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Ask Matty
July 15th Edition

Ask Matty – July 15th Edition

We need your questions for the Aug 15th round! Submit your suggestions on the ItsAllTrue.net Forums…

ItsAllTrue.Net: We enjoyed many of the Starro accessories we saw at SDCC 2009. Has anything new been decided on the future of non-Batman Brave & the Bold figures? If we can’t expect to see Captain Marvel soon, will his Starro accessories be repackaged somewhere else in the line?

We’re still trying to find a home for a lot of previously announced Brave and the Bold figures. It is likely if they get released it may be with updated or different accessories. Nothing to lock down quite yet but we are working on it.

DCClassics.Com: Sinestro Corps Batman in yellow. What inspired Mattel to go in that direction?

That is a secret for now. More details in time.

MOTUClassics.Com: Without getting into specifics, are MOTU characters that were released by companies in others countries with different decos (or slightly different pieces) available in the line. For example, when/if we get Kobra Khan (& Buzz Off parts are available) is a repaint of him possible?

Yes, Mattel designers create decos and we have looked at some foreign releases as inspiration for deco updates. Nothing to announce now, but we do have some ideas cooked up.

ItsAllTrue.Net: Does the WWE’s move towards a more PG product limit the kinds of accessories we can see w/ the toy line? For example, does it mean no barbed wire baseball bats or devices that appear to be on fire, like a flaming table accessory?

Many of the accessories you have mentioned were in shows well before Mattel was granted the toy license. We are in line with WWE’s PG-rated entertainment and will review these types of accessories on a case-by-case, likely within the Legends line of figures.

DCClassics.Com: DCUC Wave 13 figure have had their rocker ankle joint removed in favor of a one-piece foot. Is the pivoting ankle joint gone for good or will it be back in future waves?

It will be back as needed. Design likes to have options.

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27 comments to Ask Matty
July 15th Edition

  • DCFan

    Design likes having options? I like having all the articulation…

  • Mysterio

    So the older WWF accessories are still possible? I don’t mind everything toned down I guess, but I want those accesosries!!

    • dayraven

      i in particular would love an inferno match playset… sadly, i suspect i’d have to make that myself.

      but come on, wrapping a 2×4 or ballbat in barbed wire? that’s just as american as apple pie man! we HAVE to have it! and really, is that any more violent than triple h bashing someone w/ a sledgehammer or randy orton running a monitor in somebody’s head? we just a couple weeks ago ran an angle where a stroke victim got lynched… let’s not pretend that PG means PG.

  • So is Brave & The Bold dead? Kind of sounds like it, no?

    If only those figures didn’t have those lame holes all over them.

  • Adrian

    Someone will have to explain the Faker comic to me.

    The ankles answer is asinine. The leg has got three articulation points controlling it, it HAS to have the rocker joint to be able to lie flat.

    • Heli

      There was a non-US Kobra Khan repaint that the fans have dubbed “Camo Khan” (or maybe it’s “Kamo Khan” for symmetry; I forget). Anyway, he had black stripes, a Snakemen symbol on his chest, and Buzz-Off’s arms.

      • Adrian

        I gotcha. I did a google search on Camo Khan and it all makes sense. And I see now that the Faker is the picture is Leo Faker to help hit it home.

  • Greverse

    Sounds like the Brave & the Bold figures are going in the crapper.

    That “our designers like options” answer is all kinds of wrong.

  • Kilodog

    There is no excuse for Sinestro Corps Batman! Don’t let them fool you…

    Remember, Mattel has no access to upcoming DC comics material!

  • Clarkson

    Decent answers this round.

  • Blackrock

    Camo Khan FTW!!

    & Leo Faker too…

  • 3rd Duke

    Can design add NEW articulation and have it be optional? There should be not taking away articulation at any time. Ever. Seriously.

  • wesitron

    that articulation’s been gone since like wave 10, i wonder why it’s causing a fuss now. i brought it up on the matty boards and everybody was all “awww who gives a crap, whiner? I don’t even use it!”

    But then again, it was the Matty boards, so there we go.

    Personally, my collection only allows the most vanilla of poses, so it doesn’t really affect my ability to display, but I hate losing articulation for no apparent reason, and every time I pick one up to play with it or pose it I’m reminded of how much the damned things cost.

    • Adrian

      I’ve had figures with good rockers in the last few waves, but I’ve had some where the range is gone. Looking at Noisy’s pics, I think the actual joint is now removed purposely instead of being restricted.

      • I checked back and this articulation was indeed missing from most of Wave 12, but all of my wave 11 still had the rocker joint. This appears to be a decision for the 2010 figures.

        I agree that it’s not a dealbreaker point like the neck articulation, but it’s annoying, as you say, to lose articulation for no apparent reason. What’s worse is to lose it so design have options.

        • wesitron

          You’re right, it was wave 12. My bad on that one. For some reason I was thinking my Robotman had no tilt but it was Mid-Nite I was thinking of. Don’t know how I got those two confused. Guess it’s just been a while and I was thinking it was an old issue right now, turns out I’m a dummy and we’ve just been getting a crapload of product lately 🙂