Four Horsemen’s Fantastic
Exclusive Raven (Gothitropolis)

I can’t explain it, but it feels like I’ve been on one long, busy ride since SDCC (Tuesday can’t really be November can it?). I was embarrassed to discover that I’d never properly highlighted one of the best things I saw from the SDCC coverage: the Four Horsemen’s Fantastic Exclusive Raven.

I was visiting the FanEx Forums yesterday and a few fellow collectors were discussing the Raven. The idea for that silly IAT banner up above popped into my head and I went in search of the Four Horsemen’s official pics here at IAT. I was shocked to discover that I hadn’t posted the great Raven shots here at IAT. Doh! Well, I thought, let’s correct that right now…

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If you haven’t been following along with Fantastic Exclusive, Raven is the fourth winner of the semi-annual figure contest; hailing from the Gothitropolis property (think Scarabus).

He looks like a great piece and after Scarabus turned out so amazingly well done in both concept and execution, the Raven figure can’t come fast enough. I’d say more, but the pictures really speak for themselves. Click on the images for supersize versions.

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12 thoughts on “Four Horsemen’s Fantastic
Exclusive Raven (Gothitropolis)

  1. I have been waiting for this guy to come out for so long! I have been wanting to buy a Scarabus but everytime there is this guy and its like whats the point ha ha

    1. the point would be, scarabus is the greatest action figure released in 2011. you need him.

      1. Scarabus IS cool I have handled him a few times but honestly the Egyptian theme turns me off. plus this Raven guy just looks so much cooler than them.

  2. I’ll be buying him when he comes out, but my excitement is tempered by the fact that such an annoying amount of my 7th Kingdom Stuff broke. Xetheus snapped at the ankle. I had to glue a tusk back on to Ramathor. And I had over a dozen (!) weapons break at the peg just trying to put them in figure’s hands or after a minor shelf dive. Between all the axes, swords, staffs and time hammers that all the figures came with, quite literally the ONLY type of weapon that did not break was Ramathor’s giant sword. Even Xethius’ scythe snapped.

    Of course…I am a whore. So I’m sure when Raven comes out, I will finally break down and buy both him and a Scarabus. Although I still haven’t decided WHICH Scarabus.

    Any suggestions?

    1. That’s a lie actually. I know exactly which one I’m getting, lol. But I’m curious which people will try to sell me on.

      1. to be honest, scarabus set a whole new level of precedent for quality control AH… you’ll see. so honestly, it almost doesn’t matter which one you get, you’ll be very happy w/ the purchase either way.

        that said, i must offer my personal preference for haures, aside from the core scarabus. while the original scarabus is for me, perfect, of all the variants, i can’t believe i ended up being most in love w/ the ram head. the shiny black color scheme is just incredible… he’s just a total winner. in the pre-release period, i was all psyched for the egyptian gods and really couldn’t care less for haures and azazel, but DAMN do the revised head-neck cuff thing look great together in the really real world.

  3. The variant/remold ideas for this guy are mindblowing. I’m hoping that they produce my suggestion of a falcon with a falconer’s hood, but either way I’m already past happy that the Raven’s getting made at all.

  4. This guy is sitting there as one of my favourite action figures of al time, and he’s not even been made yet *sigh*

    Much as I’m looking forward to seeing what the DC line becomes, I REALLY hope we see these sooner rather than later

  5. I’ve had issues with the QC on the previous Fantastic Exclusives, but I can tell you that I bought all 10 Scarabus figures (including the white and black Talisman figures), and none of them have broken. All the weapons come apart like they should, and all the joints move like they should.

    I also agree with dayraven on what the best of the set is (besides the main bad guy Scarabus). Haures is definitely my favorite of the set, that color scheme is just awesome.

  6. WOW!! That Raven looks awesome! When is he supposed to be released? I still haven’t pulled the trigger on ordering a Scarabus but I know I need to (that Demon Fire version looks bad@$$). Hopefully I can get some of the variants as well.

  7. Well, it appears your thoughts are in line with my own. I am indeed planning on Haures.

  8. Bugger me sideways! Apart from the lack of fluffy feathers at the base of his beak, just forward of his eyes, that sculpt looks absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to see it in full colour!

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