ItsAllTrueReview: DC Classics – Dr. Mid-Nite & Copperhead

So, I have to fess up. I wasn't terribly excited for DCUC12. There were a few reasons. Only a couple characters were shouting out to me. I wasn't excited as the prospect of a huge Darkseid. I didn't know how cool the Four Horsemen could make a Metal Man. Well, it's been nearly half a year since I expressed my doubts about DCUC12. I've had the figures for about a week now. Was I impressed? Did I change my mind? You'll have to read on to find out. First up is Doctor Mid-Nite & Copperhead.

A Wave of Doubt (DCUC12)

Toy collecting can be a strange endeavor for me. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I imagine there are a variety of factors involved. There’s the joy of finding the latest stuff, usually after a fair amount of frustration caused by not finding it up to that point. There’s the satisfaction of placing an entire collection together tempered by adding up the cost of everything still to come in the next few weeks. Particularly, though, how I feel towards any line seems to come and go in waves.