Alpha Phase Outer Space Men
In Hand Images

The Outer Space Men have arrived! Well, the SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase versions at least. Since we’re planning to give a full review to the upcoming regular releases, we thought we’d take a relaxed look at these exclusives, enjoy them for their unique color, and a get a feel for what to expect in the future.

While I was waiting patiently for the FedEx man to arrive today, my head was filling up with early thoughts and ideas for pictures of what I could do for an OSM review, but then I remembered poor Orko. I felt like I’d painted myself into a corner with the poor Trollan – his non-SDCC version didn’t need a full write-up after we’d already reviewed his somewhat translucent exclusive. I didn’t want to do the same thing to the Outer Space Men. So I decided to switch things up a bit. We’re going to hold off on our critical look at the Four Horsemen’s latest offering until the release of the fully painted figures. Instead, I thought, I’d snap a few pics, show their scale, their breakdowns, and their relative size to other figures in the 3 3/4 scales, but tempered with only some initial thoughts. Basically, expect more pics than words as you scroll down. You can handle that, right?

While the regular editions of the Outer Space Men will feature “very cool, retro styled blister-cards with a blister that can be removed and replaced,” these exclusives come packaged true to the Glyos portion of their heritage, right down to a resealable bag. I’m excited for the blister cards, but these toppers impressed me too. It’s cool to see so much of the original packaging retained including the specific character logos, the retro-inspired images, and the original artwork on the back. I also appreciated the Four Horsmen’s logo borrowing the Colorforms colors so much that I totally copied it.

As I expected, Metamorpho was my immediate favorite. While I was impatiently taking the package pics, he was all but screaming at me to be released from his zip-loc prison. I don’t know what it is about him. I love the basic spacesuit. I love his three heads action feature. I can’t wait to see him (and the others too) fully painted on my desk.

If you’re interested in the pieces more than the figures themselves, then this exploded view is for you. Click here for a larger version. Each figure contained between eighteen and twenty-one pieces counting accessories and the extra bent arms. I’m particularly happy with those bent arms, by the way, they really open up the poseability.

One thing I was surprised by was the size. My brain is always wired for 1/12th scale so they were going to be “small” to me no matter what, but I was expecting the “basic body” to be slightly larger. I was hoping for them to be about the same size as that Astronaut G.I. Joe in the middle there. Since they’re aliens, the size isn’t really a factor and the internal scale is what’s most important. I’m interested in seeing how Alpha 7 & Colossal Rex are going to compare now. Check Out More Pics on Page Two…

28 thoughts on “Alpha Phase Outer Space Men
In Hand Images

  1. Thanks for the pics! The scale and exploded views are particularly helpful. Looking forward to the review. When are the standard ones due out?

  2. Great pics, Noisy! I missed out on these since I couldn’t sign up at Fantastic Exclusive but it’s the standard releases I want most anyways.

    1. These are a fun diversion, but the final painted versions are going to be the good stuff! Hopefully, they’ll be plenty of those to go around.

  3. Good call on holding off on the full review. But this mini-review you did covered just enough. Thanks.

  4. Wow, these look excellent. I hope the regular releases won’t be too difficult to obtain. Thanks for the pics, ND!

    1. I don’t think the regulars will be, but you never know – there was some worry about these selling out, but when SDCC raised the OSM profile – the sets quadrupled in price on eBay…

  5. They almost look just like I remember. If I buy these, I’m only going to purchase the original thirteen.

  6. Great mini-non-review! I really hope I can score a set of these at some point, since I got hosed out of the initial website release.

  7. I didn’t get a shot at these either and looking at your pics I definitely missed out. Hopefully the real ones will be out soon.

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