NYCC Exclusive Beta Phase Outer Space Men Now Available!

If you’re like me and forgot to mark your calendar, the 2011 New York Comic Con Exclusive Outer Space Men figures are now available online! The set of four includes the Beta Phase exclusive versions of Mystron, Commander Comet, Electron+, and Alpha 7 and is available for $50 from Store Horsemen.

We heard some feedback from our readers that they missed out on the Onell Designs Gylaxia Xodiac and while we can’t do much about that, we did want to make sure that all our OSM-inclined readers saw that StoreHorsemen had been updated with the NYCC 2011 exclusives! The remaining sets tend to sell quick so if you’re interested in a set, don’t dawdle! We’ve provided a direct link below and, in case they’ve sold out by the time you find your way to Store Horsemen, we’ve included a link to Action Figure Xpress where some more of the Beta set is also in stock!

And if you’d like to see some better pics of the figures before you buy, check out our quick review of the SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase Set. That set does feature different colors, but the great sculpts shine through all the same.

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5 thoughts on “NYCC Exclusive Beta Phase Outer Space Men Now Available!

  1. I’m glad I could purchase this little guys yesterday… happier now that I know the prices some sellers ask for at our “favourite” auction page 😛

  2. lz’s on the money here, blue electron rocks… though mystron is just cool as tits regardless of color scheme.

    i imagine that, when doing photos for these guys, the play comes in w/ different lighting schemes… backlighting, under lighting, black lighting, all could yield some amazing photos.

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