Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE

We’re kicking off a new tradition today. For the next few weeks (at least), Thursdays belong to Glyos! One, cause they’re awesome and two, because of all the lines I buy, I’m most behind on Glyos reviews. Let’s kick things off with the Outer Space Men Xodiac: Gylaxia Command Special Edition.

Now, I’ve already reviewed the basic Xodiac figure as part of my Wave 1 & 2 Alpha, Beta, Galactic, and Infinity Edition reviews, so this review will be a little different than normal – more photo-based without as much of my pesky commentary getting in the way as you scroll through the pics.

I first saw this version of Xodiac when he snuck into some pics at the Four Horsemen booth at SDCC. It was pretty much love at first sight. Now, I’m still happy with the regular metallic blue Xodiac, but let’s examine some of my favorite comic looks for a second: all-black Batman, Symbiote Spidey, US Agent, War Machine. Yeah, there’s just something cool about taking a character’s normal look and going all “Night Force” on it. I have zero resistant to it, so this figure suckered me right in from the get-go.

This version of Xodiac has some interesting history with Pheyden that may not lend itself to alternate versions of all the OSM ending up with a cohesive, similar look, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing them all in the sleek grey/black suits.

As in the picture below, the more “normal” colors on the suit look great with the traditional Xodiac head, but I really like the light blue head and the purple eyes on this release too. One of the few drawbacks to the OSM is that maintaining the look of the originals (which is awesome) sometimes interferes with the Glyos compatibility (you take the good with the bad, right?). Xodiac’s head is one such example, but each time we get Xodiac’s head in this new deco, it eases the sting as we can at least swap between the Xodiacs.

The other cool thing about this Xodiac is his “clear gear”. In addition to the extra set of arms, Xodiac has his helmet, staff, and gun all molded completely clear for the first time. In addition to looking cool, these have a few useful applications. The clear helmet can be used on the basic Xodiac to get a better view of his head sculpt or all of the gear can be given to the Holiday version of Xodiac to create a completely clear figure. Check out some more pics on Page 2!

4 thoughts on “Outer Space Men Review
Xodiac: Gylaxia Command SE

  1. Those colors look really nice, wish I would’ve been able to grab one!

    Awesome pics all around, I love the scale comparison with Henry Jones thrown in there, he looks a little nervous.

    Also, every time I see a group shot of OSM, I must re-break the already broken record: WE NEED AN ORANGE INFERNO!!! 😛

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