Ask Mattel June 15th
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Ask Matty – June 15th Edition

DCClassics.Com Asks: We’ve recently learned that TRU will have an exclusive Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Bane vs. Batman 2pk and now that Wal-Mart will have an exclusive Jim Gordon. Are these the only two store exclusives or can we expect more in our near future?

K-Mart has Batman with blueprints of his vehicles. That rounds out the exclusives.

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks: Will the “Thank You” Slimer be painted or cast in GITD plastic?

Slimer will be cast in GITD plastic.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: We know the intention is there to get Draego-Man’s cut accessories back into the line somewhere, is the same true for Spector’s attachments?

Spector’s is a little harder. For Draego Man, his accessories are all hand held and can work with almost any figure. Spector’s whip attaches through the arm comm-link on Spector and is specific to only him, so it is a little harder. But if there is enough demand, we know a certain Mattel Brand Manager that would love to see this accessory released one day!

ItsAllTrue.Net Asks:Does Mattel have any type of advance notice when a Wrestler changes their look? For example, we loved the new Undertaker duds at Wrestlemania 28, but how long realistically would it be before we could see it as a figure?

For the most part, we learn about updated looks or ring attire the same time you do! But sometimes we do hear rumblings about upcoming changes and we had a feeling Undertaker was going to sport a shorter ‘do so we were prepared. Keep an eye out for a special WrestleMania 28 Undertaker figure hitting select shelves later this year!

MOTUClassics.Com Asks:
We asked about this a few years ago, but Toy Guru’s recent Scareglow blog has got us thinking about it again. Karak Nul – is he more than just a name? Is there any design or backstory on his pre-Scareglow years. Is he on the table as a possible figure or is that very unlikely?

We actually have fleshed this out and, in time, it is always possible to see “secret identity” figures for quite a few MOTU characters pre-transformation (similar to Keldor).

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17 thoughts on “Ask Mattel June 15th
Link Roundup

    1. cuz he’s balding jon… it happens to the best of us. applaud his courage to trim a dying tree, so to speak.

      and yeah, that black dragon outfit on taker… that’s a version i will invest in. i haven’t bought a taker since the elite series 1 release, but that one is a no brainer.

  1. In reading these over next to the picture of Scareglow, I have to wonder if “fleshing out” Karak Nul is a bad pun? 😀

  2. In the, Mattel said they “do not have a Modulok figure planned right now.” Last Q&A, they said it takes two years to plan out DC figures. Is that the same time frame from MOTUC? Did Matty just admit we’re not getting Modulok for at least two more years?

    1. The MOTU one seems closer to one year, the 9-14 months estimate. While I think the timeframe is relatively accurate, we have to remember the answer is PR spin. It’s not the truth or a lie, just an answer used to maintain the rollout of info.

      Technically, TG has the five-year road map, so all the figures are planned. That said, if he gave affirmations of what characters were in the works, we’d gets clearer picture of the figures in our immediate future and it would “spoil” the reveals. Even if we hit the nail on the head and unknowingly asked about the November figure, I’m sure the Q&A’s would still get a similar answer.

  3. BC… you read that correctly. now, i have long held that the 2 year thing is a lie, that turnaround is closer to between 9 months and a year for motuc. let’s just sit back and watch, shall we?

    i don’t know if it’s my personal enthusiasm waning, or if the questions are getting worse, but i was whelmless over this round. completely unwhelmed. i just didn’t read a single whelmworthy sentence in the whole mess. (i LOVE giving my spellcheck fits.)

      1. as i said above, i’m happy as a pig in shit that WM28 taker’s getting made… but that’s one question out of how many? i’m just saying my overall experience was
        “oh.” and that’s about as excited as i could be.

        oh, and the other secret identity fig he was hinting at? i still think we’re do for an old man marzo one of these days.

    1. I’m largely with you, DR. Aside from that I find the thought of a pre-dead Karak Nul figure pretty cool (as well as speculating what other “Secret Identity” figures the maybe referring to), for the last few rounds, very few of the Qs or As have really piqued my interest at all.

    2. I’m sure the turnaround on MOTU is faster than DCUC since they don’t have to be sent to DC Comics for multiple approvals.

  4. Could they make that Kmart exclusive sound any more boring! I love the DCUC figures, I still am getting over the fact that they are pretty much done and gone.

  5. I can’t believe someone at Mint Condition Customs thought that Garth Burgess’ question was worth sending to Mattel.

  6. I find it incredibly sad that this is the way we learn about store exclusives… They don’t bother “advertising” via Matty Collector or their Facebook page. How did they become (and remain) the world’s largest toy producer?

    1. I guess Mattel’s attitude is “if a store has an exclusive it’s up to them to advertise it” and…yeah, what?

      One would think that promoting their product would be job one, regardless.

      Ohh, wait, if they publicly admit that some product can only be had at specific stores, that might engender bad publicity and create a negative image. Better to say nothing, right?

      “My little johnny was looking at Mattel’s Facebook page and saw a new toy he really wanted, but it’s only at Walmart and we don’t have a Walmart within 100 miles of us! I’m gonna sue!!”

      (yeah, lady, well good thing you didn’t make the drive as that Walmart didn’t get that toy anyway)

      Mattel…I just don’t know. From all this stuff you’d think they were ready to fall apart any moment yet they keep going. Somehow Barbie and Hot Wheels seem to carry them on.

  7. Another group of questions that leave you scratching your head and wondering, “what’s the point again for this whole excersise?”

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