Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

Ask Matty – November 1st Edition

MOTUClassics.Com: Will Stinkor have any hoses running from the tanks to the breathing apparatus? Were those not shown or not planned?

It was a design choice by the Horsemen to Classic-size some of the 2002 concepts for the current style.

DCClassics.Com: With DCUC Wave19 in stores and the Legion 12-pack now sold out, it would appear that DCUC collectors are caught up on the 2011 announcements. Is there any more product planned for the rest of 2011?

At this point, unless we decide to throw in any end-of-2011 surprises, the new announcements will be all about 2012 products. Be on the lookout for exciting news for 2012 for both retail as well as the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription program.

MOTUClassics.Com: The Griffin’s wings. Is the intention to make them primer gray on the final figure or will they be down in lighter brown to match the tail or perhaps a more cartoon accurate deco?

This was simply a design choice by the Horsemen.

DCClassics.Com: Recent Mattycollector orders have been arriving with $5 coupons inside, but our international readers have yet to receive one in either of the last three shipments. Is this coupon a US-only program?

The $5 coupon promotion is a US only program. In the future we hope to be able to offer something to our international consumers as well.

ItsAllTrue.Net: With the future of Ghostbusters Classics in flux, has Mattel reexamined their stance on an accessories pack to get extra goggles, traps, & proton streams into the collectors hands?

We did look into this for 2012 and based on the sales of 6″ figures an accessory pack was actually not helping the overall revenue of the line. We’ll certainly look at this again in the future, but the bottom line numbers are just not there right now, even for a pack with no tooling.

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14 thoughts on “Ask Matty
November 1st Edition

  1. Mattel is never going to throw a bone the way of the international fan, so they shouldn’t even try to spin it like they will.

    And in the 80s tanks just magically ferried their contents to a mask? Lame.

  2. Great dialogue on the Ghostbusters pic! And you’re so right too. I maxed out on Peters & Winstons to get the streams and traps, but the subscription figure being the only way to get two key accessories sucked.

  3. Q: Mattel, do aardvarks enjoy writing ice cream toupees with lack of aplomb and ethanol florsgroben?

    A: That was simply a design choice made by the Four Horsemen.

      1. Well, that makes us even, cause I didn’t want to type it.

        Mattel’s utter idiocy forced my hand!!!

  4. I believe @ NYCC, they said they’re gonna paint the wings on the Griffin to be more congruent to the rest of the figure

  5. Wow, how’s this one for self-importance?

    “3.) After Toy Guru’s recent statements about’s relelvance to the MOTUC fanbase (i.e. saying things like “the small passionate “bubble” -with about 200 posters and 50 of which post regularly”), I just wanted to ask if you were aware of the actual numbers behind has over 8000 registered members. Out of those, between 1000 to 1500 log in each day, with an additional 4000 to 5000 guests also visiting and viewing the forums daily. Unlike other forums, also purges inactive accounts, so the majority of their 8000 registered users are actual regular users. Given the statements in the past that the MOTUC line is done on very small numbers, it would seem that trivializing this amount of the fan community was a fruitless move. Does Mattel as a whole view as such a small portion of the fanbase when they see these numbers in comparison to the overall number of MOTUC sales (especially when this is the “lowest-selling” sub yet)?”

    Um, get over yourselves, guys?

    1. eh… yes, but no. while the org does have an over-inflated sense of importance, they do in fact represent a lot of potential customers that mattel should be courting, especially when sub sales are down. as a business, it’s just bad PR to tell an entire and generally dedicated fanbase that they amount to peanuts. you never saw steve jobs tell the macrumors crew that they were “just 200 users, with only 50 regulars.”

      the org is a big incestuous ball, but they do represent a large and dedicated community. TG also made quite the douchetool of himself in that discussion. you don’t trivalize a fanbase like that, unless you’d like fewer fans. and in his quest to undercut the org, in which he made falacious statements aplenty, he also then makes every other site that do the Q&A’s, and the fan communty at large, sit up and realize what a cockneck he is… again, not good for business.

  6. Outstanding pic of the Ghostbusters and it captures what all of us are thinking. I almost bought 3 more Venkmans juts for the proton streams but could not justify almost $40 bucks after shipping and tax. And the fact that they did not have regular Winston as part of the sale and the way they have mismanaged the accessories is a joke. I think they could have easily gotten some cool accessory packs (like they have done in MOTUC) to the fans who wanted to max out their teams with all the cool accessories and we would have been willing to pay for them. Maybe their hope was that people would buy multiples of each character at $8-20 a pop for the accessories but I am not sure that happened. I did not give in, even with the sale (Steve V I would love to see your pics with all the stuff on them)

  7. I saw the RGB 8″ Janine the other day and it’s got me wondering: are there ANY female figures that could be easily customized into the 6″ GB line? Taking into account she is shorter, the only one that comes to mind would be BBC’s Primeval. Problem with that is, the females go for a pretty penny on ebay when they are listed.
    (Just managed to grab some for WHO customs, and they weren’t cheap!)

    1. why would it be hard? if mattel gave her to you, they’d use the GB buck body, so just use an extra venkman that apparently everyone has, and pop a ML rachel summers head on her. that’s what mattel would have sold you for 20 bucks before shipping.

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