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MOTUClassics.Com: SDCC Orko
UPDATE: Regular Orko Added

MOTU Fans typically figure out a lot of figure reveals in advance. We all expectedthat Prince Adam would be a He-Man repaint. Some fans were certain that Orko would end up as part of a multipack convention exclusive. But Prince Adam as an accessory? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see that coming.

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“Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-at Arms, and Orko.”

I usually like to go into the back story of the characters a bit in this space, but it’s Orko! Do I need to go into detail? This guy gets top billing as one of the three keepers of Adam’s secret (why didn’t Cringer count?). And, of course, each of us shared in that secret too, but did you ever really think about if everyone was qualified to keep the secret? Obviously, we could be trusted. Man-At-Arms & the Sorceress. They’re professionals. But Orko? Really? Would you trust Orko with your most important secret? Sure, you could say his heart’s in the right place, but how much food does he have to dump on Man-At-Arms before you question his competence?

The Classics mythos has let it be known that it’s safe to trust Orko anew. That it’s the mystical properties of Eternia that turns Orko from the Samuel L. Jackson of magic into… Steve Urkel. Some fans have mixed feelings about that little nugget of back story, but I’m fine with it. Personally, it makes me want to see Skeletor come across Orko out in space and see what happens when he underestimates the little Trollan. That’d be hilarious.

Orko’s an all-new sculpt, if you couldn’t tell, but more importantly, I’m just glad that Orko finally has an in-scale action figure. If you had a vintage Orko, you know that he was more in scale with Tytus than He-Man. The 200x was closer, but he was still a bit bigger than he needed to be. This Orko is perfect. He’s on model, he appears to be floating, and truthfully he looks so good that this one (when cold) looks good enough to be the only one you need. I may feel differently when I have my solid one next week*, but I ended up liking this one a lot more than I thought I would initially.

* – Check back for an addendum on that version when it arrives.

When heated, Orko turns clear. I was similarly excited by this when I didn’t expect to be. It’s generally cold in my house, so you can see in the picture that Orko is already starting to regain some of his color, but I loved his completely clear look. There’s just something about it – he’s fun and he looks right. I kinda want a clear Orko that doesn’t require the heat. I also want this color change plastic to be used to make a Sword of He that turns invisible. I know… I’m full of wants, but that’d be awesome.

The color change is sensitive. If I pick up Orko right now and apply a bit of pressure with my fingers, I can leave visible finger prints for a second or two. I don’t know which version will be best, my instinct tells me the regular one will blow this one out of the water, but I won’t know for sure until I see them both together.

Orko includes two accessories, not counting the big guy of course, his scepter and his magic book. Both of these are included with the regular release offered on MattyCollector, but the book on that version will not feature the color change SDCC logo. When cold, the logo is a dark brown rectangle, but when heated, the logo becomes visible as seen in the picture above. Orko can hold his scepter in his right hand, but he can’t hold the book at all.

Orko’s main accessory is Prince Adam, strange as that may sound. Adam utilizes the standard He-Man buck (with matching bracelets). The only differences are the two new pieces: the 2nd head and the vest. I don’t know what to think about the new head. I don’t really like it – I’m not sure if it’s the sculpt or the paint. My issues are primarily because I can’t tell you what emotion is on his face. Is he smiling? Is he downtrodden? I can’t tell. He kinda looks like Thomas Haden Church in a way.

I’m glad he has a new head, I can’t stress that enough! The standard He-Man head is getting boring and this would’ve been its fifth use (technically, it is because a standard He-head is also included). I just have mixed feelings about on how it turned out. Despite my misgivings, this will be the head I use for Adam on my shelves. Variety trumps my dislike.

On a side note, the regular He-Man head came with his hair sitting way back on his head. This is an easy fix, of course, but annoying nonetheless.

One thing I know I don’t like is the vest. It looks good. It fits well. It reminds me of the vintage figure. It’s not made of cloth. All good. From the front, I’d even call it great, but it needed a place to store the Power Sword. I don’t know if that was skipped to save money or if because the vintage figure didn’t have one, but it was a mistake. The vintage figure had a cloth vest and the sword could be shoved back there. Not so with the new one. The vest is a tight fit and it just won’t work. Prince Adam needed a holster for his sword, there’s no two ways about it.

Aside from his two heads, Prince Adam also came packaged with his classic magenta sword and half sword. I know it’s silly, but I’m happy to get the Skittles power swords any time. I enjoyed them as a kid and I like them more now as they expand into new colors. I could do without the half sword, but I do want to note that we’re going to need some more ‘evil’ halves. We’ve got good halves in gray, purple, black, magenta, & presumably blue. While evil halves only come in purple, purple, and orange. We’re running short here.

Also, every time I get the sword in a new color, I want the axe and shield to match. Yes, I know SDCC just revealed we’re finally getting Faker’s shield & axe was well as a purple axe for Skelly, but now we’re adding a magenta axe & shield to my long MOTUC want list. Continue to Paint, Articulation, & Summation (& the standard Orko review!).

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UPDATE: Regular Orko Added