Onell Design’s
Gendrone Shock Force Review

With the plethora of recent 7th Market releases (SMC, OSM, OMFG!), it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to review Glyos! I try not to open toys until closer to their review, so I’ve been dying to get caught up. Let’s jump back into the Glyos System with the Gendrone Shock Force!

Since I’ve previously reviewed most of the basic sculpts here (Gobon, Argen-Intro to Glyos Article, Phaseon Revolutionary) this review will be relatively brief.* I have yet to review the Glyan, but I’m saving that bacon. I’ve got a whole slew of Glyans in assorted colors and they’ll get their own IAT feature sometime in the near future. So this review should just be a couple paragraphs and about a dozen pics in the Page 2 Gallery.

* – I said that the other day about Stay Puft and it ran long, hopefully I’ll have better self control in the next hour.

Last year, Onell Design put “silver” in the vault so to speak. At first, I was a little disappointed because (as evidenced by my past Glyos review) silver is my favorite colorway. But, as we should all know by now, I should’ve had more faith in Matt & Co. Since silver took a hiatus, the drops have rolled out new metallic colors. First there was gold which proved very popular around here.* Then came a cool metallic green and finally the metallic purple featured on these figures.

* – Dear Matt, My wife wants to know when you’re making a Goldbon. I hear about it every time I mention Glyos…

This purple color denotes these guys as a subgroup called “Gendrone Shock Force”. Gendrones are the robotic portion of the Glyos world and, while we only know small bits of the overall story, we do know that some of the Gendrones have rebelled against their creators. Since there’s little information currently available, I tend to fill in the gaps with the figures I have (which I assume is somewhat intended). On the Glyos Blog, Matt showed a Shock Force with more than a dozen members indicating that it could be a significant battalion storywise (or if you have unlimited funds!). Here at IAT, I have four. That means my Shock Force is a very specialized insurgent team. I don’t mind one bit though as I love them as a four-man group – particularly when I think about how the Gobon “ain’t gettin’ on no plane” or that Argen “loves it when a plan comes together”. (I just need a Glyos Van and I’ll be all set.)

While we don’t know much about the Gendrone Shock Force, we do know that the colors pay homage to one of the creepier Decepticons: Shockwave. I’ve always loved Shockwave myself, but never owned a toy of him (unless you count the one where he transformed into a Mazda RX-8 – no? Yeah, I don’t either…). That lack of Shockwave pretty much ensures I love these colors.

As normal, the figs are completely molded in the base color and then painted up with the wash in the lines and the yellow in the visors. Like most recent releases, a tampo has been worked into the release as well. The tampo on these figures identifies them as part of the Gendrone Revolution. Continue to the Page 2 Gallery…

15 thoughts on “Onell Design’s
Gendrone Shock Force Review

  1. Okay, Noisy… slightly off-topic, but I have to ask about the term “7th Market”. I’d never heard of it before you started using it in your reviews, can you expand on that for someone completely clueless on what it means?

  2. They used to call the stores beyond K-Mart, Walmart, TRU, etc the “Sixth Market” in some Hasbro literature – meaning online stores, drug stores, and other similar places. I’d guess that is where Noisy derived it from.

    1. right on doc! in noisy’s own words from the 7th Market board:

      ” “Seventh Market” is a play on an old toy industry term, “Market Six”. Basically, any store you could sell toys to other than the five toy retailers was labelled as “market six”. The “Big Five” has diminished plenty since those days and that term is no longer really applied, but it still makes the internet a seventh market.”

        1. Thanks, guys!

          It’s origin just came about because we wanted a way to characterize our coverage of these “little companies that can”. We bandied around “independent” or “designer” or “alternative”, but none of those really seem to fit. Designer is snooty, and indepenent/alternative gives too much credit to Hasbro & Mattel. Years ago, the word independent also amounted to “avoid” to me(though it’s a huge signal of greatness to other) and I wanted to reach folks that thought like I used to.

          So, short of thinking of something clever, we went with 7th Market since these guys live and die online.

  3. I always thought it was an homage to the 4H’s 7th Kingdom line that kind of started the whole independent toys surge we’re living in.

    I was able to get the Gendrone and Glyan on that drop, but missed out on the Gobon and extra pieces. It really sucks as I’ve had to use the black Axis joints to power up my figures (though it’s all good). I can’t wait for this next drop.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s a fantastic takeaway.

      I had forgotten if there were purple axis joints originally. I had to look it up and make sure they existed.

  4. Excellent review dude! Due to so much different stuff coming out at once during that drop, I only snagged 1 Phaseon Gendrone & 2 metallic purple Axis Joint sets. As I had no other Shockforce guys I just beefed up the guy I had so he’s now jacked with a 100% contained build of all 3 sets. Matt really needs to re-release alot of these colors into the Buildstation at some point, I always run out of colors when I get crazy with building different things.

  5. Hey fellow Onell Design fans,

    I’ve been given a small assortment of various Pheyden’s and other Onell Design Gobons, etc.

    My brother-in-law, who gave me a bunch of them for Christmas last year, recently was likely forced by his wife to get rid of a huge section of his massive Onell Design stash.

    I’m definitely keeping some of the stuff, but it’s a pretty massive collection, more than my wife or young kids can really handle.

    Can anyone give me some advice on what I should do with them?

    Thought I’d ask the experts here before I put them up on ebay one at a time or in a huge lot (or in several smaller lots).


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