Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Blizzard Review

“And it’s times like this that don’t make me feel so much like a so-called super villain… But instead more like a kid again. One that’s waited all day for his parents to leave home so he can invite his buddies over a throw a party he’s not supposed to. Of course, in this case… My parents are the Avengers.” – Blizzard. Infinity: Heist #1 (Sep. 2013).

Marvel Two-A-Days end tonight with this last single-figure review. Ideally, we’ll get a good look at the Hulkbuster tomorrow! I saved this one for last because sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to get when you build a BAF.

It probably goes without saying, but collecting a BAF is wholly different from picking and choosing. I can only imagine – without Hulkbuster, I pass on Vision for sure & NOW! Iron Man too, maybe modern Strange, maybe Thundra, and very likely, the Blizzard. Talk about an effective marketing strategy…

So Blizzard, I’m not opposed to Blizzard. I just don’t know anything about him. When you like one comic company over another, the villains tend to suffer the most. I know many of the Marvel heroes like I know my beloved DC ones. But the villains? I could explain the intricacies of Killer Frost or the various iterations of Mr. Freeze with ease, but I didn’t even know which Blizzard this is when I bought him. Heck, I didn’t know there was more than one! I did know he was an Iron Man villain – I saw that in an old cartoon once.

The cool thing about being open-minded and collecting toys – well, not cool for my wallet – you can fall in love much more easily. When I opened Blizzard to get to his Hulkbuster piece, he really caught my attention. I’ve been talking all week about how the basic buck is awesome. I feel like I’ve listed the articulation a million. On that front, suffice to say that nearly everything I want to move moves and works great. It’s a fun toy to play with regardless of which Marvel character is painted on it. Continue to Page 2…

6 thoughts on “Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Blizzard Review

  1. Worst hiding place indeed LOL. Recall this guy from the very first War Machine story. Before Rhodes got the armor if recall right. Him a coupke others (wanna say the Eel was a part of the tale)

    Ice effects would really help indeed. I mean could recolor and tool for a possible new Shocker.

    Been hitting it outta the park again here and niw hunts startinh for this wave among others.

  2. Whereas you’re new to the character, releases like Blizzard are making me pay attention to a toy line I’ve otherwise ignored.

    I like Marvel’s A-list villains just fine, but it’s the lower-tier villains I truly love, I’m not sure why. I want to ignore Marvel Legends for things like scale, or how I can’t even pre-order specific figures that share a “slot” with another figure. Releases Tiger Shark, Blizzard, and Batroc make it hard for me to keep ignoring it, however. The few I’ve picked up in the past year? The Constrictor, Wrecker, Piledriver, and Klaw… so pretty much all villains that fall into the same category: they’ve fought practically every Marvel hero, particularly the used-to-be-neglected Avengers.

  3. I only really know Blizzard from Dan Slott’s first She-Hulk issue:
    “It’s one of Iron Man’s old losers! Snowflake? Chilly Willy?”
    And in the end she drinks him under the table 🙂

    Cool review, btw. (Sorry, couldn’t help it …)

  4. I remember him from the 90’s Iron Man cartoon & I had the figure (that figure came with an isicle spear and a 2-part snap on ice-fist for I d punching action) but never saw him in the comics. I have the Marvel Universe handbooks from the 1980’s and he was in there, this figure has his 2nd newer costume.

  5. I seem to know him as a low-tier Iron Man villain before the cartoon (OHOTMU?), but I do know he was a Thunderbolt at one point, shortly before Norman Osborne, and later Gen. Ross, took over the group. that’s probably my biggest association with Donnie Gill, aside from a few appearances on Agents of SHIELD. We do seem to be getting quite a few T-bolts snuck in, of late. Could there be a wave in the offing??? could I *FINALLY* be getting my BAF ATLAS???
    (already repainted a Giant-Man into Josten Goliath.)

    but yeah, a simple two color figure and they knock this guy out of the park! as others have said, a few “ice” accessories (ice-ssories? ugh.) would have made him better. The old 5″ ice fist would be neat, but they already have “force blasts” from the MU range that they could have easily thrown in for nothing.

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