SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
The Checklist Updates

The final part of our Armchair Coverage is always the most work: updating checklists! There are still some tweaks and touch-ups to do here and there, but each of the main checklists are updated with the latest info from San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s the skinny on what’s changed and what’s needed.

Updated: 07-18-12

Updated: 07-18-12

Updated: 07-18-12

Updated: 07-18-12

The Upcoming Releases page of MOTUClassics.Com has easily seen the most work this week. Mattel revealed seventeen new MOTU Classics figures (& one Weapons Pak) at SDCC, everything from October through the first quarter of 2013. All of the new figures have been thumbnailed and the accessories for each release listed. As always, the dates are subject to change and will be updated when/if Matty switches thing up.

The Reissues Page was also given a quick once over and updated through the current Matty “Most Wanted” sale featuring the Wind Raider and other MOTU items. All review links have been updated. In all, MOTUClassics.Com is almost completely up-to-date with the exception of the Bios Page. There were seven Bios revealed at SDCC that still need to be added (along with a few of the recently revealed bios like Spikor & Vykron). Look for that update later this week.

DCClassics.Com is causing some headache for me as to how best to categorize the massive upheaval the line has undergone, including the loss of the ‘Classics’ label. The so-called Wave 21 (featuring Superboy Prime, Red Robin, nU Superman, & nU Batman) is currently listed on the 2012 Page as are all of the reveals for Club Infinite Earths, even the 2013 offerings. I know it’s a little confusing right now, but I’ll get it shored up soon. If the subscription goes through, I’ll likely just give Club IE it’s own unique page.

I also need to figure out what to do with the DC Unlimited (nU metallic Supes, nU Flash, nU Hawkman) and the Batman Unlimited (nU metallic Bats, nU Batgirl, Super Powers Poison Ivy) lines. For now, I’ve added them to the Classics 2012 page so folks can make plans for them, but they will eventually end up with their own page on the checklist or, at the very least, a separate cardback design on the 2012 page. I’ll get it sorted out and post about the update when I do.

For now, all the names are posted on the checklist and many of the figures have been thumbnailed. I’ll add the missing thumbnails in the coming weeks as better pictures become available or when I can shoot them myself (as they are on previous years). All reviews links have been updated as well. The Sortable Checklist is still in need of healthy update. It’s as near to the top of my to-do list as it can be!

The Marvel Universe checklist is always the one kicking my ass. From the unannounced variants, the usual slew of new releases, and the sliding release dates, it’s been difficult for me to keep up. I realized tonight that I haven’t added ‘translucent Iron Spidey’ and the new Electro to the 2012 Page yet, but I think I’ve got all the news out of SDCC added to the checklist (Hasbro made that easy with a light showing). There are a lot of figures with the silhouettes in place of real images, but I’ve got a line in to Hasbro/hunter to get some new press images. I’ll update when the new pics arrive. I found some reference to there being a retail Masters of Evil 3pk with a different deco than the SDCC one, but I’m not sure on that, so it hasn’t been added. Anyone know if I’m making that up?

I do need to spend some more time on the Marvel checklist in the coming weeks. The Sortable Checklist is a wee bit behind and the Spider-Man Checklist has spawned some hate mail because I haven’t gotten back to it in an admittedly really long while (That said, please don’t e-mail me with vitriol about the lack of updates. Just stop and ask yourself, would Spider-Man send hate mail about a time-consuming, free-to-the-public checklist not being updated?) Also, I am reading your comments and happy e-mails about an Avengers movie checklist. You’re starting to wear me down. Maybe.

The update to the Ghostbusters Checklist is hardly worth mentioning, but I have let that checklist lapse (along with my enthusiasm). Images of Dana & the Rookie have been added and Courtroom Ray with Tony Scoleri has been added to the checklist with a thumbnail coming soon. No new figures were shown for 2013, so adding the Courtroom Ray image would appear to make that checklist complete for now. Oh, and I should ask, do you guys want the Props on there? Everything else from Mattel is on there, so I figure I should add them if there’s a desire for that.

Updated: 04-15-12

Complete: 01-01-12

Updated: 02-03-11

Updated: 04-15-12

Complete: 09-30-11

Complete: 09-30-11

Complete 09-30-11

16 thoughts on “SDCC 2012 Armchair Coverage
The Checklist Updates

  1. Yes to props for Club Ecto-1 checklist, please. 🙂

    And I hate to add to your workload and sound whiny, but I think you missed a review of the last weapons pack release. I’m sure it’s a king bitch to do the Weapons Shop setup and do the shoot, but man, there’s always good funny stuff in that ‘slice of life on Eternia’ fumetti you do. Hey, maybe you might even do some foreshadowing of the mostly new weapons in the upcoming pack.

        1. It’s OK, I forgot some things about that review.

          Battle Orko!

          Dark Roboto!

          Joking about Battle Armor Faker and…IT HAPPENED! 🙂

          yeah, LOOOONG overdue for another visit to the Weapons Shop of Eternia.

  2. that’s right, i want props on the ghostbusters checklist! props for me, and my homies!

  3. “That said, please don’t e-mail me with vitriol about the lack of updates. Just stop and ask yourself, would Spider-Man send hate mail about a time-consuming, free-to-the-public checklist not being updated?”

    That’s why I love you guys.

    If anything, whenever a site I frequent doesn’t update on the usual schedule (like OAFE) my first thought is “I hope everything’s okay over there,” not “WTF WHERES MY NEW REVIEWS?!”

  4. ” and the Batman Unlimited (nU metallic Bats, nU Batgirl, Super Powers Poison Ivy) lines”

    I think you mean Penguin.

  5. RE: the Spidey checklist, to be honest I would just cherry pick the releases the way you have the spotlight on the DCSH page.

    So have the ones that could naturally be included in an overall umbrella “MU” collection.

    Especially considering it’s a non-movie-specific, general line that seems to keep going, just seems like such a huge headache to include and keep track of all the different variants!

  6. Nice work, Noisy! List Nag approves.

    One minor suggestion would be to include Doll Man under Uncle Sam, since he is a distinct character.

    1. That’s a tough one. Doll Man is basically considered an accessory, as is Tiny Rita. OTOH I’m sure there are those who might buy Uncle Sam as base for custom use and might sell Doll Man.

      Or, well, who knows? Up to how much work Noisy wants to deal with in the end. My gut feeling is an accessory is an accessory, no matter if it’s a Bat-laptop or Doll Man.

      And yeah, the MOTUC Orko/Prince Adam 2-pack makes things all messed up. 🙂

      1. But that logic would mean neither Tin nor The Brain should get a mention either…

        1. Mention? Yes, of course. As a coda with the figure they ship with, not as separate entries. Tina (w/ Tin).

          Oh, I see, somehow I had completely mis-read your comment. I thought you were calling for a SEPARATE entry, as if Doll Man had been packed by himself.

          Now how the hell did I do that? Clearly you DON’T say that. yeesh. Sorry. 🙂

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