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Outer Space Men:
Infinity Edition Review

One of the coolest things to happen last year was the return of The Outer Space Men. I admit, I didn’t know much about them at first, but the more I learned about them, the more excited I became. We’ve looked at the three exclusive editions but now the real deal, the Infinity Edition, is finally up for review.

If you read my reviews, you know the drill. I open with a sometimes too long biography about whatever I’m reviewing. Well, for the OSM, I’ve already done that. If you’re not familiar with the history of the line, check out my article Who Are the Outer Space Men? as well as the IAT interviews with the Four Horsemen , Mel Birnkrant, & Matt Doughty. And, if that’s still not enough OSM goodness for you, I humbly suggest Mel Birnkrant.Com’s Outer Space Men Archive.

The Infinity Edition arrived at IAT just before Christmas, but with holiday travel, site updates, and my backlog of DCUC reviews, it’s taken me this long to get caught up to them. Since I’m behind on reviews, I’ve resolved to not open some of the figures I’ve bought until I’m ready for them (Thanos is staring at me from his plastic prison right now). Well, the Outer Space Men were an exception to that rule. And not just because they were cool and different enough that I had to open them right away, but because I could open them with a clear conscience. See, the OSM feature collector friendly blister cards.

The outer bubble slides off the card and lets you remove and replace the figure at your leisure. It’s one of the little things I appreciate about most of the Four Horsemen toys. I didn’t mind the simpleness of the previous bagged OSM exclusives, but the Infinity figures look fantastic in these packages and it’s cool that you can put them back in there and display them that way if you wish (though you will have to retie a twist tie or two). Right now, I’m using the packages to hold the extra parts and accessories from each of the previous releases. I hardly ever keep packaging, but it’s little things like this (possible because the OSM is an online exclusive) that always remind me that the Four Horsemen go the extra mile for their fans.

In addition to their utility, the packages also look cool. They’re approximate replicas of the classic line right down to the biographical information on the back. Of course, I never had the originals but if you’re a regular reader of IAT you surely know that I appreciate a card back packed with information about the line, the characters included, etc. There’s a checklist or three on IAT because of my love for the card backs of my youth.

There is really only one thing I haven’t liked about the Outer Space Men figures so far and I’m going to get it out of the way first. I wish they were a little bigger. I’m not saying I wish they were in a different scale (but how awesome would 6″ super-articulated versions be??). I mean just a little bigger.

The scale is great between the figures. Nautilus is a little bigger, Xodiac a little smaller and I have every belief that Gemini, Alpha, Colossus, & Cyclops will be in-scale with these first four, but when I place them with other 3 3/4 toy lines – like my trusty Mercury Astronaut GI Joe, they seem a little too small for that scale.

Since they’re aliens, they could be any height of course, but if you look at the picture you get the feeling that Metamorpho and Inferno should be the height of an average human. It’s probably unfair to criticize the OSM for not being compatible with other 3 3/4 toy lines, so I’ll rephrase it this way.

Since the OSM seem a little small for my “Matt Mason” stand-in, I really, really hope the Four Horsemen have some long term plans to get some “Men & Women from Earth” into the line to round out these figures. Continue to Individual Figures…

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Infinity Edition Review