Rawshark Studios’ Callgrim
& Warp Bike Spectre (12 Pics)

This is another one of those times where I don’t know if it’s fair to call this a review. I’ve previously reviewed both the Callgrim and the Warp Bike, so this article is more about revisiting those two particular toys and showing them off in their latest colorway: glow-in-the-dark!

Not that you couldn’t tell from my running a giant toy site where I clearly have too much fun with toys (never more than is allowed by law), but I have made a point to hold on to things that instill… “glee”. Glee is an often overlooked component of toy collecting because it can interfere with our ability to be critical.

Could we find the glee in MOTU Classics Spector? Sure, but that kinda makes it hard to rake Toy Guru over the coals for him. Could we find the glee in having an oversized Wrecking Crew? Sure, but that limits our ability to look at Hasbro and say, “what gives?” or “why do you think you can make Marvel figures without Dave Vonner?”. I have untold enjoyment running this site (despite the never ending assignment list), but I have to compartmentalize some of my own glee to make sure we get proper articulation, better scale, second heads, Keldor swords, etc. Basically, some serious business has to creep in now and again.

But that isn’t the case with one thing I collect: Glyos (see what I did there?). When it comes to Glyos, I’m happy to just play in Onell’s sandbox (while toting my trusty Rawshark, SMC & OSM pieces along). When it comes to Glyos, the most serious business I have to worry about is whining about what future colors I want things to come in (which I assure you, I will do before the end of this review).

Callgrim is one of the cooler figures in all Glyosdom. The Warp Bikes are a sweet ride. You know this because a) you own them yourselves or b) you’ve heard my gush excessively about them. But I have them already, I’ve reviewed them already… so why are we here again?

The answer is again, glee. A childhood love that I’ve held onto to this day is a deep appreciation for glow-in-the-dark stuff. You’d think I was five years old when I’m excitedly holding a GITD figure up to the light, the anticipation building. Or when I purposefully leave my Spectre Rig or Solaris Gobon in high-traffic, well-lit rooms, just so they can be beacons in the dark when we finally flip the lights off. (I should note that my GITD pics aren’t as bright as I’m describing here. That’s more about my fledgling inability to photograph them well. Glyos GITD is some of the brightest GITD I’ve ever seen in toys.)

A little more on topic, I enjoyed the DRT Warp Bikes. But I’m not trying to be a Glyos completist in anyway (it would be quite difficult…) and I kinda felt like I “had” Warp Bikes. I was content. Yes, Jesse Moore had promised future, cheaper colorways after the DRTs popped up, but the DRTs would be hard to top. So I wasn’t planning on picking up a third colorway. No, not me.

…but then, that third colorway turned out to be GITD. I was tempted. I hemmed. I hawed. I held off for a few hours. I ordered. And wouldn’t you know a Glowbike needs a glow rider? Of course it does (Unlike the DRTs, the Spectre Callgrim and Spectre Warp Bike were sold separately). That’s the long version of how we got here. To sum up, if you make something GITD, then you’re going to increase my wanting it. Stay Puft Minimates. Glo-Bones. Bouncy Balls. Scareglow (he’s totally kickass). So Glow Bikes? Yeah, Sold. Continue to the Page 2 Gallery…

9 thoughts on “Rawshark Studios’ Callgrim
& Warp Bike Spectre (12 Pics)

  1. I think I mentioned this before, but try using a ‘black light’ bulb as your key light for photographing glow items. It’s easier to find those at Halloween time but Spenser’s Gifts usually have them year ’round.

    1. I tried that this time, but I wasn’t happy with the results. Next time I’ll have to schedule a little more prep time and get this Blacklight stuff sorted out.

  2. damned rawshark, making perfect toys… showing the “big two” how it’s done… making me wanna play… what a bunch of douches.

    1. Thanks! The glow pics really kick my ass. Especially Stay Puft – if Onell can do blue, I hope they can make it as obnoxiously bright as the Solaris stuff!

  3. Man, I wish I had got that warp bike in time. I didn’t even realize they had a drop so by the time I did, the bike was gone but all the Callgrims were still in stock. I saw no point in getting the Callgrim Spectre without the ride.

    1. I’m really bad about checking Jesse’s blog too and almost had the same thing happen. I want to get better organized and have more “news” here abou tthe releases and such, but my plate is heaping full already.

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