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Ask Mattel June 15th
Link Roundup

Ask Matty
December 15th Edition

2012 Club Ecto-1 Cancelled
Update: Toy Guru Speaks…

I saw some somber news checking Twitter after leaving work this evening: Mattel has cancelled the 2012 Club Ecto-1 subscription program. There appears to be some shuffling going to keep the line alive and the subscription no longer fit in those plans. It kinda sucks, but the

Ghostbusters Classics:
Slimeblower Winston Review

They’re back! In June, I picked up my first Ghostbusters Classics figure in a year-and-a-half. I liked it so much that I wasn’t sure why I stopped buying them in the first place. Check out this Slimeblower Winston Zeddemore review and then let us know if you’d