Spy Monkey Armory Series
1.5 Review (& Drop Details)

This week has been so crazy that I lost track what day it was! I did remember to mark the calendar today though! Spy Monkey Creations is dropping three new colorways this afternoon at 12pm PST. I’ve got a quick review, links to better reviews, and all the info right here.

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this week with Easter, inventory at work, the site redesign and a million other things going on, but one particularly bright spot was a package that I received from Spy Monkey Creations containing the three newest colorways for Armory Series 1. The cool thing about this round of gear is that SMC didn’t just add new colors to their lineup; they also unrolled some new subsets that have got me excited for future releases: the Solid State Series, a line of single color releases priced at $15 to encourage customization and the Metal Series which features vacuum plated metallic ABS parts.

For this round, the Solid State is white while the vac metal is “Shining Gold” and combined with clear parts. As most of you know by now, I love me some vac metal, but there’s something I love more and SMC took care of me there too with a third colorway: “Toxic Glow” (a.k.a. Glow-in-the-dark!). I should note that the Toxic Glow set features aqua paint apps that match up with the colors used on the Glyos & Callgrim Spectre deco.

Together these three colorways really open up the possibilities both with what you can do with the sets themselves and what you can do when combining them between each other and the original colorways. The GITD is always fun to play around with, the vac metal pieces help make more “realistic” weapons, and the basic white can be used as is or is great for dyeing or painting into whatever your heart’s desire.

Like the the original releases, the five weapons (and some extra bits) come packaged together in a 42 piece set that mixes PVC and ABS plastics. All the parts feature the same Glyos compatibility that we’ve come to know and love so they’re compatible with the Glyos System & the Outer Space Men line.

More important than their Glyos compatibility though is that they fit into the hands of so many of our favorite figures. I always find myself wondering if they’ll fit in this hand or that hand. When I combined the vac metal and white pieces, a certain DC Comics angel came to mind, and sure enough even his near 15-year old figure looks great when equipped with SMC’s wares.

I always find reviewing new SMC/OSM/Glyos colorways challenging because I’ve talked about all the specifics before just in a different color or two. It was especially daunting this week because I wanted to get something up before the drop, but time was at a premium. As such, I wasn’t able to get a full Weapons Store strip this time around (sorry, guys!), but I do have a small gallery with a dozen photos and I did some scouting to other much better reviews at Plastic Graveyard, Pixel Dan, and MOTUCFigures. Those links and the drop information are available on page 2. I’ll close out my thoughts here and they’re the same as last time. I’ve got these, they’re awesome, and I’ll be buying more when I get home from work tonight! Continue to Page 2…

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1.5 Review (& Drop Details)

  1. thanks for the link! Its funny as soon As I heard white and gold I thought angelic weapons…and judging by you pic I’m not the only one 😉

    1. Great minds! It made for a good match up. I love Doughty’s crazy builds, but there’s plenty of potential in just the simple part swaps too!

  2. This review makes me sad, cause it reminds me mattel never made Zauriel……….sad sad sad

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