ItsAllTrueReview: DC Classics – Spectre(s) & Eclipso

Between filled online pre-orders and store sightings, DCUC12 has been out for nearly two months, but many fans got their first opportunity to order it just a week ago via If you're still without, the set is still available. With the early waves, Mattel strived to make a "play pattern" out of the first two figures in each wave. With the A-listers being relegated to All-Star repacks, that may not be as important to Mattel anymore, but it's still true for these two. See, the Spectre put Eclipso out of a job.

A Wave of Doubt (DCUC12)

Toy collecting can be a strange endeavor for me. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I imagine there are a variety of factors involved. There’s the joy of finding the latest stuff, usually after a fair amount of frustration caused by not finding it up to that point. There’s the satisfaction of placing an entire collection together tempered by adding up the cost of everything still to come in the next few weeks. Particularly, though, how I feel towards any line seems to come and go in waves.