Attack of the Show – Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part II

Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler returned to Mattel Headquarters for the second half of SDCC reveals including exclusives for WWE, Real Ghostbusters, Toy Story 3, and Avatar.

Toy Guru has said that they will reveal a few more items tomorrow via normal channels. In a separate announcement, Toy Guru has confirmed there will not be a JLU exclusive this year.

Here’s some screen caps:

Stay Puft is on the boxart? Mego Marshmallows? Why isn’t this blue?
I don’t know how I feel about the sculpt. RGB’s wore movie uniforms one time.
I don’t know anything about this dude, but he smells like strawberry. Distant Moss Man cousin?
The cane makes me think Ed Asner should voice him. His whittle tail.
That’s a scary action figure. That’s a small box. Really.
Wrestlemania Recap. Cool box art.
Sweet Tats. Wait, are the tats real? I love the coat texture.
Jake is blue with anger He loves the smell of napalm. Right on.
The window’s already busted anyway, right? It’s the SDCC of giant boxes.
Seriously, how will you get these home? Best part of Part II? I think so.

32 thoughts on “Attack of the Show – Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part II

  1. I was just talking about the packages today. I have to Mo-Larr, Prince Adam, and Orko and the bf wants the Avatar thing, Starro, and Plastic Man. I didn’t think we could get it all home.

    I’m thinking the Avatar box and Mo-Larr will have to wait til we get home.

  2. Monday was much better for the straight up collectors. What is the strawberry bear’s name?

    1. Lots-O’-Huggin’-Bear

      Apparently a take off of Care Bears, but he smells like strawberries which is obviously Strawberry Shortcake. 😀

      1. Some of the Lego’s have spoiled the movie a teensy bit, so that Bear could be *really* funny. He’s voiced by Ned Beatty… so I was close with my Ed Asner guess!

  3. Big boo on the fact that they don’t have anything for the current Ghostbusters line.

    1. Yeah it’s kinda made for a weird transition. We’re moving into RGB, but in a way that some folks may not want.

      I’m really interested to watch the sellout order of the exclusives this year.

  4. The Undertaker is the must-have for me. I may try to grab the Orko figure. That is, of course, if the website is working properly and I can get them in time. I’m not crazy about the Mo-Larr vs. Skeletor 2pk. Sure, it’s funny, but I already have 2 versions of Skeletor, and an Eternian dentist doesn’t interest me as much as it should.

    Plastic Man? Meh. He’s about as exciting to me as the “Wonder Twins.” They can keep him, I’ve had my fill of C-list DC characters already. The Starro 5pack is looking sweet, but 3.75″ scale? Really? 50 bucks? Really? I’ll pass. I am very excited about the updated Hal and can’t wait to find him!

    1. I’m excitd for Platic Man most! 😀 Long time favorite, ever since the old cartoon and Super Powers appearance. I can understand him being a take it or leave it character though.

      After that, I’m down for the MOTU pieces and then I think I’ll be content.

    1. What’s the most you can charge for JLU and have the collectors accept it? Apparently, it’s something lower than nine bucks. Sigh.

        1. Well, Peter’s wearing a movie uniform, so he might as well be carrying a movie pack.

          1. In one episode of the cartoon they all wore the movie outfits. Maybe this is just for SDCC, maybe the regular version and the others will be in the cartoon coloured outfits.

  5. They are supposed to reveal a few more items today. Maybe jlu or gb classics. So far no updates on matty though

  6. i have to wonder about the undertaker… sure, it’s an iconic costume… from over a decade ago. but vince and his writing team rely on wrestling fans not remembering (or caring) about events that happenend much past three months prior… hence the smark term “three month rule.” i like it, but don’t need it. i wonder how many modern WWE fans will even remember the ministry of darkness days? especially as taker is the only one of the group still wrestling. i suppose something has to be said for getting while the getting is good though, as i think taker is an injury or two away from retirement.

      1. Yes, they were. By that “three month rule” logic, the Legends series will be a disastrous venture! I think they know who they’re targeting with these figures. I love the new figures (Elite), but mainly buy the guys I’m most familiar with as I haven’t followed wrestling for the past several years. I’m really looking forward to more figures from the “Attitude” era, which I was most passionate about.

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