Mattel Announces MOTU
Classics & Ghostbusters SDCC Exclusives

Mattel has announced their SDCC exclusives for 2015. There hasn’t been much heat or anticipation regarding the announcement, at least that I’ve seen, but it seems the announcement, while featuring some fun pieces, is similarly subdued.

First up, is the “I thought I was done with that checklist” figure:

Courtroom Egon. I’m actually happy to see this one. I’ve sold my interest in that line other – I kept my preferred dark grey ‘Busters and all Winstons, so I won’t be picking this one up, but for the folks that enjoyed this line, this is actually a must. Mattel only completed 2/3rds of the Courtroom Trio, so seeing Mattel go back to the well to finish the team should be something any toy collector would applaud.

Then off to MOTU, where Mattel announced that the Hover Robots will be available at SDCC (thank you, still need those!) and that the specific SDCC exclusive is one of the worst kept secret departments:

With this year having to finish up the vintage line-up, this was all but inevitable, the only question being if they would be one of the 2pks in the subscription or featured at SDCC – I honestly thought they’d be in the sub considering the rumors about the other 2pks, but I was wrong. They look better as tops, but I’m stoked they have legs – that’s a big win for me. Personally, I’m favoring Rotar here – he looks great. Twistoid, I’m not a fan of those Trap Jaw legs. Mattel should’ve found a way to use Multi-Bot parts here so the legs could match the arms. He just doesn’t look quite right.

And… that’s it for now…

Here’s how to get them from Mattel:

How to Get Them
If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con in person, our vouchers make it easy for you to get these collector must-haves without the hassle of long lines or worrying that your favorites will sell out at the show. Just purchase your product vouchers here at, then pick up your products there at SDCC. As always, strict limitations do apply so please click here to see how last year’s sale worked; it’ll be essentially the same for 2015.

Early Access: Thursday, 5/28/15 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday, 5/29/15 at 8 a.m. PT (Club Eternia® subscribers only)
All Access: Monday, 6/1/15 at 9 a.m. PT to Monday, 6/8 at 11:59 p.m. PT (open to everyone)
Pick-Up at SDCC: Thursday, 7/9/15 thru Saturday, 7/11/15 (pick-up times/location to be announced)

Many of our SDCC products will also be available here on at our SDCC After-Party Sale scheduled for 7/27/15 at 9 a.m. PT. We’ll announce the final lists of products and firm up the sale date as we get closer.

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8 thoughts on “Mattel Announces MOTU
Classics & Ghostbusters SDCC Exclusives

  1. The tops were probably my least anicipated figures in the entire line and I gotta admit they look cool here. Looking forward to them! Now here’s a question — get two so they can be displayed in both forms?

  2. I quite like Rotar with his legs and that will likely be how I display him. Twistoid I’m torn on. I’m very tired of the Trapjaw legs but the color blends with his upper half better. I feel like I’d REALLY like his top form of the top matched his torso’s colors. (This is admittedly a fault of the original character design). I feel like I’ll go with the top on him because it just looks more monster-like either way.

    Regardless, I’ll want the set for Rotar alone. Twistoid is just gravy.

  3. If they are going bakc to Ghostbusters, maybe we can get lucky and get some more DCUC figures. I would kill for one more 5 pack or something.

  4. Can’t wait to see Duncan “fix” his two new vict…er, “patients”. 😉

    Egon’s suit should be at least two shades darker. are the glasses new?

  5. I don’t like rhat Egon head sculpt. If the glasses were a good bit thinner it might look a little better but the face just does’nt look that much like Egon. Hopefully Diamond Selects figures will be better. I thought Mattel were supposed to be making figures based on the cartoon next?

  6. Yeah, I would’ve preferred Multi-Bot legs on Twistoid, too. Still, I’m happy they’re coming out, and I plan on getting a set or two.

    Now, the big question is: will they come with a Gear Grinder and Buzz-Cutter?

  7. I don’t blame Mattel for making them look ugly… now! I blame them for creating two of the ugliest MOTU characters ever produced back in the 80s. A heavy redesign would have made them look better for sure, but also unrecognizable.

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