Vault Review: Glyos Core Block,
Wedge, & Switch Pin (14 Pics!)

One of the things I really admire about Matt Doughty, aside from his amazing eye for design, is his willingness to take risks.  His latest push of the envelope is the Core Block, Wedge, and Switch Pin.  Three deceptively simple creations that have become the literal foundation of the Glyos World.

This is really just a general look at the Block, Wedge, and Switch Pin system.  But for those of you who are interested in these particular gray and orange colors, I’m using the Experimental Mechanics Division (EMD) version of these toys.

The Core Block is one of those interesting toys that is both easy and difficult to review.  Matt has essentially created a basic building block for the Glyos Universe.  Similar to the standard LEGO brick, the Block itself is a simple piece.  But when combined with other elements it allows for an amazing amount of complex creations.  No one’s better at displaying this fact than Matt himself!

Both Block and Wedge are made of vinyl plastic.  The Block itself is made of two pieces which are interchangeable with both the Armodoc and Rig systems.  But the real genius in their design comes from their customizability.  The small round panels on both Block and Wedge pieces are the same size as the switch pins and male connector ports of the Armodoc and Rig extremities, and even the Warp Bike.  With a quick cut of the exacto knife the pieces can be easily combined and interchanged for countless possibilities.

Like I said, it’s really up to your imagination, and the creativity doesn’t have to stop with the Glyos system.  Whether as backdrops or accessories, these vinyl pieces also look great with other toys.  The larger size makes them compatible with almost any scale.  Plus, I think their design really lends itself to a techno futuristic feel. Continue to Page 2…

3 thoughts on “Vault Review: Glyos Core Block,
Wedge, & Switch Pin (14 Pics!)

  1. Nice Vault! It is cool to see these with some other lines. Its also nice to see someone praising Matt for his ingenuity which he has in spades.

  2. I’ve never looked at a gallery in a phone before. It makes me want to throw things. Good pics, though.

  3. These things really need a bulk or batch sale option. Just seems like these should be sold in sets of 20 or so.

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