on Ben again.
      First thing I’d change is reast the Pumpkin head in transparent orange, then paint the front half, so the eyes could “light up” from behind.

      Kinda disappointed the straps are all molded on, so not many characters could use this body aside from the original Ghost.

      Is it bad I’m holding this somewhat unique sculpt against him when we’re already tired of constant re-use of a handful of bodies with new [heads/hands/accy’s]?

  2. Well this guy fought Flash Thompson Venom if recall right. Original Walking Dead artist drew his tale and made him creepy as hel. Ofcourse I’d love to see the Red Skull minion take of this character with a floating top.

    I need the piece so thats one reason buying.

  3. BLLLEEEEH, vertical hip pegs. Specially on a thin body like that. I’m so glad they’re slowly doing away with those awful articulation points.

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